Saturday, June 30, 2007

Illegals are US

The "do nothings" in Congress put a stake in the heart of President Bush's *compassionate conservative* Immigration Reform Bill. (Phone calls and emails galore from grass rooters!!) His metamorphosis from Lame Duck to Dead Duck is complete. Rest assured any attempt at a comprehensive Immigration package will not rear it's ugly head again during this President's reign OR the next; if she's a Democrat.

In the meantime it would be wise for the Republicans to enforce the border rules on the books preventing illegals from entering this country and deport the law breakers (stop catch and release) to avoid an increase in the mystery count of 12 to 20 million illegals here already who with the failure of this Bill maintain a de facto Amnesty (they're here and they're NOT goin anywhere?)

Plus, we should realize it is necessary to formulate a fool proof, revolving workers program (that does NOT automatically lead to citizenship) to fill the needs of the business/agro community but doesn't infringe on employment opportunities for Americans. Perhaps a tamper proof ID card too?

It's ironic that we're making such a fuss about developing a workable immigration program for Mexicans, when old Europe, Russia and Japan are in horrible shape due to their laissez faire open border immigration process that combined with changing demographics, especially a low birth rate, foretells a bleak future. The growing Muslim population will reshape the cultures of European countries while radical Islam has begun to revolt and demand that Europeans change to suit the Islamic caliphate established right under the secular noses of unsuspecting Euros.

Europeans have stopped breeding?...what happened to those sexy french? I'm still laughing..their birthrate is l.5 mil down from 2.1...Islamic immigrants will soon outnumber the natives.

Japan will lose up to 60 million of its citizens over the next 30's maintained a monoethnic country...if it doesn't open up to immigrants..Japan is destined for economic downfall.

Russia loses 1 million in growth a year...Putin is fully aware of the demographic problems within his country and hopes that as the economy improves, families will get larger. Islamic terrorists have killed Russian citizens in Moscow and most lately a school full of young children was attacked and hundreds brutally shot and killed on the spot. gosh, second generation Muslims are turning on the Brits that gave them shelter....Thursday two car bombs that coulda killed and maimed hundreds were found in Piccadilly.

So it seems to me that we in the USA don't have it as bad...Mexicans are the same religion as most Muslims or terrorists among them; and most of our US Muslims have assimilated better here (we do multi-culturalism better than Europe); however, moderate Muslims SHOULD condemn the radical thugs who kill innocents in the name of Allah and defame a religion *they* claim is Peaceful.