Sunday, August 12, 2012

Romney goes bold..picks Ryan

14 years ago I saw Paul Ryan for the first time on Cspan. He was being interviewed with the group of new freshmen Congressmen. His life story truly interested me...I wasn't bored. He won in a Democratic district in Wisconsin..for fun as a teenager he balanced federal budgets and reformed them. Yeah, a numbers nerd with an "every man" appeal. The Republicans quickly recognized his talents and rewarded him, bypassing several men with more senority and made him Chairman of the Budget Committee. To tell you the truth, I thought "POTUS" then, but VP will do...for now?

That said, Romney has gone rogue picking the guy that Obama ads depict as "pushing grandma off the cliff." Ryan definitely changes the game. Atlast the important issues of jobs, budget, debt, spending and restraint of the growth of government will monopolize the campaign. The Obama team will be forced to do a lot of re-writes for the teleprompter..petty mud slinging isn't going to cut it with two serious guys on R-side.

[Romney & Ryan...Mean Business]

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jamming With Romney

Romney swept 5 States in the Tuesday night Primary and celebrated the triumph with a speech that opened his general election campaign against President Obama.

In the meantime, Obama was performing on the Jimmy Fallon show in an effort to upstage his opponents big night. It was cheesy and very unpresidential compared to Romney's inspiring speech.

The Republican National Committee is out with its first explicitly pro-Mitt Romney web ad, which mocks President Obama for "slow jamming" Tuesday on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

The video, entitled "A Tale of Two Leaders," intermingles clips of Obama's appearance on the show, in which Fallon calls Obama the "Preezy of the United Steezy" as the president stands in the background, with cuts from Romney's general election kick-off speech the same day.

While the RNC declined to endorse a candidate during the Republican primary, the organization is now poised to coordinate with the Romney campaign on advertising and fundraising.

I was impressed with the speed and cleverness that the RNC answered Obama's jab..if R-candidate is to defeat the Campaigner in Chief, all Republicans will have to rally around R-man.

Friday, December 02, 2011

The Generic Republican

As Obama's approval ratings slump to the all time low of 43%, it becomes crystal clear that the 2012 race to the WH is the Republican Party's to lose.

Although polls show that a generic republican would defeat the incumbent President easily, Republican primary candidates seem unable to rally voters behind any one of them.

Conservative voters continue to search for anyone but Romney; they're now forced to accept the inevitable, i.e, Romney is electable nationally..which IS, or should be..R-goal. For years in bipartisan circles we've heard that the win is in the center...well, approval of Obama has dropped steadily among Independents. This month it's plummeted by 10pts to 30%.

Consider this: Mitt Romney draws more votes from various constituencies than any other contender. Finally, with all his perceived faults by hard core Conservatives..Romney IS the Generic Republican... the one & only that can trounce Barack Obama in it or not?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Silent Majority

The Tea Party = the Right Wing; Occupy Wall Street = the Left Wing.,32068,628821312001_2024475,00.html

If it bleeds it leads..and so the Media, as usual, covers the noise, plays up the divide, making it appear that the whole country is marching in the streets against capitalism and the "rich" OR opposing taxing millionaires, demanding cuts in government spending at the cost of providing services that matter to us all. What we have is gridlock in DC and millions of disaffected people in the middle of two competing fringe groups.

To their dismay, Obama is playing both sides against the middle making the hostility against him worse. The Tea Party is stubbornly insisting that their candidate be ideologically in sinc with every facet of their agenda; and the Democrats align themselves with the Wall Street rioteers who claim to portray 99% of Americans... a vast exaggeration that fails to acknowledge the silent majority.

So which candidate benefits from this tangle of fringe elements of both parties? Surely not Obama, his governing style has been uneffective and partisan. His campaign rhetoric places him above it all, on the wrong track; not a good place to be in an election year. Has the fed-up middle of the pack chosen a candidate, yet?

Who knows? the Media certainly isn't projecting positive coverage on a huge part of the electorate that's definitely looking for an alternative to Obama. So we're on our own...perhaps Romney's reserved confidence and low key style is just what the doctor ordered..but we won't hear a peep about it until we shut out the noise and listen to the quiet folk who will elect the next President of the US of A.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Leadership Deficit

Polls show that the American people are losing confidence in the competence of President Obama. As a result of a trifecta of doom Obama's approval rating has slid downward to 42%. Could be a blip on the radar? OR, the widespread realization that a one term Senator, a community organizer from Chicago and a maddeningly cerebral unable to set political maneuvers, empty rhetoric and superficial optics aside and respect the views of the American people that dare to be contrary to his own.

Obama's Press Conference bombed because the perception that he's "in charge" or that Government agencies will curtail the bureaucracy that stymies local peoples' efforts to clean-up the mess themselves is simply not apparent. Today Obama flew to the Gulf so as not to waste the crisis. He doesn't connect with the men and women who live on the Gulf and derive their livelihoods from the bounty of fish filled waters and beautiful beaches that lure tourists' and thier money to the region. What's clear is Obama doesn't feel anyones pain but his own.

(Yes We Can!!)
Truth is: No President could plug the deep water oil leak without the right government experience, resouces and know-how...sooo, BP is clearly in charge of that part of the disaster, NOT ('0'). However, as thousands of gallons of Oil floats towards the shoreline, destroying the fishing business at peak season, dirtying the beaches and polluting wetlands that serve as breeding grounds for many species of birds and animals, the people devasted by this Oil Spill should be mobilized to mitigate the damage to their own beloved environment without having their spirits dampened by government interference and red tape delays.

Working hard to make things better at home is a therapeutic tonic that's good for what ails ya...but apparently, Obama is clueless to Americans' Can DO DNA...instead, he reflexively relies on inept, unfeeling BIG government agencies that merely get in the way; and, worse...insists that worried, disappointed citizens do the same. Trust him, trust his beloved Government?

(The Mouth that Roared)
James Carville, a Louisiana resident and a prominent Hard Ball Democrat, nailed Obama's response to the BP Spill this way: "We're dying down here!!"..Ofcourse the WH criticized Carville for not blindly supporting his Party's President. After today's visit to the Big Easy when Obama tried to feign compassion..."I promise we will not abandon you." The *ragin cagin* was not taken in by the smoothe talker's calculated rhetoric, afterall, he said.. "they're just words" Words, by the way, that Carville said yesterday ...ACTION is what counts and what people on the Gulf are expecting...SOON.

(Who's Your Daddy?)
If you believe this happened..Melia interrupted her dad while shaving and asked: "Did you stop the leak yet, dad?" You can just hear Bill Clinton advising the President to show some emotion, personalize it..use your daughter to satisfy the prying, relentless Right Wing Conspiracy.

(Arizona Dissed Xs 2)
As soon as the State of Arizona passed the illegal alien law, Obama jumped on it. He smelled a pick-up of Hispanic voters for the Democrat Party and in 2012 for his re-election campaign. Everything's political with this crowd in the WH..but they're winding up on the wrong side of the fence on this issue.

The last thing Obama and his campaign consultants wanted was a battle in Congress over immigration reform before the November midterms. Polls show that 60 something percent of the electorate favor the Arizona Law and stronger Federal enforcement of Immigration Laws plus control of the border FIRST. Amnesty which most Democrats favor is a dirty word to the rest of the country.

Obama announced that he'd be sending 1200 National Guard Troops to the border. This was an insulting political ploy after John McCain and Republicans asked the CIC at a WH luncheon for 6000 troops to secure the Southern Border. Here again, Obama under estimates the IQs of the American people. The 1200 troops are not authorized to capture and arrest illegals crossing the border, they're paper pushers, clerks and bottle washers sent there for political affect...a phoney deployment devised to quiet down the protestors on both sides.

This administration had the nerve to equate the Arizona Law with human rights violations in China of all places. Also, on a State visit, Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, when addressing Congress said the Arizona Law "introduces a terrible idea using racial profiling as a basis for law enforcement." He got a standing ovation from the Democratic side...Republicans kept their they will in November.:)

(Sestak seduced by Clinton)
Months ago, Joe Sestak told the story of the WH asking him to get out of the Primary against Arlen Specter..the WH has been clearing the field for reliable Obama followers since this election year began. Here in NY the Chicago mob told Governor Paterson not to run for re-election and has openly meddled in NY's choice of candidates. So I'm not surprised by the Sestak bribe, however, if everything was on the up-and-up when Obama was asked about the PA Primary scam, why not simply answer the question? Instead, he announced that a statement would be released that would explain the matter.

Well it came as expected this Friday before a 3 day holiday...classic. The White House Counsel reviewed the Law and made sure that nothing incriminating would be said or written by anyone involved in the shady transaction. Bubba, Bill Clinton (Impeached for lying), made the offer to Sestak but was unable to seduce him with a "no compensation job on an advisory panel?" This scenario doesn't pass the smell test.

That said, for the Obama machine it's Mission Accomplished!..President high crime or misdemeanor. This affair could've been disposed months ago by a more ethical, transparent Administration and a less desperate President. In this case the cover-up is a lot worse and less believable than the crime, if any.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Primary Omen

Ominous results for Obama in today's primaries....the candidate that distanced him or herself from the President and his "transformational" policies..WON.

(Political opportunism isn't selling this year)

After embracing Specter's 60th vote (enabling health care to advance) and Obama's blackmail attempts failed to convince Sestak to clear the field for Arlen, Specter lost. Just when 80 year old Arlen needed the President's appeal and charm the most, Obama DID indeed distance himself from Specter. Most likely, after seeing the latest internal polls, Obama thought better of adding to his growing string of unsucessful endorsements.

Specter chose the worst year to be an incumbent Democrat..."I am not a loyal Democrat" lost with the full backing of the State and Federal Democratic establishment.

(PA 12th district-special election)

Republicans lost Murtha's seat. The winner, Democrat Mark Critz, was endorsed and visited by the "come back kid," Bill Clinton; besides that, his closing argument was: "I'm pro life, I'll stop government spending, I'm against Obamacare, I'll bring jobs home. Mark Critz D-PA is hardly an Obama fawner and definitely not a reliable democratic vote.

(A run-off for Blanche)

The only primary the LEFT can be proud of is Arkansas. Blanche Lincoln was challenged by the left of the Democrat Party, who've been peeved that Obama and Lincoln did not push for the Public Option in Obamacare. Since Blanche Lincoln did not manage to get 50% of the vote needed to win and Bill Halter, scored 44-42, enough to win him a run-off June 8th which he'll probably win; then, promptly lose to the Republican in November, because, Bill Halter is too liberal to win a statewide race in Arkansas, especially this year.

(Tea Party beats R-establishment)

Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) buried his opponent, Mitch McConnell's man, Trey Grayson, 59-35. Paul's acceptance speech saluted the Tea Partiers for their support and for getting the Republican vote out. Rand Paul reflected the mood of the nation when he exclaimed his reason for running and expressed the need for Party factions to unite in purpose to "Take back our Country!"

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

NY:Bomb Scare

Where There's Smoke

If it wasn't for a Street Vendor who warned police of a car fire on Times Square, the crowds of people visiting the City Landmark could have been treated to a ticking bomb scenario...or was it? NY is full of gangs with a gripe....a BOMB is the least it would take to pry the MSM away from the breaking news on the Gulf Spill, AND, ON THEIR CAUSE...whatever that happens to be?

Every demonstrator from Jihadis to NY's small businesses (mayor's bike safe zones) are angry at some one doing business in New York City..they all want their 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight of the News Capitol of the this cynical newyorker will keep her powder dry, atleast till we find out if the IED was armed or if it was...just a "smoking car"?

UPDATE: Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen from Pakistan, is the Times Square bomber. He trained in terror camps in Pakistan and received money from sources overseas. Arrests of other Pakistanis were made in the NY and other NE States.

Shahzad made his first appearance in court today, he didn't enter a plea to the terrorism charges...the others were arrested on Immigration violations.

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