Friday, July 21, 2006

War Clouds Over the Holy Land

IRAQ:The Big Bang

(The Star of David:)dw: >>we cannot control the budding civil war

Sistani issued a Fatwah asking Iraqis to stop killing themselves thus falling into the hands of Iran/Syria's proxies(Hezbollah) and Al Qaeda's Jihadis..all determined to prevent Democracy from taking hold in Iraq or anywhere else in the ME i.e., Lebanon/Palestine.

It's true that since the US Military withdrew from the Sunni Triangle to allow the newly trained Iraqi Security Force to take over the responsibility of protecting the Capitol, about 100 civilians a day have been brutally killed by sucide bombers and IEDs perfected by Zarqawi's replacement who happens to be an expert "bomb maker" and terror tactician. In short, the Iraqis are not ready to fend for themselves against the hordes of reinforcements being funneled into the country from "some" neighboring enemies of modernity.

>> Bush might really be a crazy zealot like bin Laden,

Ponder this: If Saddam were still in power, the "strong man" would be a buffer between Iran's imperialistic ambitions and Arab superiority. The Arab States would not be united against Hezbollah's incursion into the Hamas/Israeli conflict. IOW: the dynamics in the ME have changed to our advantage. The Arabs are with the USA; albeit for self-serving interests..they don't have Saddam to deter the Iranian power grab or the threat of an irresponsible Iran developing nuclear weapons in order to undermine the dominance of the Arabs States.

Sooo, perhaps in order to weaken Iran vis a vis Hezbollah..the Arabs will pressure Syria not to remain too cozy with Iran but heed the warnings from the Arab League condemning Iran and Hezbollah. The US invasion of Iraq was a "Big Bang" that forever changed the political paradigm throughout the ME. Mission Accomplished?...look at the big picture.

"I am convinced that the Iranian and US agendas have met in Iraq and elsewhere* in the Arab world and Arabs are now placed between the US / Israel hammer and Iranian anvil." Saddam Hussein

*Saddam blames Tehran primarily for the current flare-up in Lebanon not some Zionist/US conspiracy which is the standard rhetoric of the region.

The Last Straw

From the G8 summit came a surprisingly unified recognition that Hezbollah in conjunction with Syria and Iran are responsible for the crisis in Lebanon. Iran overplayed their hand as usual. Even the Arab League condemned Hezbollah for injecting themselves into the fight between Hamas and Israel.

The Internationals have no choice but to declare that Israel has the right to defend itself...even though some recommended "restraint"..Israel's been planning on this offensive since they unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon six years ago. This is the opportunity they've been waiting for..the destruction of Hezbollah is essential to Israel's security(and the whole ME)...Now is the time to make it so.

This conflict will not spread to the surrounding ARAB states..the Arabs have made their fears about Iran's nuclear intentions and the unstabilizing force of Hezbollah known to the World, soooo..the neighborhood welcomes the bombardement of Hezbollah and the weakening of Iran's grab for dominance over all in the Middle East.

Now if Iran gives Israel the self-defense excuse, issues credible threats of "explosions" and the devastation of thousands of Israeli citizens by authorizing their military arm, Hezbollah, to send suicide bombers into Tel Aviv ...maybe Israel will get a tacit go ahead from concerned neighbors and dispose of the indiscriminant murdering terrorists AND the Nuclear threat at the source?

Hezbollah, unlike Al Qaeda is sponsored by Iran that can be held responsible for any of the operations carried out by their proxy. Retaliation against Iran will be a lot easier than digging terrorist gorillas out of spider holes in Lebanon or Iraq for that matter. Will Iran risk paying the price of the wrath of the USA and Israel or will they hold their fire and LIVE to fight another day?

Iran beware...Israel is determined to complete the mission and no one wants to stop them.

Update: Condi Rice has bought Israel some time by sticking to the demands that the USA will NOT return to the status quo...Hezbollah must disarm as per UN Res. 1559 and an International Force should relieve Israel in Southern Lebanon when a cease fire is finally reached.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Axis Envy

North Korea, ignoring the threats from the USA, fired a variety of troublesome missiles on the 4th of July setting off more fireworks than the on again, off again, space shuttle Discovery; and a lot less than the rockets-red-glare in American backyards. Kim Jong IL had a temper tantrum because Iran was getting all the appeasing attention and THEY don't even have the BOMB (yet). (ROTF) Look at me!!

Let's take that look..shall we? The N.Korean's most advanced missile capable of delivering a nuclear payload to the USA, the Taepodong-2 was airborne for about 35 seconds and then blew was a dud. Seeing the best N.Korea can do should be a relief and suggest this'll be awhile before N.Korea is an imminent threat..if ever.

IL is an erratic egomaniac that starves his own people in order to build up his Military Force and Nuclear deterrence and fails at both? Millions starve to death every year. His long range missiles plunge into the Sea of Japan. Will his people support him? Will his soldiers fight for HIM? I wonder?

Supremes Close Gitmo

Another example of the dimwitted media reporters was the breathless announcement of the Supreme Court decision, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld/USA. At first we heard loud and clear that SCOTUS reigned in Bush & his Executive Power (Slam Dunk?) & Bush's War policies were repudiated by SCOTUS signaling the end of Gitmo. All wrong. Watching the gleeful hysteria as the talking air heads delivered what they thought was Bad News for GW Bush made me recall my daddy's wise words: "Empty tin cans make the most noise."

What the Decision did not do: Gitmo can remain open until the end of hostilities. Inmates can be held at Gitmo without any trial of any kind..indefinitely. If Bush chooses to use Military Tribunals, tweaked or the same as they are, he can go to Congress and have revised legislation enacted.

The decision doesn't change anything the President, acting as Commander in Chief in time of War, has been doing all along. Justice Scalia's dissent focuses on Jurisdiction...The three Conservative Justices agreed that they never should've taken the case..Roberts had recused himself because he had the Hamdan case in Appeals Ct. and sided with the government.

Once the correct interpretation of the Decision sunk in, the media went silent (as usual) and sniffed around for something more damaging to the Administration.


Senator Joe Lieberman has a primary challenge instigated by the anti-war radicals in the Dem Party. The disloyalty act was joined by Gore and Hillary who both said they'd support who ever wins the CT Primary...tepid support for a man who was almost VP to one and gave moral legitimacy to the other.

Liberals have stacked the deck against Lieberman by running the well funded millionaire Ned Lamont and unleashing rabbid Internet Bloggers who are not so nuanced about their rejection of Lieberman's pro-Iraq stance. Although Lamont is running a distant second, Lieberman has started collecting signatures in case he has to run as an Independent.

Dems can't be so stupid as to drive a Statesman like Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Party...especially for standing up for what he believes in...trying to persuade the anti-war types that part of their obsession with manufactured diversity is accepting different views within the Party...Atleast welcome a few token hawks and pro-lifers..maybe even a few Evangelicals? Democrats can't all be Liberals, can they?