Thursday, November 29, 2007

Republican YouTube Debate

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The amateur video questioners must have been recruited by CNNs unfair and unbalanced political gurus. Those chosen focused on unflattering Republican stereo-types from a Democratic point of view that forced candidates to defend unpopular Republican positions; i.e., the death penalty, torture, and for Rudy and Mitt, illegal immigration. It gets worse; a slime ball item hot off the presses about Rudy's trips to the Hamptons with Judy made the cut. CNN sucked up all the dirt from cyber-space, boxed it in little video screens and had netnuts and know nothings hurl hard balls at the stage.

(Three's a crowd)
That said, all of the candidates were prepared for the worst and performed well...Romney wasn't the sharpest he'd been in past debates. Rudy is used to handling tough questions from sparring with the New York press and hit hard at Romney with the tid bit about hiring illegals to work on his Massachusettes home which he tagged a "Sanctuary Mansion." McCain also got the best of Mitt who wobbled on a question about waterboarding being torture. McCain jumped in with a vengeance; he's clearly emotional about the issue and slammed Romney for not opposing any kind of torture for any captive in US custody. The audience cheered.

Gotta give it to McCain, he consistently stands by his guns. He also hit Ron Paul's anti-war diatribe, by championing, the disgracefully under-reported, successful surge strategy in Iraq. McCain had time for once to toot his own horn; he reminded us all that he had openly criticized Rumsfeld and the "light foot print" tactics that went no where for 4 years, and then, ardently supported Gen. Petraeus' new approach to victory.

(No Surrender)
Is the straight talk express alive and well? He's definitely trying to recapture the Maverick status that won him legions of followers from quarters unlikely for Republicans. But this is the Primary and It's the Conservative base that's turned a blind eye on McCain. Sadly, they refuse to see that John McCain is the only loyal, life long Republican with the gravitas, authenticity and credibility to defeat Hillary Clinton and deliver the White House to the beleaguered Republican Party.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Fare

(Selecting the Bird)
It looks like Hillary has out smarted herself with the slimey Clintonian whisper campaign against Obama. In Iowa, a new ABC/Washington Post poll found Barack Obama ahead of Clinton and Edwards: Obama 30; Clinton 26; Edwards 22.

Over the weekend, Bob Novak wrote about a Clinton "agent" that's spreading this little spit ball: Hillary's regime has "scandalous" information about Obama, but SHE has decided not to release it. Yeah right, does anyone smell a rat?

Do these dirty tricks conjure flash backs to James Carvell, Larry Flint and the master of deception, Bill Clinton? Atleast Obama didn't let the artful innuendo fester; he faced the Media immediately and called Hillary's bluff. Ofcourse, "the artful dodger" denied she had anything to do with it and blamed Obama for being unprepared to fill the office of the Presidency.

Also in that poll, Iowans indicated that they trust Obama to be honest 2 to 1 over Hillary Clinton. Wonder if Iowa Democrats will vote with their hearts or their heads? Discussion here.

Obama threw a second punch at the *former* frontrunner in Iowa when he defended himself against her charge of his scant resume' devoid of experience while she paints herself as the consummate DC insider ready to step into the job on day one. Obama jabbed: "My understanding is she wasn't Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration. Rather than just assert experience, if she has specific differences with me in regard to economic policy, than let's have that debate."

(Slow Roasting)
It's well known that Mrs.Clinton ran a behind the scenes operation at the WH. Rumor has it, that the staff tried to avoid her manic reprimands; afterall, she was keeping tabs on Bill and they were charged with the assist. Ofcourse, because of her winning personality, no one squealed on Bill and the rest is Clinton Legacy stuff preserved for history in the Starr Report.

Speaking of President Clinton, he put her in charge of Health Care Reform..we also know how that worked for her. Come to think of it, what success can she point to as First Lady? The FBI Files? The Travel Office dismissals? Vince Foster's suicide? She was in-on the Chinese fund raising scandals and Lincoln Bedroom follies? In fact, Hillary Clinton was in on every detail of Bill Clinton's Presidency. You've got to ask yourself, was that good or bad experience?

"There is one job we can't afford on-the-job training for -- our next President. That could be the costliest job training in history" said Clinton. She should know.

(Room for Desert)
Do people want to gorge themselves on second and third helpings of left-overs, or will we be wiser to recall the relief we felt when "it" was all finally over? "It" being the policy of deception introduced to us by the Clinton Administration the first time.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Be safe.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ambush in Nevada

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Before last night's debate in Las Vegas, Clinton's people talked to Spitzer's people. As the result of hyped-partisan coaxing, Spitzer bowed to the demand from Hillary's operatives to fold on illegal Drivers Licenses before Hillary bleeds out from a wound received in Philly...AND DO IT before the next debate. He did, so Hillary arrived rested and preped in an asbestos paint suit ready to face an audience of invited plants FOR Her and AGAINST her unsuspecting, vulnerable rivals. She was positioned at the best podium, smack dab in the middle of the stage.

Wolf Blitzer didn't waste time getting to the nitty-gritty...he asked: Do you favor drivers licenses for illegals? What did Hillary say? A one word answer, "NO." Obama got flustered (couldn't believe his ears), hemmed and hawed; over prepared and anxious for two weeks to explain in eloquent detail his Conprehensive Immigration Plan...was given the bums rush and reduced to a *yes or no* answer..Barack said YES. He can not tell a lie. Famous last word? is.

Hillary threw all the mud last hits. She won this debate and all the others (except ONE) as easily as she'll win the Democrat nomination.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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Today Gov. Spitzer 86ed his proposal to give Drivers Licenses to illegals; he folded from pressure from 75% of New Yorkers, D-state party members, federal DC Democrats, the DNC, every Republican in the World, and last but not least, the Clinton Campaign. (Here's the best part.) Strike up the band, get the Windsurfing Ad out of the can...Hillary (hyperventilated over the polls) has promised NOT to give Drivers Licenses (get these weasel words) to *undocumented people* when President. Undocumented people? What does that mean?

Besides, I thought she said administering drivers licenses was a state matter and immigration was a federal matter? So if President she couldn't do anything about what states do, right? WRONG. The Democratic Party has proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which Mrs.Clinton supports, soooo within that "Amnesty" Legislation, drivers licenses for illegals could be one of our citizens' rights that get sold down the river for would be Illegal Votes for Democrats...and Madam President will sign our sovereignty away in a New York minute.

Best line on Hillary's tedious panderfest was said by Obama: " wonder she prefers to plant questions." (that's Obama fired up).

Monday, November 12, 2007

Democrats at War

Undermining America
Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson from New Mexico (one of the eight states that gives drivers licenses to illegals); but that's not the issue this Veterans Day.

Like most Democrats, Richardson is regurgitating out-dated talking points about the hard fought War in Iraq. So obsolete is his description of the current situation on the ground, it's embarrassing. That an elected official from either Party is so UNINFORMED is bad enough; but worse, he flaunts his ignorance and wears his blatant denial of the facts like a campaign button for the Democratic Party.

Iraq NOW
The first woman Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is incompetent when it comes to understanding a strategic Foreign Policy and the use of our Military to deter the enemies of the USA. Let's hope the first woman President doesn't make similar miscalculations.

This Veterans Day weekend she chose to ram through yet another "out of Iraq" resolution apparently unaware of the date and stone-deaf to any good news from Iraq. The Resolution was withdrawn (but rescheduled) after the objection of Rep.John Murtha who also objected to the Armenian genocide resolution which caused such an uproar in Turkey. (Two Pelosi turkeys)

The speaker, although briefed by the the top commander in Baghdad, failed to acknowledge the greatly improved security situation in Iraq. Maj.Gen.Joseph Fil told the NYTimes the military had routed Al Qaeda forces from Baghdad enabling the withdrawal of surge troops as planned. Did Pelosi or any of the Democratic hopefuls share the favorable report? way. They're so committed to handing GW Bush and the Republican Party a BIG loss in a campaign season that they can't accept the truth...our troops are winning, Iraqis are with us, rejecting all foreign fighters...fighting alongside US troops to rid Iraq of suicide bombers, death squads and IEDs.

Alas, Democrats can not rejoice in a victory..."Even as evidence has mounted that Gen.David Petraeus' new counter-insurgency strategy is succeeding, Democrats have remained emotionally invested in a narrative of defeat and retreat in Iraq." So says Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman(I-CT) in a speech at Johns Hopkins University of School of Advanced International Studies.

Set 'em up Joe
"For many Democrats, the guiding conviction in foregn policy isn't pacifism or isolationism -- it is distrust and disdain of Republicans in general and President Bush in particular...together Sen.Kyl (R) and myself proposed an amendment to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization and impose economic sanctions on passed 76-22..several Democrats including presidential candidates, even Sen.Clinton who voted FOR IT, soon began attacking it..Why? We don't trust Bush. He'll use this resolution as an excuse for war against Iran"...

"There is something profoundly wrong -- something that should trouble all of us -- when we have elected Democrats who seem more worried about how the Bush Administration might respond to Iran's murder of our troops than about the fact that Iran IS murdering our troops."

"There is likewise something profoundly wrong when we see candidates who are willing to pander to this politically paranoid, hyperpartisan sentiment in the Democratic base -- even if it sends a message of weakness and divisions to the Iranian regime."

Fish out of Water
Democrats flounder to be relevant in today's global War on Islamic Terror. Whether it's Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon or Palestine...they're behind the curve with an unrealistic pacifist agenda. Democrats simply can not defeat vicious militants with squirmy diplomacy.

Democrats are quick to defame an ally like Pervez Musharraf for locking up a few lawyers. They rant over the suspension of elections in Pakistan when they should be praising General Musharraf for dealing with the assassination attempt on the US implant, Benazir Bhutto, and the uptick in lethal attacks on innocent people (800 dead) by the scourge of binLaden's murderers fresh from a loss in nearby Iraq.

Do they respect the man who saved Pakistan from being a failed state then(1999) and now? The man who's captured or killed more radical Islamists than even US? NO..the cry from US pols is: "take off your uniform and hold elections!!" Or What? we'll withhold MONEY and negotiate with Al Qaeda terrorists ourselves (if we can find them or they don't kill us first)? Yep..we'll do it to install another half baked Democracy in the ME; we're sooooo good at it? Look around...Lunacy!!

Praise Allah. Musharraf knows best..the state of emergency remains in effect indefinitely; the elections are scheduled for January; his uniform is ON till further notice. After evaluating the turmoil, foreign policy experts have come to the conclusion that Pervez Musharraf is the best bet for US interests and more importantly, for Pakistan, Afghanistan and ultimately the World.

"I could have preserved myself, but then it would have damaged the nation. I found myself between a rock and a hard place. I have no personal ego and ambitions to guard. I hold the national interest foremost." General Musharraf

Indeed....Country FIRST...if only in America.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Clintonian Sanctuary

Beyond Pile On
Hillary Clinton's performance in the Philly D-bate has national ramifications regarding illegal immigration; an issue that Republicans will capitalize on, and Democrats, including all their Presidential candidates (except Chris Dodd), stand in a row like bobble head dolls on the dashboard, eyes squinting in the headlights, bobbing, nodding yes, bobbing, yessing approval of drivers licenses for law-breaking illegals.

Unaware or unconcerned that the consequences of handing over the keys to the jalopy, diminishes the validity of a nationally accredited ID for American citizens and inexplicably ignores basic security risks; the Democratic Party lines-up with liberal elites and panders to Hispanic interest groups because they're a would be voting block. Hillary et al are speeding towards a head-on collision with the frustrated majority of working stiffs, voters who beg only that Immigration Laws be enforced and that their well being come first.

Clinton being Clinton
"Do you or don't you support drivers licenses for illegal immigrants?" A simple question requiring a yes or no answer prompted the "gender victimization" blame game waged against Tim Russert for asking a gotcha question, the Democratic challengers (How dare they?) and a call by #2, Bill Clinton, to refrain from "swiftboating" his delicate wifey. Hillary's double talk was no surprise to those of us who tuned into 8 years of the Clintons' soap opera. Hillary's candidacy is simply a re-run of that serial Power Play, only this time, Mrs. Clinton has the lead and Mr. Bill a supporting role still to be determined. One thing's for sure...they're back!!

The spin coming out of the Clinton campaign is that the men were ganging up on the only woman contender. Typical Clinton M.O., she said not a word herself but dispatched her operatives to whisper that she's an "assault victim." Is this any way to treat a woman?

The Bums Rush
A clever video hit the air waves: "The Politics of Pile On"...included was a request for money so the little woman could fight hard against the big strong men. John Edwards responded with a <<---Yes+No--->> video take off on the hilarious Kerry Windsurfing ad. Hillary's talking head says contradicting words on the same subject. She wasn't necessarily for it but she wasn't necessarily against it. Get it?

Cagey to a fault
Does Hillary or Bill ever answer candidly? Both Clintons triangulate with gusto. They work so many sides of every issue that they're incapable of replying with a simple yes or no. Hillary's billed as the change candidate. (HA! from Bill to Hill?)...she claims she is, but can anyone believe what a Clinton says? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe we'll never know or we'll see...but hey, that's Hillary....wouldn't want to alienate anyone, anywhere, on her Road Test for the WH.