Tuesday, March 18, 2008


What did you think about the speech? Discussion here.

Today Barack Obama gave a lofty lecture on the state of race relations in America; stemming from the day of the founders, recounting their failure to address the "original sin of slavery," through the decades of discrimination and civil rights crusades, to the tirades of hate America sermons from his spiritual advisor, Pastor Jerimiah Wright.

(Sunday School)
Does anyone see the irony of this condemnation of racism in America? Barack Obama is the Democratic front runner for the Presidency, for gods sake!! Granted, he was forced to answer criticism about his 20 year friendship with a black separatist preacher who blamed America for the attack on 9/ll (the chickens came home to rooste); and, charged that our Government infected the urban black community with HIV. Is any of that about racism? NO..those rants could be likened to Left-Wing anti-American conspiracy theories.

(Black&White History)
Obama implied that all of us have heard offensive remarks from the pulpit; WRONG. If my priest ever cursed America he'd be gone. It's become evident that black Americans dance to different drummer...they don't respect the founding fathers of this nation the way whites do. Coincidentally, David McCollough's JOHN ADAMS aired this weekend. Tom Hanks produced the seven part series and it was carefully produced to instruct today's history deprived younger citizens about the wonder of our fight for independence, the men who formed our Country and wrote the glorious Constitution.

All Obama had to say about "we the people" is that they allowed slavery for profit to continue and that's the reason blacks have less fond regard for American history. Will President Barack Obama spend much of his term fixing the perceived wrongs done to the black man since the beginning of America? Is that what he means by the "urgency of now"..by "CHANGE?"

(Here come de Judge)
Did this speech put the pastor gaff behind him? No..Obama used his "famous judgement" to make his self-defense grander; to address how black and white America feel about each other. Maybe it was courageous to focus on the taboo issue of race that couldn't help to further his ambition for high office; nor, assuage the doubts of white working men in Pennsylvania or the rest of the Country who really don't want to talk about race throughout this long Primary nor into the campaign for President ...it's tiresome.

(The woman's touch)
Smartly Hillary Clinton has nothing to add on the topic...she's serving the voters easy to digest comfort foods to put on their kitchen tables; end the war in Iraq, fight terrorism, save the economy for the middle class, improve public school education, universal health care, all the old stand-bys...home made recipes, good for the American soul.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March 4th...Primary Colors

Last night the Republican Party nomination was settled early. John McCain handily captured all four States, Vermont, Road Island, Ohio and Texas, resulting in Mike Huckabee's concession and heart felt endorsement of R-winner.

(Color Blind)
The rousing upset in the Democratic Primary astonished the pundits and media critics who up until this weekend were shamefully (as noted by SNL) in the tank for the SuperNova, Barack Obama. Once again, Hillary Clinton shocked the politeratti entranced by Obamamania with a stiff dose of reality. She fought hard against the spinning Media rip-tide to win three out of the four contests, Road Island, Ohio and Texas. Hooray! Go Girl!!

The prognosis for Clinton's demise was grim. Obama seemed to be coasting to another good day when Clinton conjured the "kitchen-sink" strategy and laid negative snipes on Barack which affected the Primary voters in all three States.

The Canadian memo surfaced which cast doubt on his promise to cancel NAFTA; the "3AM Ad" which questioned his abilities as CIC; combine that with the merky Muslim picture, anti-white Pastor, anti-American wife and Farrakhan-anti-Jewish smears, Clinton won white voters of every demographic. Namely, High School grads, blue collar/union workers, rich college educated white men, older women, Latinos; and most of the last minute undecideds went for Clinton in all three States. The negative hits on Obama clearly took him down a peg...expect more of the same as the race approaches Pennsylvania.

(Primarily anti-Democratic)
Neither candidate can win enough delegates in the complicated proportional system of primaries and caucuses to reach the number required to be the Democratic Nominee; therefore, it's inevitable that SuperDelegates will have to over-ride the decision of either Obama or Clinton supporters triggering a back-lash from the loser.

To add to the mess, today the DNC is meeting with the Governors of Florida and Michigan to figure out a way to seat their delegates at the convention that would satisfy both candidates. If a solution is not found, teams of lawyers for Obama, Clinton and the DNC are ready to put on a show that will rival the 2000 Florida debacle.

After all is said and done, the SuperDelegates will either go with their own prejudices, State constituents, or the National momentum; but in doing so, risk the continued participation of black mimorities in the Democratic Party or the rath of whites and the Clintonian establishment. No matter what, the Democratic Party will split...there's just no way around it.

In a year that should have been a horror for the Republican Party this seemingly endless infighting between the myriad of special interests in the Democratic Party and the Establishment is making John McCain more and more likely to be the next President of the United States.

Doesn't get any better than this...can't make it up.:-)<