Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida:Sweet Victory for McCain

Senator McCain's win in the Sunshine State makes him the undisputed front-runner for the Republican nomination.

(Thank who?)
He beat Romney among voters who considered the Economy and National Security their most important issues. Romney's CEO argument failed.

He beat Romney with Hispanics...not just Cubans, but the Puerto Rican constituency in Central Florida. Here Mel Martinez helped significantly with robo-calls in Spanish.

The Military, veterans, and their families voted for one of their own. Seniors and older folks embraced him as well.

Republicans of every stripe voted overwhelmingly for McCain...Gov.Crist's endorsement helped among every demographic...Gov.Crist is the most popular governor in the Country with a 95% approval rating in the State.

Hard Core Conservative ideologues were the only group who chose Romney. I assume, more out their distrust for McCain than their "trust" for the flip-flopping Romney, atleast I hope so.

Rudy Giuliani, after a gracious concession speech, announced he'll drop out of the race and endorse John McCain at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley California tomorrow night. Rudy seemed like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

Rudy, being a shrewd campaigner, realizes that McCain will beat him in NY; soooo he might as well be a part his victory or suffer a career damaging loss in his home state. Rudy can be a valuable McCain surrogate throughout the North East and he has a strong fund raising organization in California. McCain is ahead of Romney in CA by 13 pts and is well on his way to winning the Primaries in the other States...the polling was done before his Florida win.

(The emperor has no clothes)
Rush Limbaugh has been bad mouthing John McCain to the ditto heads on his hot air radio show. He had the nerve to demand that his cult following reject McCain or face the destruction of the Republican Party. What a narrow minded blubber butt!!

The block headed conservatives who buy into his rants are but a discredited minority who have been decisively defeated by a majority of loyal, positive thinking Republicans who welcome a diverse majority of party members and keep the faith that with their numbers can defeat Hillary Clinton and enhance the popularity of the Republican Party.

Why should any Republican drink the koolaide and comit political suicide for a shock jock who's never served anything but his own self-interest?

(Well done!!)
Congratulations John McCain. Here's looking forward to Super Tuesday and a hard fought battle for the WH in 2008. I can think of no one more capable of leading R-Party to victory in the fight of R-lives.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


(Middle Ground)
Although John McCain won in SC, the establishment Conservatives resist declaring him the front runner. If he wins in Florida, if he's the last man standing, if he carries Republicans in a winner take all Primary, if there's no excuses left, the Right Wing will have no choice but to back him as the standard-bearer of a new pragmatic centrist Republican Party.

(Rocky Road)
It's true that the mantra in every Presidential election is "It's time for change;" but this time the electorate IS different. This time the outcry for change applies more to the Republican Party than to Democrats who are, afterall, happy with their candidates.

President Bush is hated by Democrats in Congress and tentatively supported by Republicans. He's battered relentlessly by a cadre of campaign surrogates, Left Wing interest groups, Media elites and extremist web sites like MoveOn, Daily Kos and a symphony of amateur blogging wannabees.

Congress has the lowest approval ratings in history but sadly, Democrats are likely to increase they're majority in the 2008 election cycle, which makes it imperative that Republicans keep the Presidency or risk becoming a very unhappy minority Party whipped into subservience by a power-mad dominatrix, Hillary and her enabling counter-part, Bill Clinton.

(The Finish Line)
If anyone doubts that the Clintons puposely injected race into the campaign to define Obama exclusively as the "black" candidate thus limiting his appeal to white and Latino voters, consider the results of the Nevada caucuses. Hillary won by a slim margin by taking women, Latinos and whites; blacks voted for Obama. He did win the delegate count by one and his campaign is asking for an investigation of voter supression "indirectly" by the Clinton campaign.

In SC Obama is expected to win. Clinton has implied his success is because of black support which proves he's not viable in the general electorate. If Hillary wins or loses in SC she's ahead of the game. If she wins...it's shows a broader appeal to win in November; if she loses, the Clintons told us the young fellow is a fine black candidate, however he can not repeat his victory in SC in States that do not have a predominant black demographic.

The Clintons diminished an Obama victory in SC...they played a reverse expectations game and Won. Obama will not be able to defeat the Clinton War Room in the Primary. Hillary Clinton will be their Nominee.

(A Dream Deferred)
Bill Clinton has been critisized for his attacks on Senator Obama by leaders in the Democratic Party; namely, Ted Kennedy, Rahm Emanuel and Howard Dean. The Clintons have always been good for themselves and bad for the Democratic Party. During his two terms, Bill Clinton's triangulation and support of unpopular policies caused losses for Democrats that essentially gave Congress to the Republican Party.

This year, Clinton's race baiting tactic may cause a permanent rift with the Black base. When Hillary runs in the general, this repugnant strategy against Barack Obama may likely cost her the reliable black vote and possibly any Independents and moderate Republicans who were supporting Obama, a unifying candidate who promises to fix this dysfunctional government and bring civil discourse back to politics in DC.

(Against all Odds)
Considering the damage that will be done to the Democrat Party this election cycle by the Clintons; plus the unpopularity of Hillary with a large segment of the electorate; then weigh the universal appeal of McCain by white men of every political stripe, it seems to me a victory in '08 is possible for the Republican Party with John McCain.

Although Conservatives would not be voting whole heartedly FOR John McCain, they are unified and energized AGAINST Hillary Clinton for President. In that case, the GOP could beat the odds and keep the Clintons out of the WH; which IS afterall, R-dream come true.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Deriding the Dream

Those of us who recoiled at the depths of the dirty Clinton tactics of the 90s, are feeling the same sweaty sickness as she and her minions insideously infect the candidacy of Barack Obama with a lethal racial endemic and get away with it.

(Battle Cry)
When Hillary came in third in Iowa we knew a D-day was coming; but with only 5 days separating the contests, the best she could muster was the last minute weapy moment that drove older feminists to polls to eke out a slim victory for her in NH. However, Sister Clinton's inevitabilty was damaged beyond repair...something drastic had to be done to recapture her hold on HER claim to the Presidency.

(King of the Hill)
The Clintons decided to sacrifice some black votes in SC in order to cast doubt among whites about electing a black man to lead us all. Hillary channelled Lyndon Johnson and intentionally diminished the civil rights movement of Martin Luther King. Her innuendo went like this: MLK gave inspiring speeches (like Obama) he marched, was jailed, and demanded that the government ACT to free his people; but without the legislative power of a white President (like HER), MLK's dream would have never become a reality. It was Lyndon Johnson who strong armed the Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964..not MLK.

She made it sound like Johnson single handidly won the Civil War. The truth is, Johnson had to twist arms to convince some Democrats that they were on the wrong side of a moral imperative whose time had come. They either gave up violent oppression of a whole race of people or the Democratic Party would be defeated for decades to come. It was Republicans who supported black equality and gradually dominated the South.

(Losing Hope)
Her point was that Obama can make all the high minded speeches he wants, but it would take HER and HER alone to make his dream come true. This insinuation was followed by outrage among the black population and black leaders alike. She clarified, she danced on the head of a pin but repeated the same story on Meet the Press and at several campaign stops. Surrogates were in full damage control mode and blamed Obama for stirring up racial animosity. Obama was aghast. He so artfully and wisely avoided the divisive issue of race and now he was expected to comment on what Hillary Clinton had so cleverly slipped into the campaign dialogue.

Obama over estimated her. Hillary Clinton will stoop so low to gain power that a hopeful young man like Barack Obama could never imagine the depths she'll go to win. Hillary Clinton IS his worst nightmare and what that nightmare IS, depends on HER dingy meaning of IS.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

NH Primary:Two Combacks/no frontrunner

Although John McCain and Hillary Clinton won the first Primary in the nation; neither one can claim to be the clear front-runner of their Party.

(Republicans..Grin and bear it)
McCain was expected to win in NH. Enthusiasm was high as more Independents voted for him than they did for Obama. Surprisingly Mac also picked up registered Republicans in a sign that could repeat itself in other States.

Despite the backing of the establishment for Mitt Romney, he placed second and picked up another "silver" as he likes to say in his concession speeches. McCain is on to Michigan where he's favored to win in the state where Mitt's father was Governor for 8 years. If Romney loses here he should seriously consider throwing in the towel but his personnal fortune would enable him and his ego to go on indefinitely. He's failed to connect with voters, I suspect because he's the original "change on a dime" guy and simply can't be trusted to be truthful about anything at this point.

(What the Huck?)
Huckabee, the winner in Iowa, came in a distant third in NH. That's better than anticipated by just about every one. People like him more when they get to know him. He's a regular guy; one of them; a religious popularist. However, Huckabee isn't given a snowball's chance in hell to become R-Nominee, I think it's the hick factor.

If McCain is the nominee it won't be because Republicans of every stripe rally around an inspirational leader; or even that they're pleased with his nomination; it will be because he's the best selection in a field of misfits...John McCain will be R-Nominee by default. Sad, but true.

Democrats..In the Cards

(Aces high)
The big story of the NH Primary was Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Before Obama's momentus win in Iowa and her third place finish, Hillary was expected to win in NH. Instead Obama's win catapulted him into a Media frenzy that eagerly prepared to write the obituary for the Clintons' iron grip on the Democratic Party. A dysfuntional status quo government would be transformed by an inclusive generational movement led by an inspiring black man that could be President.

Barack Obama lost. All pollsters, including each campaigns' inside polling, and the TV 24/7 coverage got it terribly wrong. What happened?

(Queen of Hearts)
Hillary's teary moment, combined with the glee the macho media took in piling on the little woman was a significant factor in getting out the women voters to rescue Hillary from the big bad bullies. Hillary's breakdown was all about her. She wasn't crying for the poor children without health care or the homeowners facing foreclosure due to the sub-prime mortgage crisis; she was feeling sorry for herself, period.

(Hold 'em)
That snipit was aired over and over again just before the vote and after polling had wrapped things up. If that entire moment was shown instead of the first few seconds of it, people would have seen Mrs.Clinton recover like a bat out of hell and land lethal blows on her nemesis.

From the brief glistening of the eye and softening of the voice, she skillfully rapped her opponent for lack of substance compared to hers. It was a self-promoting sound bite that she knew would reach it's target audience...older women, who had experienced the frustration of glass ceilings of the past. Older women came out en mass to vote for the reliable old feminist, Hillary.

(Plays the Race Card)
Another theory that reared it's ugly head has racist over tones. Seems NH voters lied to pollsters about voting for Obama and then when they drew the curtain and couldn't be seen, thousands couldn't bring themselves to vote for a black man. That one I don't buy.

Bill Clinton was looking ahead to SC and floated that poisonous idea into the political atmosphere in order to generate doubt among the 50% of blacks in SC that white people would never elect a black President; therefore, a vote for Obama is a waste. Vote for my wife Hillary, and I, Bill Clinton, the first black President, will take care of y'all like we've done before.

(Fold 'em)
This tactic is not beneath Bill and Hillary or the Left-wing establishment of Democrat Party. They'll be taking the gloves off now that they've tasted a bitter loss in Iowa and their possible extinction in NH. Let's hope that Democratic voters see through the dirty tricks and support the man that can truly free the Democrats from the Clinton Machine of the past and inspire all Americans to hope for change of the status quo in the not too distant future. "Yes we can!"

Monday, January 07, 2008


ABC & Fox Debates
As we approach Tuesday's first in nation Primary in New Hampshire, ABC aired relevant debates between the Presidential hopefuls from both Parties. To their credit, ABC significantly changed the tiresome biased showcases presented as fair and balanced debates. Fox, although inviting only Republican candidates, fashioned a format more helpful to the voting process as well.

ABC's Charlie Gibson and Fox's Chris Wallace asked pertinent questions to the field of candidates sitting before them and more importantly, allowed sufficient time for each candidate to answer in depth, confront each other and contrast the slim differences between them; differences that voters are eager to know before they cast a vote that could transform the nature of the race and ultimately the formulation of Party Politics.

Hillary v. Obama
After the firestorm in Iowa that devastated Hillary's inevitability and enhanced Obama's electability, all eyes and ears were on Hillary's ensuing survival tactics. As it turns out she attempted to belittle the voters for emotionally backing, what she considers, a naive movement to HOPE for government change from a light-weight man who lacks the experience to fight the establishment in DC and transform their hopes into reality.

All her shrill criticism showed is that SHE is part of the crippled partisan government that has failed miserably to make the Government work for the People; and that she is devoid of the comity necessary to achieve that dream. Hillary Clinton, who panders relentlessly to special interests on the Left, has no deep rooted core values that she won't change for her advantage. It is apparent that she, more than any other candidate, must defend the status quo from which she derives her 35 years of experience and resist the hopeful generational change movement because it would render her powerless.

Gibson asked the Democrats a question that other moderators dutifully omitted.."Why don't any of you recognize the progress in Iraq?" AND, if an American city suffers a nuclear attack, what would you as President do about it? Bill Richardson, whose knowledge of the current facts on those fronts seems seriously outdated and uninformed, stuttered when he said that Musharraf should be forced to resign by the USA. Edwards would urge that the people stay calm and don't over-react if bombed. You could hear a universal sigh of disbelief.

The rest of them rejected that the reports of progress NOW alters not one iota their initial objections to invading Iraq in the first place or Bush's strategic mistakes as CIC. Gibson noted Hillary's remark to Gen.Petraeus declaring the common consensus of Democrats when he reported to Congress: "it would require a wilful suspension of disbelief." To this point, it is still not clear what Hillary Clinton would do if CIC.

Obama's response was that the definition of victory is too vague and credited the Democratic take over of the majorities in Congress for the Iraqi tribal change of heart against Al Qaeda. Democrats still seem clueless on the dangers confronting the United States from radical Islamic terrorism. However, they spoke muscularly about combating Nuclear terrorism vis a vis Pakistan and the capture of Osama binLaden, albeit, without relating any credible details on how that would be accomplished or what they'd do if a US city was attacked.

Republicans on the Spot
Instead of focusing on questions usually asked to R-candidates that provoke predictable answers required by the Party platform, Gibson induced the candidates to comment in full on the details of their Illegal Immigration solutions, Islamic terrorism, Health Care and (a new consideration) the distinctions between them and Barack Obama's policy agenda.

What astonished me most was how most of our candidates got twisted in knots trying to infuse compassion into their proposed answers to the massive problem of dealing with Illegal Immigration. They were apologetic for wanting to enforce the Law.

To my surprise, Ron Paul's explanation of why Illegal Immigration is strongly opposed by the American people and a detriment to common welfare of the United States was the most convincing and UNapologetic. He linked it to the economic well being of our Country; i.e., the expansion of the welfare state to illegals limits opportunities for American citizens by requiring hospitals to provide free medical care to millions; Public Schools to provide education and bi-lingual instruction; employers hire illegals as a source of cheap labor; and in Sanctuary Cities, police are ordered by local officials not to enforce the Federal Immigration Laws.

All of this burdens the taxpayer; endangers the solvency of hospitals and schools, keeps wages for the American worker below standards, and enables non-citizen law breakers to run free. Therefore, unfettered illegal immigration deminishes the quality of life for citizens of the United States.

FOX..blinded by the Right

Chris Wallace did a good job prodding the candidates to confront each other by asking questions of concern to Republican voters on Illegal Immigration, Iraq, Islamic terrorism, energy independence, taxes and the economy. They were also asked; "How would each of them alter their tactics to campaign against Barack Obama rather than Hillary Clinton." Polls in NH have Obama 10pts ahead of Hillary Clinton and it's the judgement of most polital gurus that she will NOT be the Democratic Nominee.

They all performed well and McCain, the current front-runner in NH, defended his record on tax cuts and Romney's accusation that he sponsored Amnesty for illegal immigrants. Mitt Romney was confident and well prepared as he fought to appear the most Conservative among McCain, Huckabee and Thompson. Romney doesn't get it...NH independents and Republicans are less Conservative on social issues than Romney pretends to be..Huckabee did get a small bounce out of his win in Iowa and as NH sees more of him he'll finish third in NH..a good showing in a state with few evangelicals.

(Romney:I approve this message)
What really disillusioned me about the Fox event was the Frank Luntz's focus group of "supposed" undecideds. The group unanimously made a decision after the debate to vote for Mitt Romney. UNBELIEVABLE that they didn't know before the debate that they were leaning towards Romney or that Luntz and Fox didn't plan this as a boost for Romney.

The focus group all disliked Huckabee's open religiousity. None of them liked McCain...even though his record of reform and fighting against the establishment aligns him with the Obama wave of "change." The post debate commentary raved about Romney and hardly mentioned McCain's probable win in NH and his ability to attract Independents, moderate Republicans and cross-over votes; essentially the same voters that might consider Obama.

(Wings don't fly)
FOX was not fair and balanced or in my opinion in line with the current fervor of the people in Iowa, NH or of the whole Nation. Sadly, it appears that the Right Wing and the Left Wing will cling to the status quo and the fleeting power that comes with it; regardless of the futility of flying against the over-powering Winds of Change.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

OBAMAbee..He's the One

Barack Obama did it!! Yes, he won the Iowa caucus but more importantly he knocked Hillary Clinton off her high horse. She came in a measly third losing to John Edwards as well.

It doesn't get any better than this for Republicans who for months dreaded the gruesome twosome's return to the WH. The people of Iowa rejected her air of entitlement and her whole "ready from day one" routine.

Iowans came out in historic numbers to throw mama under the train. Younger men and women and first time voters showed up to support the man that promised to turn the page and unite Americans. He praised America and gave a hopeful, positive speech that gave me goosebumps. Reminded me of JFK, and yes, Ronald Reagan..."the shining city on the hill".

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hypnotized by the junior Senator from Illinois, but I'll always be grateful to Barack Obama for beating Hillary Clinton and giving her, what had to be, the worst night of her life. Ahhhh...it was sweet.

Mike Huckabee, McCain, the race in New Hampshire....I'll think about it tomorrow.

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