Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Under the Weather

A bleak sheet of ice and sleet hit the Northeast just as gardeners like myself, convinced by the exceptionally warm winter as of January that summer was just around the corner, were day-dreaming in shirt sleeves of warm April showers to prompt bright pastel colored May flowers. However, AGAIN!!, that miserable ground hog was WRONG.

Watching politics on TV has been depressing since R-thumpin in November, but never more so than these past few months when Gen.Pelosi micro-manages the War and wobbly Republicans duck and cover from streaming, screaming videos from YouTube & MySpace. On top of that, D-operatives rolled out two more trumped up scandals; namely, 8 US Attorneys fired. As it turns out, a President can hire & fire a US Attorney at his pleasure. It was incorrect and disconcerting to the Attorneys to hear that these public dismissals were for "performance" when they were told nothing of the sort and knew otherwise.

The timing of this new Gonzo Hit couldn't have been better; it came on the heels of "public outrage" over substandard treatment of wounded Iraqi vets at Watlter Reed Army Medical Center. The VA has had problems delivering services since my grandfather was a patient. Remember!! The VA is Federal Health Care..loaded with bureaucracy and basically inefficient. If the Dems have their way, we'll all be getting our health care from the VA aka Universal or Hillary Care.

Democrats are trying to make the Iraq War go away by giving up the fighting and digging up political distractions at home against Republicans who seem incapable of preventing it. Republicans are shell shocked. ME? I'm underwhelmed.

Gen.Patraeus, who was confirmed unanimously by this fickle Congress, reports that progress is evident due to the "surge" tactics in Baghdad. The Congress of the US can not agree that the best way to end this War is to WIN it. Passing a binding or non-binding Resolution that questions success BEFORE the mission is complete does not bolster morale or support the troops carrying it out.

Notice:The Dems don't use the words "win" or "victory"...their idea of "finishing" a war is cutting off funding, followed by a hasty retreat. Viet Nam is D-model.