Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 The Last Week

X-Dictator Saddam Hussein is dead. Saddam was tried, convicted of crimes against humanity and met his fate at the end of a rope at sunrise on Dec.30, 2006

Predictions of violent demonstrations were apparently over hyped..Shiites celebrated in the streets of Sadr City. Kurds remembered the massacre that cost them thousands of men, women and children. Even the Sunnis, except for the die-hard Saddamists, were subdued when they heard the news (and saw hangman's tape). All through Iraq victims of Saddam's 35 years of oppression and brutality were relieved that the "butcher of Baghdad" will never return and would be no more.

Saddam's demise is an end of an era but not the end of Iraq's nightmare. Insurgents will still kill civilians over tribal revenge and power...Baghdad and Anbar Provice are hellish...the Unity Government seems unable to keep Iraqis safe from foreign instigators, Iran and Al Qaeda, who fuel the lethal insurgency with Jihadi reinforcements and mass-murder-gear.

President Bush is mulling over a new "surge" strategy which reportedly will send as many as 50,000 more troops into Iraq with the "defined mission" to focus on stability and security in the troubled areas of Baghdad and Anbar Province and perhaps, border control. IF security is achieved, advisors and trainers will prepare the Iraq Military to eventually fight and hold the Government and Iraq's sovereignty on their own. He plans to address the Nation and possibly gain a skeptical public's support on Jan. 10th, 2007.

All Democrats and many Republicans have little hope that this approach will lead to victory. However, the definition of "Victory" out of necessity has been revised..PROGRESS IS possible with this targeted offensive..staying the course has achieved nothing but escalated violence and arrogant insurgents positive that they'll drive out US forces weakened by the loss of domestic political and popular support.

X-President Gerald Ford died this week at 92. There's plenty of biographical information 24/7 and the State Funeral is underway, RIP.

The President and Congress are out of town on Holiday and news was slow..enter Bob Woodward (State of Denial) who took the sad opportunity to release a taped interview with Ford who stated his opposition to the Iraq War. Woodward was sworn to secrecy until after Ford's death; soooo Woodward didn't waste a nanosecond to capitalize and share the spotlight with a dead President, re: the only memorable and controversial event in Gerry Ford's accidental Presidency..Nixon's pardon. Woodward linked the "nightmare" of Watergate and Nixon's resignation to the unpopular Iraq War, naturally taking a last shot at GW BUSH before the New Year.

X-Senator John Edwards formalized his run for President by shoveling dirt in New Orleans with what he called "the poor." The mediocre xambulance chaser, xSenator and x04 losing candidate, plans to recycle his "Two Americas" strategy (class warfare?) for the '08 Democratic nomination. Rumor has it that the Clinton Camp pressured Edwards to run so that Hillary, in contrast to Edwards and Obama, would have the most "gravitas" i.e., related experience, which would predestine D-nomination for Mrs. Clinton.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


House of Representatives

Republican Losers:

Dennis Hastert R-ILL- Speaker of the House..whose lack of cognizant leadership led to the ethical collapse of R-incumbents under his stewardship.

Bob Ney R-Ohio- who should have resigned long before the November election but didn't, pled guilty of conspiring with the convicted lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, lost his seat and smeared the rest of Ohio incumbents running for re-election with scandalous residue. Ney was sentenced to jail time.

Duke Cunningham R-CA- took bribes from Defense Contractors, enriching himself with a yacht, a mansion etc., illegally influencing the decisions of House appropriations for Military hardware, pled guilty to all charges and is doing time in federal prison.

Mark Foley R-FL- a closet homosexual who messed around with underage pages for years, resigned after being outed by Democratic dirty tricks and retreated to rehab.

The results of this scandal, timed insideously to effect the outcome of the Midterm elections, was indeed the icing on the cake for the sweep of victories in the '06 elections which resulted in a the Democrats winning a Majority in the House.

Democrat Winners:

Rahm Emanuel D-ILL- who engineered the defeat of House Republicans across the board by devising a strategy that counteracted Karl Rove's "base only' tactics. He recruited Democratic candidates that fit the demographics of Republican districts; rejecting the tendency of D-Party Leftists to move to the far Left and envigorated the centrist coalition, morphing D-Party into a viable 50 State contender for all future state and local elections. (The Presidential race remains a "horse of a different color.")

Nancy Pelosi D-CA- the first woman and San Francisco Liberal ever to be Speaker of the House. She was in the right place at the right time. Considering her failure to appoint her friends to leadership positions and committee Chairmanships, I sincerely doubt that she would be the choice for Speaker of 2007's majority of centrist Democrats in the House. However, Nancy Pelosi IS a first and deserves credit for this achievement.

The Senate

George Allen R-VA- aka "macacawitz" self-destructed during his campaign for re-election. He was ahead by double digits going into the race against Jim Webb, a former Republican with little support from Virginia Democrats (except for his opposition to the Iraq War); inexplicably Allen blew it Big Time.

He was video taped by a Democratic operative of Indian descent, jokingly calling him "macaca."(later determined to be a racial slur in the far away neck-of-the-woods)

What followed was a deluge of accusations about George Allen's racist remarks in college. Democratic alums crawled out from under every rock and recalled racial slurs uttered by the wise cracker. Allen never recovered. WORSE, when he denied his Jewish ancestry and then embraced it by bringing his 92 year old mother into it..he was chopped livah and went on to lose a once "sure bet" to Webb. If Senator Allen didn't campaign at all, stayed home and didn't utter a discouraging word, he would've won IMO.

That's not saying much for his political skills. Allen's self-inflicted Senate defeat was the deciding factor in R-loss of the majority in the Senate. Not only that, Allen was the Conservative Right's pick for Presidential nominee in '08. Allen's political career is in the toilet..a good man badly beaten by Democratic dirty tricks for sure, but nonetheless, OVER for George Allen.

Senator Allen is my one and only candidate for the BIGGEST loser in the Senate in 2006. (Runner-ups don't even come close?)

The Executive

George W. Bush (R-Texas) "I have come to bury Caesar, not to praise him." He has had the most miserable year of any President in memory. Not only is he insanely hated by Left Wing Democrats and assaulted daily in Print & 24/7 TV News Networks, his own Party is sticking the knives in his torso with relish. "E tu Brute?" Recriminations abound from every quarter for the "thumping" Republicans suffered in the Midterm elections. He's a lame duck, all alone on a rickety limb.

The blame for the Republicans' loss of their local elections is their own faults, as I see it. What did they run on? Stay the course, when voters were fed and swallowed garbage served to them by wiley Democrats who promised the moon they'd never deliver?

The scandal smear muddied all. Republicans seemed unwilling to police themselves and apparently, thought the voters would'nt notice or homees would atleast repay them with a vote for all the goodies, ear marks and bacon brought home. WRONG..the Democrats hammered away at the Republican "culture of corruption" and it stuck. Ear Marks became a dirty word. Republicans were tar and feathered and run out of Congress on a rail.

By the time they realized that a tsunami of discontent and downright disgust was blowing their was too late. But Bush isn't the culprit, if anyone played a roll in their defeat it may have been Rove for his insistence on sticking to his "base only" strategy when this year the base was NOT willing to cooperate with a Republican Congress that surrendered Republican principles to an obsession with POWER. Indeed, absolute power did corrupt Republicans in Congress, but not GW Bush, his power was long since mitigated by the turn coats in his own Party..and now neither has ANY.

Alas, in the Executive Branch, the buck stops in the Oval Office...soooo, GW BUSH is the BIG LOSER for 2006.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Year...New War

Regardless of all the hand wringing by defeatists, it appears that President Bush will surge MORE troops into Iraq early next year...a Hail Mary Pass for sure, in the hope to eke out a win in the 4th quarter of a game that most have already pronounced lost.

The one caveat by brave souls who support this risky maneuver is that there be a *clear objective* that frees the combat troops from political restraint. Ending the horrible violence in Baghdad will be the first part of the "surge;" then holding the Capitol City so the Unity Government can do its thing. I assume that al Sadr's militias will finally be confronted, many killed and thousands arrested..and HELD without release by the weak, compromised Maliki government.

Then Anbar Province, which harbors Al Qaeda and Sunni insurgents will be next on the target list. Again, clear, take control and HOLD it. As if that wasn't enough to do, US troops must prevent the influx of foreign fighters by guarding the borders and stopping reinforcements, weapons and explosives pouring in from Iran and Syria from refueling the insurgency.

President Bush will make this dramatic announcement to nation the first week in January. "Operation Victory" is being discussed in DC; its chief architect is retired Army Gen. Jack Keane. It could signal a commitment of up to 50,000 more troops to secure Baghdad...then assuming it's successful in about six months, it will be followed by a similar assault on Anbar Province.

Will it work? Not a chance if the anti-war defeatists monopolize the TV, Print and prime time Public Discussion; don't see the battle as a heroic effort to save the Iraqi people and stop Iran's march to dominate and destabilize the entire ME, but rather, the choir recoils in horror, cries War Crimes!! 190 thousand US troops ACT decisively, brutally, with Zero Tolerance to WIN this bloody WAR in lieu of leaving the perfunctory dainty footprint and tap dancing their way to a delicate "graceful exit"...stage Left ofcourse.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

IRAN...Root of Terror

President Bush was right to include Iran in the "Axis of Evil." WRONG not to recognize that Iran was the real menace to the free world and NOT Saddam's Iraq. As a matter of fact, the demise of Saddam Hussein unleashed the long time amibitions of Tehran(which Saddam's militancy restrained) to dominate the Arab world and more ominously, the destruction of all US interests and budding democracies in the Middle East.

The "culture of martyrdom" including the terror tactics of suicide bombers which are utilized by Sunni and Shiite fanatics, originated as the brain child of Iranian clerics who authorized the take over of our embassy in Tehran in 1979 and created the Iranian proxy, Hezbollah, that blew up 241 US Marines in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983.

Today in Iran the government controlled Media, TV and print, daily spew anti-American and anti-Semitic propaganda. The USA is the Great Satan and the Holocaust is a myth devised to justify the existence of the State of Israel in the Middle East.

Iran is behind much of the virulent insurgency in Iraq, and therefore, is responsible for turning thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians into bloody pieces of flesh. They supply Shiite militias, especially al Sadr, with IEDs, grenade launchers, truck and car bombs, and other sophisticated explosives and weaponry which are used to 'ethnically cleanse' Sunnis from mixed communities; but also as the cause of death and horrible injuries to US servicemen.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is emboldened by Iran's progress in Iraq and Lebanon. Now imagine how much more effective and threatening Iran would be to the Arabs in the ME, Israel, Western Democracies and USA...IF he had the BOMB?...nobody anywhere will be safe with an unhinged fanatic in possession of a Nuke.

Furthermore, the recommendation of the Iraq Study Group, that we talk to Iran and get THEIR help to stabilize Iraq bodes such naivete' of reality that I fear that the only wake up call about the odious threat of a Nuclear Iran will be the proverbial "mushroom cloud"...but ofcourse, then it will be too late?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pressure Points

The Iraq Study Group

After much ado and anticipation of the Baker/Hamilton review of the Iraq War, it is now clear that hopes for a new credible solution were vastly over hyped by Democrats and the Media.

Right out of the gate, hateful partisans anxious to demean Bush were spewing psycho-babble, calling him delusional, unrealistic, stubborn and in denial because the CIC wouldn't swallow the whole unimpressive diatribe as the silver bullet that solved all the problems in Iraq. The catch phrase to describe the Study Groups' conclusions was spun to label Bush's war policy as an unredeemable failure; "grave and deteriorating"...chock full of ways to get out..not ONE suggestion of how to Win.

On the front page of the very politically incorrect New York Post, Baker and Hamilton were in chimp suits; in BIG print the aging statesmen were called "Surrender Monkeys." Headline: Iraq panel urges U.S. to give up.

Bush is determined to make serious strategy changes. He'll reserve his revised course of action until after discussing the possibilities with the Military commanders acquainted with combat in Iraq. Their suggestions should have prominence over the two week wonders who have little hope of turning things around and coming out of Iraq with a better reputation for resolve and resilience than we did after abandoning our allies in South Vietnam and losing that War.

Afterall, we can't risk a failed state in the Middle East. Iran and Al Qaeda will move in for the kill and use that Country as leverage against the Arab States and bases to launch fatal attacks against Western Democracies and the USA. The consequences of failure are indeed dire for the entire World; that's one thing the Study Groupies got right.

Better minds than the ISG, men in uniform that know the stakes and will accept the sacrifices necessary to defeat the thugs that would enslave the Iraqis, the region, and condemn the USA to Islamic intolerance and terror...will WIN the day for the CIC and America's good name in the World.

All politicians have to get out of the way.

D-Most Catastrophic Congressional Majority in History...

Incoming Democratic leaders and followers are giving the nonsensical American voters a glimpse of what's in store for the next two years...a rocky horror show for sure.

Starting with the purge of competent Republicans in the House enmass, and in the Senate-a few; power laden Democrats forced John Bolten from the UN, not for lack of brilliantly performing and championing American interests in the anti-American body but for purely partisan revenge. Same with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. President Bush, after Republicans got thumped in the Midterms, anti-climatically accepted his resignation the day AFTER the Republican Party lost the majority in both Houses of Congress.

Needless to say, this untimely and inexplicable announcement, if it should have been made at all, could have been done earlier when Rummy's sacrifice might've prevented the sad sweep by the Dems.

Most pols were dumbfounded by the Kerry-like fumble from the WH. The week of the election Bush declared: Rummy will be with me to the end. (Why bring it up?) Then...kabosh, <<----for/agin----->> Rove atleast should've felt the winds of change blowing from sea to shining to sea and used this key replacement for political advantage?

The next Circus attraction was, Nancy, with the nip & tucked eyes, Pelosi's attempt to install her felonious friends as Intelligence Committee Chairman and as her left-hand man, second in command, Majority Leader. Thankfully, ethically challenged John Murtha and Alcee Hastings went down in flames.

After promising the "most ethical Congress" Pelosi was caught trying to finagle around her promise. Democrats were forced to highlight the failings of their Speaker in waiting's choices. John (redeploy the troops to Okinawa) Murtha's brush with a bribery scandal was flashed across the blogospher and (reluctantly) on the front pages of every Newspaper in the Country. A grainy black and white FBI video, showing Murtha hedging his bets with undercover agents was #1 on Utube.

Alcee Hastings was Impeached by D-Senate and removed from the federal bench, but shockingly, SHE wanted to give him access to the nation's classified secrets as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

Did she think no one would notice? Geeeze...democrats won because they tagged Republicans with the "culture of corruption" rap and promised "change?"..doesn't that mean "improvement?

Yeah right..Dems will be honest holy rollers?...what a crock! If only voters were on to the scam artists BEFORE they gave these scoundrels the Majority? Perhaps individual voters didn't calculate the odds or the likely-hood of a significant spanking of Republicans..a voter tantrum? Maybe they're just as surprised as Republicans that soooo many voters chose a barrel of monkeys to lead this Country in such serious and dangerous times? OR could it be..misguided Americans really don't have a clue? Sheeesh..It's beyond me.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Pope Talks Turkey

On the first day of the Pope's historic trip to Turkey, apparently Benedict angered the radical Islamists in Turkey and Jihadis in Iraq as well, when he pointedly called for all religions to stand against violence. He emphasized that message when he recalled the 3 priests killed in Turkey as retribution over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed published earlier this year in Denmark.

Iraq's Al Qaeda wing poisoned his first papal trip to a Muslim nation by declaring that the Pope is attempting to lure Turkey away from its Islamic roots.

"The visit of the Pope in reality is meant to add momentum to the crusader campaign on the land of Islam after failures of crusader leaders to extinguish the flame of Islam among our Muslim brothers in Turkey. He wants to wipeout their Islamic heritage..and to guarantee that they stay in the quaqmire of secularism."

The Pope has flown into a political crisis within Turkey between the governing Justice and Development Party which wants public life to be more Islamic, and the Turkish military that supports the 20th Century secular constitution established by Kemal Ataturk. If internal dissent erupts to the degree of a Military Coup, Turkey's chances of being accepted in the EU will be slimmer than they are now.

Benedict's mission is to address John Paul II's death bed regrets, namely: that he had failed to establish a close rapprochement with the Orthodox Christian churces; that a united Europe was becoming not merely secular but godless, and that his reaching out to the Islamic world had not met with success.

Orthodox Christians..Benedict met with Patriarch Bartholomew and his flock of a mere 2,000 people. The Pope's visit might call attention to how oppressed by the Turkish government, Orthodox Christians are: I was accutely aware that the government of Turkey faced sharp criticism from the West for putting novelists, historians and journalists on trial, I had not heard before of the disgraceful conditions to which the patriarch of Constantinople and his church remain subject to this day. The patriarch is not permitted to own property, including the churches in its jurisdiction.

On reaching out to the Islamic world and influencing secular elitists in Europe..the Pope has "great trust and hope" that his trip to Turkey will be a positive step toward achieving those goals..but Pope Benedict has a lot more faith than I for a peaceful Islamic world or that Turkey "has always been a bridge between cultures, a place of meeting and dialogue."

Afterall....Istanbul ain't Constantinople anymore?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Rudy Giuliani..Liberal Slayer?

By his enemies shall ye know him. And I'm not talking about social conservatives in the Republican Party who oppose his position on abortion and his support for homosexual domestic's the other things that New Yorkers know about Rudy Giuliani that will boost his acceptablility among Republican voters in the '08 Primary.

The New York Civil Liberties Union used the Courts 30 times to attempt to dismantle Hizzoner's efforts to use zoning laws to rid neighborhoods of porn shops..every one failed. Rudy used effective governing & legal tactics against idiotic Liberal groups to transform Times Square from a haven for hookers, pimps, addicts, drug dealers and shoddy porn shops into a family friendly attraction for tourists and New Yorkers alike. Remarkable!

He fought the New York Times, race barons (like Al Sharpton) and the dominant liberal establishment in NYC throughout his entire 2 terms as Mayor. They despised him. On so many "right wing" issues (a Dem tag) he out maneuvered the powerful Left Wing contingent. To name a few; the misuse of the welfare system. He instituted an ID card for all Welfare recipients; overnight 80,000 crooks were eliminated from the rolls; the destructive effects of Bilingual education, misuse of public money by municipal unions, the need for tax cuts, strong support of the city's police force, resulting in the drastic reduction of all crimes, from squee-gee misdemeanors to homicides.

That said; As a New Yorker I know Rudy is a proven Liberal Slayer but it is more likely that Rudy will calculate the odds and throw his support to Sen. John McCain. Considering McCain's ultra-conservative voting record, the War-Hero-Maverick will have better odds of convincing social Conservatives in the Primary that he can pick up more than enough votes in the '08 Presidential race to defeat the first woman candidate for President of the USA, Hillary Clinton.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Majority flip -- Minority flop

Minority Majority

The Media Pundits, after intense cheerleading for a Democratic take over of Congress, are now in the position of reporting on D-Winners awkward transition to power.

Yesterday Nancy, speaker in waiting Pelosi, lost her first leadership battle. She not only supported John, get out now, Murtha, she strong armed the new arrivals who had given their support to Steny Hoyer (D-Md) while on the campaign trail. It was a rout..149-86. Hoyer a competent, experienced deal maker had the votes sowed up a week ago and said so did Murtha, say so, that is.

In the days prior to the secret vote, John Murtha's brush with bribery in 1980, his characterization of the anti-perks Ethics Package, as crap & his excessive use of "ear marks" to stock his district with pork, was written about in the liberal New York Times, the Washington Post et al, all hard hitting opinions dismayed at Pelosi's decision to pick this fight for an ethically challenged Murtha.

The grainy black & white FBI scam video was aired on every 24/7 Cable Channel..Nancy's election night promise, that the Democrats would run the most ethical Congress in history sounded like poo. In contrast, the Republicans, if they argued at all, did it behind closed doors and quickly chose the same old leadership. No surprises in the House, Boehner and Blunt took GOP top jobs.

In the Senate, Mitch McConnell took Minority leader and Trent Lott made a come back by handily defeating Lamar Alexander for the Minority whip position. Lott was tossed out of the Majority Leader slot when he praised Strom Thurmon, a segregationist at his 90 something Birthday Party. The victory was sweet for Lott who had been treated shabbily by his Senate cohorts and the WH. Frist took his spot and didn't do as well herding the cats as the supreme schmoozer.

Iraq-Hot Potato

Just hours after the Democratics' sweep of both Houses of Congress, congratulatory messages started to flood in from Anti-American enemies and Bush haters. Al Qaeda in Iraq was giddy with the expectation of their own sweep through Iraq. They added that they dream of blowing up the dirtiest House in the USA, the WH.

Europe interpreted the Dem win as a condemnation of the Bush Administration by the American people. All the critics are hopeful that the Dems' defeatist attitude will rule and Al Qaeda & Iran will be given free reign by the Pacifist Party to easily dominate Iraq, moveon to the Arab States and ultimately visit us here at home or deliver a package in time for Christmas.

General Abizaid testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee this week and clearly explained the dire consequences of a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq. Hillary Clinton, speaking as the standard bearer for the Democrats, expressed the conventional incompetence so prevalent with Democrats at War: She bemoaned: "Hope is not a strategy." Abizaid countered her pessimism: "Either is despair. When I come to DC I feel despair. When I'm in Iraq with my commanders, when I talk to our soldiers, when I talk to the Iraqi leadership, they are not despairing. They believe that they can move the country toward stability with our help. And I believe that.."

If Democrats get their way and our troops leave before Iraq can defend itself, not only will thousands of our Iraqi allies be slaughtered or enslaved, the entire region threatened by an emboldened bunch of thugs and the reputation of our Military and Country's committment defamed..but the responsibility for this catastrophe will belong to the defeatist Democrat Party...they may have won the election, but they'll lose the War.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Purple Power

In case GOP gurus haven't noticed yet, the key to the Democratic Party's win Tuesday was their shift to the Center...there was no upsurge in voter acceptance of Liberalism across the Country. The Democrats that picked up Republican seats were atleast moderately Conservative on social issues: abortion, guns, taxes, immigration, affirmative action, gay marriage and eminent domain.

But why were voters so eager to replace a Republican with a Democrat in a clear rebuke of the Republican Party?

First, the GOP disregarded the growing Independent and Moderate block. Rove and Mehlman insisted to the end that "the Center" was too few in numbers to affect the outcome of any race and revving up the tried and true base was the way to victory. Up to ten days before the election, polls showed that 29% of voters were still up for grabs; and exit polls showed that 3 out of 5 of them decided on the Democrat. Half the Democratic House pickups were in the HEARTLAND. They got half of the surburban vote and took 48% of rural voters. Additionally, 27 of the 40 most competitive Democratic House candidates pledged to join the centrist New Democratic Caucus which opposes Liberal Democrats.

Secondly, the Republican base, social and fiscal conservatives alike, were profoundly dissatisfied with the performance of incumbents up for re-election and the Republican Congress as a whole. In particular, their failure to adhere to the ideological principles of the Conservative base; namely, limited government & spending, plus the lack of oversight that sadly led to rampant and embarrassing corruption, extinguished their enthusiasm. The impression that R-Congress had succumbed to the obsession of maintaining Power and devouring Money for their personal enrichment, neutralized Rove and Mehlman's efforts to motivate the base to reinstate the disappointing Republican Party Majority.

Democrats won in districts and States that have been reliably Republican Red. The location of this year's winners not only validates Democrats' 50 State Strategy but finishes the notion that elections are won by BASE voters alone. Democrats will be competitive in ALL States from now on..if the GOP ignores the expansion of the Centrist Constituency they will remain a minority Party in 2008 and beyond.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

'06 Vote:Caveat Emptor

The Democratic Party's success last night was due to New York's Sen. Chuck Schumer and Illinois' Rep. Rahm Emanuel's selection of moderate to conservative candidates in districts and States that usually lean Republican on such issues as: abortion, guns and taxes. Therefore, the result does not portend a radically liberal new Congress or dramatic shifts in policy; i.e, cut and run from Iraq, immediate tax increases or the Impeachment of President George W. Bush.

Democrats did however tap into the emotional discontent of voters with Bush's prosecution of the War in Iraq by labeling every Republican who supported the President's "stay the course" strategy as part and parcel of the "rubber stamp Congress."

Schumer and Emanuel effectively managed to do so without offering a unified solution of their own. In fact, the Liberal Democratic Party ousted Joe Liberman in the primary but running state-wide as an Independent and never wavering on his support for winning the War, he trounced anti-war candidate Ned Lamont. But in Rhode Island, anti-war Liberal Republican Lincoln Chaffe, who voted NO for the War, unlike most of the Democrats, lost because he was a Republican whose victory might determine the majority in the Senate.

By remaining vague, Democrats forged an alliance with those who opposed the War from the beginning and those who supported the invasion but passionately disagree with how Bush has handled the transformation of Iraq into a peaceful Democracy. They've backed away from the radical "cut & run" anti-war faction who demand withdrawal of all troops NOW.

The new Democratic Congress realizes that the consequence of a hasty retreat will most certainly result in the slaughter of our Iraqi allies and the fall of Iraq to Islamic terrorist elements and perhaps, Iranian domination. Plus a defeat in Iraq will validate the perception of a Democratic Party that's weak on Defense and unable to protect Americans from Islamic terrorists or any enemy for that matter. They, as the new majority, will be responsible to the American people for the results of their actions.

The American people clearly voted for change. What that "change" means is as yet undefined by the Democrats. They have two years to show us that they're in sync with all the Democrats, Republicans and Independents that voted for them.

IF they deliver perpetual investigations of Bush Administration's "lies," defeat in Iraq, weakness on National Security vis a vis appeasement of BinLaden and failure to understand the real and present danger of international Islamic terrorism, by amending the Patriot Act, discontinuing NSA surveillance and granting terrorists the same legal rights as American citizens, then they are dangerously deluded.

IF their interpretation of "change" does not tally with that of the people who elected them; in '08, the fickle political pendulum will knock the Democrats Right out of the majority by the election of Republicans with a defined positive message and a Republican President who will exemplify the ethics and principles that keep the United States of America invincible and safe from all challengers of our freedom to make that change over and over again.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sorry Rick:(

Tonight I saw a debate between Sen.Rick Santorum and Bob Casey. Previously I thought that Rick deserved to lose because he joined the skittish Republicans who avoided support from a beseiged President; but after getting to know his opponent and witnessing the contrasting passion and sincerity displayed by Santorum, I've changed my mind and hope that the Casey voters of PA have too.

Authenticity is a characteristic emitted from Sen. Santorum...his knowledge of the issues from the Economy to National Security, so surpasses that of his opponent that there shouldn't be a doubt in anyone's mind who has the ability to better serve the interests of PA and this Country. Casey's approach to campaigning is to harp on Bush's failed policies and Santorum's connection to them. He doesn't really offer solutions, his answer to every question is to drone on and on about what he thinks the majority of voters think and want to hear without committing to strong beliefs of his own.

Casey is a typical Democrat with no vision, reading from the talking points handed out by Howard Dean. Raising taxes, class warfare, handing out entitlements, amnesty for illegals, appeasing foreign enemies and attacking your opponent for daring to be certain of what is right and saying so. Because Casey was pro-life I figured he was a more conservative Democrat..a better Democrat..but afterall, my Conserative friends were Right..a Democrat is a Democrat..they are all the same.

Sen. Rick Santorum performed better in the debate than Bob Casey and, more importantly throughout his years of public service to PA and this Country..he deserves to Win; he IS the best man.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

NK:McCain v. Clinton

Senator John McCain fired his first salvo at his likely opponent in the '08 Race for the WH..Hillary Clinton.

Hillary shot her mouth off about N.Korea's nuclear test when she blamed the Bush Administration's policies for the blast. McCain made no bones about accusing her husband, former President Clinton, of failing to act in the 1990s to stop North Korea from developing weapons.

"I would remind Sen. Clinton and other Democrats critical of the Bush administration's policies that the framework agreement her husband's administration negotiated was a failure. The Koreans received millions and millions in energy assistance(two light water nuclear reactors and fuel deliveries). They've diverted millions of dollars of food assistance to their military. And what did the Koreans do? They started enriching uranium before the ink was dry on the Clinton/Carter agreement."

You can watch a video clip on line of a giddy and completely clueless Madeline Albright visiting Kim Jong IL and presenting the slickster with a basketball signed by Michael Jordan.

In 2002 the Bush Administration caught the N.Koreans cheating on the deal and trying to enrich uranium. Kim admitted it, confessed, expelled inspectors, withdrew from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and accelerated his nuclear quest. Making the agreement was cover for them to use our resouces to deceive the USA and develop the bomb that exploded this week. That's what delivering carrots galore and talking one on one with a dysfunctional Communist scam artist achieves.

The failures of Clinton's foreign policy will be a dominant theme in the '08 election...his mistakes about NK plus his many missed opportunities to kill Osama bin Laden will play to McCain's strong suit against the first woman candidate for the Presidency; Hillary Clinton is merely an inexperienced spouse of a CIC held in low regard by the same Military that considers John McCain a hero. Would you trust HER or HIM with your life?

Monday, October 09, 2006


If the Democrats take the House...

There is more to a possible defeat in the House Elections than the outing of former Rep. Mark Foley; i.e., the War on Terror. Given the records of Democrats poised to take over chairmanships of key committees, it is a frightening prospect for Americans who fear sneak attacks from Islamic terrorists; the nightmare keeps me awake at night.

Charlie Rangel, NY...the House Ways and Means opponent of the Iraq War will exercise the power of the purse and cut the needed funding.

John Conyers of line for the Judiciary Committee: In June in oversaw an unofficial hearing to consider grounds for Impeachment of President Bush. He produced a report claiming the 04 election was stolen in Ohio by the GOP.

Henry Waxman, CA...the Government Reform Committee, he's busy investigating VP Cheney, NOW.

John Dingell of Michigan, Energy Committee..he voted against a resolution supporting Israel against Hezbollah. Q. "You're not against Hezbollah?" A. "No."

John Murtha PA, on record as favoring surrender in Iraq yesterday is in contention to become House majority leader.

Jane Harmon CA the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, a moderate and reasonable thinker on the need for Intelligence and Defense will be ousted by Democrats..

Alcee Hastings, Florida..will probably be her replacement. Hastings, a former federal judge was impeached and removed from the federal bench for corruption and perjury BEFORE coming to Congress. Hastings, who can be bought, will have access to classified intelligence?

Nancy Pelosi CA, Speaker-In-Waiting..The House Democratic Leader believes that America is "not really at war." Also, an impeachment effort is a foregone conclusion.

Democratic leadership of this sort will inflict massive damage to National Security and will initiate endless investigations in order to prevent the President and what's left of the GOP from fighting an aggressive War on Terror that up to now has kept us all safe.

Miles to go before we sleep....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley Fallout:Dirty Tricks

As the details of this conveniently timed scandal evolves it is now known that a few Media outlets held these e-mails for over a year but didn't consider them news worthy or publish them.

In July 06, a newly minted blog,, published the Foley e-mails along with sexy accusations. Suspecious comments pointing readers to the scurrilous blog and referencing Foley appeared on The Daily Kos blog, the same liberal blog that sabotaged Sen.JoeLieberman's Web site and attempted to replace him with anti-war candidate, Ned Lamont. Since Friday the more sexually explicit "copies" of Instant Text Messages surfaced and were made public and D-engineered feeding frenzy took off.

So far it's clear, that Foley's untimely outing IS a diabolically planned dirty tricks campaign initiated by agenda-less Democrats to defame Republicans nationally in order to bolster their chances to win close midterm elections and gain the majority over R-discredited bodies.

Mark Foley is gone and of little interest to Democrats...they are after bigger fish; the Speaker, all Republican leadership and any Republican the worms can hook. Make no mistake, dire damage has been done; but take heart, the RNC will get to the bottom of this trawl job and surely will snare the bottom feeders responsible..Democrats all.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

'06 Campaign: SNAP SHOTS

NIE Leak

A paragraph of April's (classified) National Intelligence Estimate was leaked to three newspapers committed to sabotaging the War on Terror, President Bush and Republican's hold on majorities. In rebuttal Bush declassified more of the Report (redacted) in order to refute Democratic spin that claimed that this report PROVES that "the invasion of Iraq created more terrorists making Americans less safe"...therefore it follows that Bush's onslaught of pep talks have been all lies?

After a flood of facts hit the airwaves, it's obvious that many "Key Judgements" were selectively omitted enabling the preposterous barrage of Democratic rants blaming the US invasion of Iraq for causing the growth in the Jihadist movement. Their contention is neither realistic or logical. Rather it's further proof that if Democrats were in control of providing for the common defense they'd fear upsetting the enemy by aggressively confronting terrorists everywhere they spawn. Jihadis would be free to run all over the USA at home and abroad.

Hopefully this outrageous propaganda will backfire on Democrats who apply little importance to the fact that 9/ll and the multiple attacks of the 90s happened BEFORE the invasion of Iraq. If Iraq wasn't today's "cause celebre" for inspiring recruits, it might be a dirty bomb massacre in London or a spectacular body count at LAX? Without doubt, a perceived victory in Iraq by the forces of terror would surely be a PR coup and recruitment tool for Islamic militants throughout the ME, Europe and the planet. According to the NIE report, their failure in Iraq would accomplish just the opposite, "...fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight." Suggesting that pulling US troops out of Iraq prematurely would be a very bad thing to do indeed. For obvious reasons, leakers left that part out.

Bubba blows on Fox

Bill Clinton shook his crooked finger at Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday reminding us all of his ugliest characteristic..he's undisciplined when cornered; he lies and blames every one else in order to protect his miserable Legacy.

This vein popping tantrum was sparked by an inquiry into his failure to take advantage of the many opportunities to kill Bin Laden during his 8 years in the WH. After his recent reaction to ABC's docudrama "The Path to 9/ll" which casts Bubba's administration as irresponsible cowards, it's not surprising that Bill would be defensive..but Wallace and Clinton's handlers didn't expect a "Full Monty." Fox and friends got a lot more than they asked for.>>s

As usual Clinton passed blame to the FBI, CIA, the Pentagon and the Neo-Con Conspirators who dogged HIM relentlessly but according to him allowed binLaden to go free. Now we all know that Republican's and all the other "fall guys" urged Clinton to get binLaden sooner rather than later. It was Clinton and his crack Security team that insisted on absolute legal proof for indictment in a Court of Law rather than simply pulling the trigger..Bang, you're dead.

In the final analysis, Clinton was left to say of Bin Laden, "I got closer to killing him than anyone has gotten since." Yeah right Bubba; Close, but no cigar.

Who is George Allen?

It's Polisci 101 that anyone who aspires to be their Party's nominee for President MUST have national name recognition. Recently George Allen of VA, the Conservatives' hopeful for '08, is running for re-election to the Senate against Democrat..James Webb. Allen's made several blunders in reacting to a negative smear campaign.

The smears are to be expected when Democrats are sooo desparate to take the majority in the Senate; AND, should be rejected by Virginia voters who are familar with the Allen family and his "illustrious" career in public service, i.e., son of a famous and beloved football coach, Governor & Senator. However, even if he wins this tightening Senate race in VA, his reputation has been damaged among the Conservative establishment and WORSE..his inadequate performance in this race has defined George Allen for the national electorate, most of whom have barely heard of the man. Unfortunately he's failed to DEFINE himself as Presidential material before the Democrats did it first. Planting the seeds of unforgettable racism because of "macaca," the "n" word and his admiration for the confederate flag has taken a toll that can't be overcome.

Besides the racism rap, the new charge that Allen has hidden his Jewish ancestory and his lame rebuttal of blaming his 82 year old Mother for keeping the secret all these years, smells of an inexplicable cover-up. But why? All he had to do when asked the question is say: "Yes, so what?" But noooo, he dragged his mother into it prompting millions of '08 voters to wonder, WHO Really is George Allen?

Many Conservative supporters are thinking twice about George Allen's ability to succeed under the magnified scrutiny expected in a Presidential campaign...Positively, the well defined maverick John McCain and his supporters must be drooling at the roast of the Great White dope.

Pope Slams Islam

Muslim's resorted to mob violence following remarks made by Pope Benedict insinuating that they spread their faith "by the sword." It's no surprise Muslims ran wild in the streets throughout the ME...killing a nun, burning churches and calling for the Pope & Bush's execution, as well as to take over the World. Too bad the irony escaped them.

After trying FOUR times to make amends with the mindless lot..Foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference representing 56 Muslim nations, pressed Pope Benedict to apologize and redress his comments once again. Clearly rational discourse is too demanding for those whose education is grossly limited and are unable to open their minds to reason.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pope Benedict's War of Words

Pope Benedict XVI (Germany) was attempting to promote respect and dialogue between all religions, including Islam, when he recounted a talk between a 14th Century Byzantine Christian Emperor, Manuel Paleologos II and a Persian. The emperor comes to speak about the issue of jihad, holy war, the Pope said. "He said --- I quote --- 'Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.'

Turkey's Religious Affairs Director, Ali Bardakoglu, taking the quote out of context and obviously not reading the entire speech or grasping it's meaning, called the Pope's remarks, "extraordinarily worrying, saddening and unfortunate" sparking violent demonstrations (as did the Danish Cartoons) across the Muslim world. Reacting violently to honest intellectual dialogue is a characteristic of an unsophisticated Muslim society to this date ...Worse, it reflects the ignorant denial of civilized societies' War on Terror and Islamist Jihadis' responsibility for it.

Muslim Religious leaders instead of endorsing this type of ignorant mob violence, puntuated with chants of "Death to Infidels! Death to the USA! Death to Israeal! Death to everybody and anybody!, due to mere talk or cartoons, should demand reasonable discussion and altleast RECOGNIZE the problem that prompted the Pope's remarks and warn the Muslim population against the growing condemnation of Islam by weary, hard hit victims of Jihadi terrorist attacks throughout the World. Afterall, this is not the 14th Century, it's long overdue that Muslims accept modernity and engage appropriately with humanity in the 21st.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Democrats traditionally hammer Big Oil for making record breaking profits while their poor constituents are breaking the bank to fill up their gas guzzling SUVs. Schumer and Hillary even resurrected the idea of a TAX on "windfall" profits after Exxon-Mobil announced huge quarterly earnings due to the spike in the price of gas at the pump.

Bad enough Democrats miss the boat but Republicans, who should know better, have jumped aboard the anti-Big Oil bandwagon; speaker of the House, Denny Hastert described the paychecks of Oil Ceos as "unconscionable." Why don't they broadcast that the Tax Foundation report showed that Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and Cevron paid $44.3 billion in taxes on corporate income plus $ll4.5 billion in payroll, property and excise taxes in 2005-UP 50% from '04?

To hear the politicians tell it, Americans only lose when oil companies do well but in the real world Chevron announced that the NEW Gulf of Mexico OIL STRIKE is the biggest boon to domestic oil supply since the Alaskan pipe line. The new well promises to tap into 3-15 billion barrels of oil on a par with Prudhoe Bay. Complex operations like this, using modern technology for exploration require intense research and development and do NOT RUN CHEAP. The American Petroleum Institute estimates that US oil companies will spend about $66 billion this year on exploration and production.

Thank high oil prices for research & development of new technologies that result in the discovery of new sources of domestic oil, the reduction in our dependence on foreign oil and the stabilization of gas prices in the USA. OPEC has been paying attention to American progress..notice the cost of filling up at the pump is steadily getting lower and lower..experts estimate that by November(just in time for Election Day), Americans will paying as low as $2 per gallon.

"This is the silver lining of higher oil prices. If we didn't have higher oil prices, they[Oil Companies] wouldn't have dared to risk this much capital on exploration here."A.F.Alhajji,Professor Ohio University

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mushroom Clouds over the ME

The solution to Iran's "big lie" may come from those who have the most to lose from a loose nuke in Iran...the Arab States.

All the Arab leaders know better than the UN/Euro-diploes that the big man in Iran, Ahmadinejad, is finagling to become the most powerful Islamic ruler in the Persian Gulf by using Hezbollah to pressure the States who won't submit to fundamental Shiite domination. Naive Westerners are a second thought at this point...his on again, off again talk about talks will allow him plenty of time to squeeze more concessions from the gullible Western Democracies.

Notice that the Arabs were not supportive of Hezbollah's adventure in Lebanon. Qatar is sending troops to help protect the Israeli border and the weakened Government of Lebanon from Iran, Hezbollah & Syria's power grab . The Gulf States have voiced their concerns about nuclear fallout in their region. They were united in sending this message to Iran..."If you shoot your mouth off and get're on your own." It will be extraordinary if they ally themselves with the USA and Israel and deprive Iran of their "mushroom cloud" in order to preserve the pecking order in the region and ultimately safeguard the status quo in the Middle East without a shot being fired.

Important addition:

Another clue to Arab support for Bush and the Republican warriors is the full scale pumping of oil in Saudi Arabia. The inventories are maxed out, prices are dropping like a stone..and still they flood the market with surplus crude. Why? Because they want the Republicans to get credit for lower gas prices at the pump which will improve the voters opinion of "how things are going" before Election Day.

It's the economy, stupid?..Worked for Clinton & it's working Right now for us. The Arabs may not be able to voice out loud that they need GW Bush's strong, aggressive offensive in the ME to save their bloody butts, but they sure can pump that oil and make sure the Democratic Party can't point to high oil prices for the poor middle class. Democrats have nothing Left to run..Arabs are making sure D-USA will not be leaving the ME high and dry anytime soon.

ABC: The Path to 9/ll...Clinton Balks

Clinton went ballistic when he heard that ABC's 8 hour miniseries which airs this Sun.& Mon.nights, about what led up to the 9/ll attacks, underestimates the intensity of his pursuit of Osama binLaden. He and his security lackeys, Socks Berger & the menace Albright are depicted as uncooperative with the CIA agents in Afghanistan because the Administration was distracted by the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Bubba is demanding ABC pull the drama if they don't cut the misleading far, ABC & Disney, to their credit has not only declined to do so, but issued a statement standing by the series which was thoroughly reviewed by paid advisor, Tom Kean the chairman of the 9/ll Commission.

The incident most revealing of Clinton's lackadaisical attitude about nabbing binLaden, is the one where CIA agents had OBL in their sights but needed the go-ahead from Clinton..they called him, got Sandy Berger who, after hemming and hawing, told them, "I don't have the authority." and hung up on them. The agents were with Masud, the Northern Alliance leader that was assassinated 3 days before 9/ll. Frustrated, he says: "Are there any men in Washington or are they all cowards?" I read that Clinton was golfing and didn't want to be disturbed...but ofcourse, Clinton & Berger both deny that anything like that ever happened. Who ya gonna believe?

All this publicity is good for ratings..for once I'll tune into ABC expecting to see an accurate, unfavorable depiction of the Clinton failures (instead of the usual Lefty cover-up) that led to the carnage that horrible day..September 11, 2001. Michael Mooreons et al..don't miss this's long overdue.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dems Damned to Hell

Cheney, Rumsfeld and President Bush launched a rousing barrage of targeted speeches casting the global War on Terror and Iraq as "the ideological struggle of the 21st Century" and compared Democrats and the Media to Europe's WWII appeasers with this Winston Churchill quote: "Appeasement is a bit like feeding a crocodile, hoping it would eat you last."

Democrats were outraged that R-leaders came out swinging and spinning, "Rummy PIPE DOWN!!" (LATimes)... They squirmed for Rumsfeld's dismissal; demanded Cheney and Bush's rebuke for daring to give jaded Liberal intellectuals a history lesson. Isn't this what they wanted? Republicans taking full responsibility for the whole Middle East mess? Haven't they charged that "Republicans are distancing themselves from Bush & Iraq..the administration is incompetent..blame America first..the people agree with us...pull out now, cut & run..quit?

For months Democrats have been telling us that Republicans running for re-election are desparate to change the subject from Iraq to anything else. Apparently not. Alas..Democrats are wrong again. Could their outrage be fear? Fear that they protesteth too much and look more like hooked, beached flounders flapping on the sand than like electABLE, capABLE guardians of our security and Country? Could it be the GOP, after enduring their best shots, is steeled by the relentless snipes and afterall is engaged in a forceful, proud and noble counter attack that sentences the Democratic Party to damnation in an inescapable hell-hole of irrelevance, mindless defeatism and self-perpetuating failure?

D.O.A.P. Kills Bush

In Death of a President, a movie documentary bankrolled by British TV station Channel 4, our sitting President Bush gets gunned down and killed during an anti-war demonstration in Chicago.

Just about everyone in US politics either makes No Comment or trashes the film as disgusting, deplorable and in extremely bad taste. But the left wing glitteratti praise the mockumentary as "thought provoking, powerful and justified under Freedom of Speech. Furthermore, the ignorati claim although "it's a disturbing piece of drama, it is neither gratuitous in the way it portrays the assassination nor simplistic in the way it presents the consequences."

Simplistc? The film makers use a real head shot of Bush and pin it on some actor and fire away, shooting him in the stomach while surrounded by body guards and paparazzi's flash bulbs. The scene is so real it reminds viewers of the attempt on Reagan's life...only this time, Bush is dead, killed by a poor misunderstood Syrian man.

Consequences? How many left wing nut jobs or Islamic radicals would like to kill Bush? Few will see this Movie, but the ones that do will be extremely susceptible to attempting a "copy cat" murder or a trip to martyrdom, adoring virgins and infamy. Terrorists don't go to the movies? Muslim citizens in Western democracies do...this movie makes a dangerous world more so for GW Bush. There outta be a law?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

INDY JOE:Round Two

The day after Joe Lieberman was KOed in the CT Democratic primary (52/48) by the light-weight Ned Lamont, Indy Joe came out swinging as the Independent contender in the November rematch.

The gloves came off as Lieberman jabbed at the out of state & home grown Leftists who supported the D-feat-o-crat, Lamont: "If we just pick up like Ned Lamont wants us to do, get out of Iraq by a date certain, it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up planes in this plot hatched in will strengthen them and they will strike again. I don't think Ned Lamont gets that and that's a serious difference between us." Indeed.

Indy Joe leads in the polls for his bid in the three way general election in November, 46% to 41%..55% of CT voters trust Joe Lieberman on National Security..33% and plummeting for Lamont. Republicans, stopped just short of an endorsement, but have vowed (Rove) that not a dime will be spent to defeat him..the Republican candidate in CT is polling at 6%.

Speaking for Republicans Tony Snow WH press secretary said: "....the Democratic Party, whose national leaders now have made it clear that if you disagree with the extreme left in their party, they're going to come after you." Referring to the nauseating bunch of McGovernly lefties surrounding Lamont on stage; Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson. Michael Moore, DailyKos blogger, Markos Moulitsas and John Murtha, were there in spirit AND on the RNC website.

Some of Lieberman's Democratic supporters argued his primary deafeat would hurt the Democrats in the midterm elections this fall and even in the WH race in 2008. "The way the Democrats can take both houses of Congress and the presidency is NOT on the war...the "McGovern wing" of the party has taken over." Former Mayor of NY, Ed Koch

Friday, July 21, 2006

War Clouds Over the Holy Land

IRAQ:The Big Bang

(The Star of David:)dw: >>we cannot control the budding civil war

Sistani issued a Fatwah asking Iraqis to stop killing themselves thus falling into the hands of Iran/Syria's proxies(Hezbollah) and Al Qaeda's Jihadis..all determined to prevent Democracy from taking hold in Iraq or anywhere else in the ME i.e., Lebanon/Palestine.

It's true that since the US Military withdrew from the Sunni Triangle to allow the newly trained Iraqi Security Force to take over the responsibility of protecting the Capitol, about 100 civilians a day have been brutally killed by sucide bombers and IEDs perfected by Zarqawi's replacement who happens to be an expert "bomb maker" and terror tactician. In short, the Iraqis are not ready to fend for themselves against the hordes of reinforcements being funneled into the country from "some" neighboring enemies of modernity.

>> Bush might really be a crazy zealot like bin Laden,

Ponder this: If Saddam were still in power, the "strong man" would be a buffer between Iran's imperialistic ambitions and Arab superiority. The Arab States would not be united against Hezbollah's incursion into the Hamas/Israeli conflict. IOW: the dynamics in the ME have changed to our advantage. The Arabs are with the USA; albeit for self-serving interests..they don't have Saddam to deter the Iranian power grab or the threat of an irresponsible Iran developing nuclear weapons in order to undermine the dominance of the Arabs States.

Sooo, perhaps in order to weaken Iran vis a vis Hezbollah..the Arabs will pressure Syria not to remain too cozy with Iran but heed the warnings from the Arab League condemning Iran and Hezbollah. The US invasion of Iraq was a "Big Bang" that forever changed the political paradigm throughout the ME. Mission Accomplished?...look at the big picture.

"I am convinced that the Iranian and US agendas have met in Iraq and elsewhere* in the Arab world and Arabs are now placed between the US / Israel hammer and Iranian anvil." Saddam Hussein

*Saddam blames Tehran primarily for the current flare-up in Lebanon not some Zionist/US conspiracy which is the standard rhetoric of the region.

The Last Straw

From the G8 summit came a surprisingly unified recognition that Hezbollah in conjunction with Syria and Iran are responsible for the crisis in Lebanon. Iran overplayed their hand as usual. Even the Arab League condemned Hezbollah for injecting themselves into the fight between Hamas and Israel.

The Internationals have no choice but to declare that Israel has the right to defend itself...even though some recommended "restraint"..Israel's been planning on this offensive since they unilaterally withdrew from Lebanon six years ago. This is the opportunity they've been waiting for..the destruction of Hezbollah is essential to Israel's security(and the whole ME)...Now is the time to make it so.

This conflict will not spread to the surrounding ARAB states..the Arabs have made their fears about Iran's nuclear intentions and the unstabilizing force of Hezbollah known to the World, soooo..the neighborhood welcomes the bombardement of Hezbollah and the weakening of Iran's grab for dominance over all in the Middle East.

Now if Iran gives Israel the self-defense excuse, issues credible threats of "explosions" and the devastation of thousands of Israeli citizens by authorizing their military arm, Hezbollah, to send suicide bombers into Tel Aviv ...maybe Israel will get a tacit go ahead from concerned neighbors and dispose of the indiscriminant murdering terrorists AND the Nuclear threat at the source?

Hezbollah, unlike Al Qaeda is sponsored by Iran that can be held responsible for any of the operations carried out by their proxy. Retaliation against Iran will be a lot easier than digging terrorist gorillas out of spider holes in Lebanon or Iraq for that matter. Will Iran risk paying the price of the wrath of the USA and Israel or will they hold their fire and LIVE to fight another day?

Iran beware...Israel is determined to complete the mission and no one wants to stop them.

Update: Condi Rice has bought Israel some time by sticking to the demands that the USA will NOT return to the status quo...Hezbollah must disarm as per UN Res. 1559 and an International Force should relieve Israel in Southern Lebanon when a cease fire is finally reached.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Axis Envy

North Korea, ignoring the threats from the USA, fired a variety of troublesome missiles on the 4th of July setting off more fireworks than the on again, off again, space shuttle Discovery; and a lot less than the rockets-red-glare in American backyards. Kim Jong IL had a temper tantrum because Iran was getting all the appeasing attention and THEY don't even have the BOMB (yet). (ROTF) Look at me!!

Let's take that look..shall we? The N.Korean's most advanced missile capable of delivering a nuclear payload to the USA, the Taepodong-2 was airborne for about 35 seconds and then blew was a dud. Seeing the best N.Korea can do should be a relief and suggest this'll be awhile before N.Korea is an imminent threat..if ever.

IL is an erratic egomaniac that starves his own people in order to build up his Military Force and Nuclear deterrence and fails at both? Millions starve to death every year. His long range missiles plunge into the Sea of Japan. Will his people support him? Will his soldiers fight for HIM? I wonder?

Supremes Close Gitmo

Another example of the dimwitted media reporters was the breathless announcement of the Supreme Court decision, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld/USA. At first we heard loud and clear that SCOTUS reigned in Bush & his Executive Power (Slam Dunk?) & Bush's War policies were repudiated by SCOTUS signaling the end of Gitmo. All wrong. Watching the gleeful hysteria as the talking air heads delivered what they thought was Bad News for GW Bush made me recall my daddy's wise words: "Empty tin cans make the most noise."

What the Decision did not do: Gitmo can remain open until the end of hostilities. Inmates can be held at Gitmo without any trial of any kind..indefinitely. If Bush chooses to use Military Tribunals, tweaked or the same as they are, he can go to Congress and have revised legislation enacted.

The decision doesn't change anything the President, acting as Commander in Chief in time of War, has been doing all along. Justice Scalia's dissent focuses on Jurisdiction...The three Conservative Justices agreed that they never should've taken the case..Roberts had recused himself because he had the Hamdan case in Appeals Ct. and sided with the government.

Once the correct interpretation of the Decision sunk in, the media went silent (as usual) and sniffed around for something more damaging to the Administration.


Senator Joe Lieberman has a primary challenge instigated by the anti-war radicals in the Dem Party. The disloyalty act was joined by Gore and Hillary who both said they'd support who ever wins the CT Primary...tepid support for a man who was almost VP to one and gave moral legitimacy to the other.

Liberals have stacked the deck against Lieberman by running the well funded millionaire Ned Lamont and unleashing rabbid Internet Bloggers who are not so nuanced about their rejection of Lieberman's pro-Iraq stance. Although Lamont is running a distant second, Lieberman has started collecting signatures in case he has to run as an Independent.

Dems can't be so stupid as to drive a Statesman like Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Party...especially for standing up for what he believes in...trying to persuade the anti-war types that part of their obsession with manufactured diversity is accepting different views within the Party...Atleast welcome a few token hawks and pro-lifers..maybe even a few Evangelicals? Democrats can't all be Liberals, can they?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Away Games/Back the Fight

Democrats formed a circular firing squad this week as they presented unpopular Amendments to the Republican's "Win the War" Resolution; i.e., "cut & run" (Kerry/Feingold) and "cut and jog" (a phased withdrawal-(Levin/Clinton)." Both failed, Rs passed 60-39 in the Senate and 256-153 in the House, giving twin victories to Republicans in both Houses of Congress and casting Democrats in the unflattering light of being divided & clueless when it comes to the Military, Defense, National Security and War. President Bush's policies received resounding support from his Party. United atlast.

After the successful bombing & killing of Zarqawi, combined with the selection of the last two remaining cabinet members by the Iraqi Government, the timing of Democratic cries to abandon the mission before achieving victory is unfortunate for the Democratic Party's fleeting hope of presenting themselves as convincing, competent alternatives to their respective local Republican opponents and to national constituencies as well. Democrats will be wearing that vote to run from Iraq like millestones around their necks..votes to "cut & run" will be flaunted with relish by campaigning Republicans in 2006.

The Republicans did a clever thing bringing this resolution up for votes and debate at this time. For months they've been running scared from the war and our embattled President...enter an UNindicted Rove. He read the tea leaves and instructed the Party and scaredy-cat incumbents to stay on THIS message...WE ARE making progess in Iraq; it IS the hot front in the War on Terror. Although Democratic debate is stuck in reverse; i.e., Bush Lied, No WMDs, an illegal war..and so's not helpful to rehash over and over again WHY we went to war..that's history. It's time to MAKE HISTORY (the earth shook)..We are there now and we must fight till we win. The repercussions of early withdrawal would be catastrophic to the future of the Iraqi people, the stability of the region and, ultimately, to the security of Americans at home...and the voters know it.

Polls may say the War is wrong and was a mistake. But politicians, whose careers live and die not by polls but by actual votes are clearly being guided by a different understanding of what the people who vote truly believe. The little guy believes in the superiority of our Armed Forces, that America is a force for good in the World, that unilateralism is NOT a dirty word but often a necessity when wordy diplomats stall and talk endlessly but do nothing...Simply, Americans Want to Win. Republicans believe the ONLY OPTION is Victory. There is no better fit with the mood of the nation..Win or Lose? Your choice.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Santorum's Last Stand

Sen. Rick Santorum R-Pa, who happens to be 17pts down in the polls against D-pro-lifer Casey, hustled to the Senate Floor and declared: "We found WMDs!" Rick was referring to an old find of about 500 duds.

It didn't take long for pundits to point out the fools fallacy and for the Pentagon to say: "Not exactly?" AND, the WH remained silent (for three years?) about something that COULD get Bush off the WMD bandwagon. Rick was duped. Who ever sold him that this"bombshell" was news that could help him win a few votes, must've been working for Casey?

Expect to see Casey campaign ads showing R-boy Rick declaring emphatically:"WE FOUND W.M.Ds!!" Followed by, "liar, liar, pants on fire! Do you want this man to represent you? Want the truth? Casey.": (something "ditsy Democrat" like that?)...the ads are probably already in the can and ready to go) Dirty tricks?

Beware Republican incumbents, the Dems are not all donkeys and they are determined to knock off enough Republicans to achieve a majority...somewhere, anywhere...THEY are ruthless when desperate.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2 GIs Captured

The bodies of two PFCs captured in Iraq on Friday were recovered today. At first their IDs were not confirmed by the Pentagon leading to speculation of torture and post mortem mutilation. An autopsy will determine the exact cause of death..let's hope no pictures are leaked to the MSM or posted on the net...imagine how the families of these boys would feel...Have mercy even if the Islamo-devils have none.

These men were tricked at a check point by a planned enemy distraction that left the three alone at the check point while the rest of the men responded to the ruse...although it was reported that only one soldier was killed by an explosion and the other two taken alive, perhaps all three were killed and the two dead bodies were carted off to be used as pin cusions and a show of power by a gang still mourning the loss of their leader Zarqawi.

The brutality of Islamic Jihadis is something that can not be allowed to spread and survive..The ideology is the antithesis of all modern, free, civilized societies. Make no mistake about it..if we do as the Dems say and quit..THIS enemy will follow us home. Thank God for a dedicated man like President Bush...Wind-surfer Kerry and the "cut and run" Lefties can not be trusted to protect this country through protracted bloody battles...they are quitters ALL...did you hear? It's a policy?

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Week That Was

Did you miss it? Good news for the Bush Administration? Most news outlets are moving on, praying for a drop in the polls or a Republican addition to the culture of corruption. If a Democratic President had the week that Bush had he'd be hailed as the next FDR, Truman or Kennedy.

Zarqawi was flattened by 2 500 lb bombs; the Iraqi Government is complete; a joint offensive is underway to clean up the capitol city of Baghdad; and Bush pulled an inspiring, secret visit to Iraq to look the President in the eyes and tell him to get a move on and provide security and creature comforts to the embattled citizens. Bush's fate rests with the stamina and competence of the newly elected Government. (With a little help from the World's only Super Power for as long as need be) President Bush is not a quitter...polls, negative Press, ornery Democratic pundits, scaredy cat Republicans..nothing will deter him from his goal in Iraq or the War on Terror.

Bush finished off the week with a statement by Fitzgerald that Karl Rove will NOT BE INDICTED. Too bad the news fell on disbelieving ears; "He got away with it," "The President should fire him anyway." The frantic bunch were hoping to get Rove, or Cheney or Bush..they "got" Libby.

Democrats and the MSM hung on to the Plame Leak for YEARS. Scooter Libby, an obscure aide to Cheney, is the only one indicted, and NOT for LEAKING but for lying (maybe) to the Grand Jury. A chump-change rap for sure..Fitzgerald may not even be able to prove his case against Libby.

Upon hearing that he was in the clear, Rove launched a tirade of insults at the Democrats...stinging them for their "cut and run," retreat at all costs strategy to LOSE yet another War. Dems are making a big mistake trying to make this mid-term about Iraq..they're out of their element with National Security or Winning a War. They called Somalia a "change of direction"and suggested the Bush Administration do the same. Yeah right, withdraw, re-deploy, cut and run, give up...quit.

Kerry is wind surfing again...first he voted for the he wants a pull out date certain by the end of 06..Oh wait, he's changed his mind once again...he's given the USA another six months to leave the Iraqis flat. Does he realize how indecisive and clueless he sounds? Dems beware! The momentum is always with a positive clear message...and it appears, Democrats up for re-election are not sure which direction to change to:<<<--------------+------------------>>> and NO definitive LEADERship to follow.

Even though the Good Week will be long forgotten, Republicans should capitalize on the Democrats' disarray and fire up enough voters to maintain majorities in both Houses.