Monday, October 29, 2007

NY:Licenses Denied

Spitzer in Reverse...
The Governor has backed down on his unilateral plan to authorize one million illegal aliens to qualify for State Drivers Licenses by this December. After a visit from Secy. Chernoff of the Homeland Security Dept., prompted (I'm sure) by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly's alarm over the prospect of terrorists getting valid IDs to go who knows where...Spitzer decided to comply with the Feds' Real ID rules.

Also part of this demolition derby is the intense pressure he received from the Clintonistas who have been pursued by reporters looking for a definitive comment from the front-running Senator from NY regarding illegal immigration, not only in NYS but for the entire Country. Spitzer, crashed head on into the Clinton machine and was rear ended by Democrats fearful for their own seats, delayed any action until after the Presidential Election; "indefinitely" was how he put it.

Lipstick on a pig...
The new plan creates three drivers licenses:

Lowest level...for illegals, marked "Not for US Government purposes."
Mid-level...complies with federal Real ID rules
Highest level..available to US citizens ONLY; contains microchip w/ID info.

Slamming Flipster
Opponents of drivers licenses for illegals are still against this oinker; and the Immigration activists are picketing Spitzer for folding like a cheap suit on his campaign promise. Does Clinton care if Spitzer crashes and burns? Not even a little; as long as the road is cleared of pesky inquiries about immigration, illegal or otherwise, it's happy trails for Madam President.

Road Ragers
Michael Chertoff (HLSD): "I do not endorse and I do not think it's a good idea to give undocumented workers licenses or ID of any kind."

Frank Merola (County Clerk): "He may be putting a different mask on it for Holloween, but the bottom line is that state law does not allow for illegal aliens to get driver's licenses and the law is going to stand up for the people." Merola will continue with his law suit to stop the state from issuing such IDs.

Chung-Wha Hong (NY Immigration Coalition):"He has crossed the line to the other side letting his good name be used to promote an anti-immigrant, junk security measure in the Real ID.

A poll today of Democrats and Republicans found Hillary Clinton to be the scariest mask for Trick or Treaters. To me, the most frightening fact about this poll is that no other candidate on either side even came close. Love her or hate her, she always winds up on top. 37% in line, Rudy at 14%.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Right Stuff

In two events this weekend R-Party's presidential candidates sparred over who is the most Conservative. Afterwards I listened to the post debate pundits and focus groups rate the performances with what had to be fabricated enthusiasm. Maybe I'm too cynical but I feel sadly disappointed by the field of misfits jokeying to be standard bearer of the Republican Party.

FRC Straw Poll....
I was looking forward to hearing the Religious Conservatives discuss their issues...but unfortunately, I learned I'm not one of them..and neither is any of the front runners that have a chance to beat Hillary.

McCain came in last and Rudy finished eighth..Huckabee, a baptist preacher spoke their language and topped the list. Romney who was not expected to do well, won one vote and came in second to Huckabee in another. Flipper must've made a hefty donation that holy rollers couldn't refuse. Bob Jones endorsed Romney too...probably got a new wing at BJU. McCain seemed annoyed that the flip flopping rich Romney was accepted by the evangelicals and he wasn't even though McCain has been a reliable pro-life Conservative since he's been in Congress...24 years.

Florida Debate...
It was apparent that McCain was still seething over his failure to win over the "faithful" when he jabbed at Romney: "You've been lying about your record, but I'm not gonna let you lie about mine." Clearly McCain, short of funds, can't compete with Romney who has a personal fortune of 200 million to back him up. Rudy (who has tougher skin) and Mitt took the usual pot shots at each other and Fred chimed in when he could...Huckabee had the best line of the night when he said: "There's nothing funny about Hillary Clinton being President." On that, all Republicans agree.

It's a bitter irony that Hillary Clinton unites Republicans more than any one of R-own candidates.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If You Can Do It Here..NY, NY

Join a forum discussion here--->>(License to Kill)

"Gov.Spitzer's plan to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens is a threat to public safety and security, and is another indication that he is increasingly seen as unfit to govern this state." Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno

No, no, no is what New Yorkers are telling Gov. Spitzer but he doesn't seem to have the sense to back down. "Republican Senate committee hearings make clear that the Senate would prefer I abdicate my foremost responsibility to protect the safety and security of New Yorkers rather than implement a smart DMV policy change that advances both." said Spitzer.

There's two distinct views on this issue. Those that approve say illegals will be on record, register and insure their vehicles therefore the roads will be safer. The critics, 72% of them, say phooey. Illegals will not flood to buy cars and get insurance...they can't afford it. More importantly, a NY drivers license is a credible piece of ID used to access airports, banks, credit cards..anything that requires ID accepts a NYS drivers license, backed by SS#, residence, description and's as good as gold. But NOW, illegal aliens will get one with a passport that can't be easily verified. Soooo, the DMV will be making it easier for terrorists to game our security for nefarious pursuits.

In fairness to the DMV, many of the clerks refused to follow the Governor's plan; Spitzer said he'd sue them. New York Legislators threatened to sue HIM...the majority of people and politicians are strongly opposed...if Spitzer thinks this is getting him points with the landslide of voters that elected him...he's wrong. I wouldn't give ya two cents for his chance to be re-elected...unless, illegal aliens use their brand new drivers licenses to register to vote? Ah ha!! Could that be what this is all about?

(The I-Man Cometh)
Six months ago Don Imus was fired by CBS Radio for remarks he & the boys made about the Rutger's Girls B-Ball team i.e.,----->>> "nappy headed hos." After collecting 22 million from CBS for breach of contract, WABC Radio picked him up for a cool 5-7 Mil and will air his new show on WABC Radio and a TV station(to be announced) simultaneously, as he did with WFAN & MSNBC.

His critics are predicting that no one will watch; WRONG. Besides the fact that the suspense is mounting already, Imus has a dedicated following; early risers who've enjoyed starting their commute with a little locker room humor and a few irreverent but revealing political interviews for decades. Afterall, he's back just in the nic-of-time to lampoon the motley string of Primary candidates and give a wake-up call to millions of working class heroes...Now hear this!! "Anybody but Hillary."

Hooray!! Hillary's joy ride is over...Imus & crew revel in mocking the Clintons. He really ticks her off. Hillary called him "Satan" and referred to his schtick as "small minded bigotry." The Homorless Lady used her influence in NYC to stoke the firestorm against him by pressuring the advertisers to pull the plug and urge CBS and MSNBC to fire him.

Imus supported McCain in 2000. I'm hoping that a flamboyant Imus in the Morning will feature McCain and significantly affect the outcome of early Primary races followed by a Hillary vs. McCain bout for President.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Michigan Debate

This debate should have been a Smash Hit for bean counting fiscal Conservatives; but alas, it was Show Time!! for Fred Thompson's belated debut; and, a bizarre face-to-face about who cut more taxes between two Liberals masquerading as Conservatives?

*How low can you go* expectations preceeded Thompson's appearance..he didn't drool or twitch, so he didn't bomb. He started off badly by getting that deer in the headlights look when asked the first question: Duh?...dead air. He recovered somewhat, looked at his notes and gave safe pat answers to basic Republican policy questions. Thompson just didn't seem up to being President...he lacked the stamina to withstand the strain of campaigning to be President, never mind the daily rigors of actually BEING President?

In stark contrast, Rudy and Mitt were feisty...eager to one-up the other, both raved about their tax cutting records in Liberal NYC and Massachusettes.

RG:I reduced the tax rate 17%; I cut taxes 23 times in NYC, "I led you lagged."
MR:Baloney I didn't raise taxes in Massachusettes, I lowered them."

Instead MR blasted Rudy for taking Bill Clinton to the Supreme Court over (get this?) the *line item veto.* Rudy's quick come-back was a show stopper:"What's so bad about having someone up here that beat a Clinton at something?"

Romney got the Gaff of the Day award with this sound bite:

Q:Hypothetically, would you get approval from Congress before going to War with Iran?
A."I'd sit down with my attorneys first..."

He answered that question fully but only those words were picked-up and spun by Giuliani's staff today, implying that Romney, as CIC would be reluctant about defending the USA. Rudy's playing *Tough Leader* for a Hawkish Republican audience, i.e., he'd set Iran back 8 to 10 years and ofcourse, America's Mayor based on his award winning performance on 9/ll, would stand strongest against Islamo-terrorists in the War on Terror.

Bottom Line: Fred Thompson was positioned between Rudy and Mitt...he faded into the woodwork until Romney spoke to him.

MR: "This debate is like Law and Order, it has a huge cast, the series goes on forever and Fred Thompson shows up at the end."

FT:: "I thought I was the best actor on the stage?"

Me: Hmmmm?????....not in a leading role, old boy?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Under the Radar

Now here this...

The news from Iraq is getting better all the time; so why isn't Cable News telling Americans about these significant positive developments?

Muwafaq al-Rubaie
This weekend Maliki's National Security Adviser, Muwafaq al-Rubaie made the rounds of DC chat rooms; Cspan, Think tanks, CSIS, the Press Club, WH & Congressional Briefings...but all was quiet on the bad-news-only networks; not a peep of fan fare for the bearer of the long awaited "political solution" demanded by anti-war Democrats from the Bush Administration, the Iraqis Government and Gen.Petraeus.

Granted, *a comprehensive enduring relationship with a strategically located ally* may be more than partisan Democrats, vested in a Bush failure, care to accept; however, that IS the message delivered by al Rubaie in hopes of rallying the support of the American people who've been prompted to quit Iraq by the anti-war Democrats and deluged with ominous deceptive reports by the enemies of the USA and a free independent Iraq.

A little about Muwafaq:
He's a Shite married to a Sunni; as a young medical student he was arrested and tortured by Saddam. He fled to the UK, finished his studies as a neurologist in Scotland. For a decade he lobbied the US Congress in the 90s with a group of professionals for regime change in Iraq. An exile from 1980 to 2003.

After hearing this earnest man's story, the call-ins on Cspan were less critical and more curious about the efforts of the maligned Iraqi Government to achieve reconciliation among the insurgents, build the economy and start providing public services so that combat operations by US troops can end successfully.

He made several important points:

----Now-a-days in Baghdad violence is down and security is much better due to the Surge. Gen.Petraeus is a first class soldier; Iraqi forces lead in 70% of the cases. GW Bush will be honored in Iraqi history as the man who liberated millions from the 35 year reign of terror by the dictator Saddam Hussein.

----All Iraqis are turning on foreign fighters..namely Al Qaeda, Iran and Syria. His words were urgent. We MUST engage continuously with Iran, tell them to stop muddling or we'll lose everything we've gained so far. The Iraqi Government, both Militaries, the US and other Countries' statesmen with a stake in a stable unified Iraq must take action and threaten Iran with "real pain."

----As to the talk of was viscerally opposed, he said it "irritates him." The ideal formula is Constitutionally mandated Federalism...a strong Central Government deriving it's power from popular representatives of all the diverse localities and provinces throughout Iraq. That model, as Sunnis and Shia unite against intruders, is starting to take shape. The Central Government will then respond to requests for services, infrastructure and the need to share in the Country's Oil Resources.

----The Oil Sector: It's pivotal that the Secy of Energy encourage more capital investment in order to bolster Iraq's lucrative oil sector. If modernized, expanded...handled properly and shared with the people...a booming Iraqi economy will enrich the Country and everyone in it.

(Out of the mix..a must!)
On Iran's involvement in feeding the insurgency, echoing al Rubaie's alarm, Gen.Petraeus said Tehran was giving militia groups advanced weaponry and guidance: "They(Iran's Revolutionary Guards) are responsible for providing the weapons, the training, the funding and in some cases the direction for operations that have kiled US soldiers."

The US Congress declared Iran's Army a "terrorist orgainization" opening the gates to surgical strikes inside Iran on the locations that make the IEDs.

You can find Muwafaq al-Rubaie's remarks in full at Cspan.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Food Fights!!

(Soup to Nuts)
Cooking up a shallow controversy to fill the 24/7 Cable News cycle and fuel a competitive ratings boost is what occupies TV and cyber-spaced-out pundits these days. Nothing too complex...just take a few words out of context and distort their meaning to instigate an emotion packed yelling match for an audience of wing nuts. Important issues, like the Iraq War, terrorism, our security, immigration and so many more...require a modicum of intelligence and a longer attention span than a gnat; soooo, hard, heavy news is marginalized, exchanged for the most recent *gotcha* dramatization.

(Irish Stew)
Bill O'Reilly went to dinner in Harlem with Al Sharpton. Talk about an odd couple? They ate at Sylvias a family run restaurant whose customers are mostly black. Now you think because O'Reilly was with Sharpton he'd be safe from Media language contortionists, but no good deed goes unpunished if you're a Republican. Bill O'Reilly spoke about his pleasant meal at Sylvia's...I'll paraphrase; It was just like going to an Italian one calling the waitress a nappy headed ho or asking for mother efing ice tea...they were all having fun, there wasn't any craziness at all. For that he was called a racist and pilloried by clueless FOX bashers.

(Where's the beef?)
The radio commentator Liberals love to hate, Rush Limbaugh, found himself being accused of demeaning soldiers because he used the term "phoney soldiers" while talking on the phone about Jesse Macbeth who lied about his military record and made false charges about soldiers serving in Iraq. Rush's words were misinterpreted by Media, a Progressive web site, and picked up by every Democrat still smarting from the back-fire from MoveOns "Betrayus Ad." Rush is used to being smeared and is playing it for all it's worth.

The Left Wing Democrats in Congress are feigning outrage over Rush's remarks, demanding his radio station silence him. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said:Limbaugh must be back on drugs...Harry Reid who said "the war is lost" asked Senators to condemn Rush for speaking against soldiers serving in Iraq. Do we pay them for this stuff? It's so obvious that they're using this mockery to distract from their own failure to defeat Bush and force an end to the War in Iraq.

This attack on Conservative Talk Radio is from the same characters who politicize US efforts in Iraq and tried to preempt the positive effect of the Petraeus' report by discrediting the General's independence from the WH and overall credibility...they called the commander of our forces in Iraq, the General they unanimously appointed to implement a successful counter-insurgency strategy...a liar. Democrats feel the sting from Talk Radio...they would like nothing more than to see all Conservative radio hosts driven off the air.

Ann Coulter's new book, "If Liberals Had Brains, they'd be Republicans" proves once again that Conservatives can not be silenced by hysterical Liberals. Taking a good humored swipe at D-feminists, Coulter makes the rounds of Cable News channels promoting another book that will inevitably lead to the best seller lists. Her teaser sound-bite for this book suggests that Conservatives would never have to worry about a Democrat becoming President if women were denied the vote. On cue, the conniption begins. Coulter is laughing all the way to the bank. HA!!