Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The 20th Debate...and the winner is?

What a horrifying experience!! Bleeding heart Liberal excuses for losers; big government solutions and bailouts for millions of irresponsible gimme folks. Neither Democrat sees America as the land of plenty but full of needy people unable to survive without Hillary or Barack's rescue packages. What Country do they live in?

Conservatives of every stripe, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, capable, independent Americans had to be thinking...this is why a Liberal never wins the Presidency. They always assume voters will gladly pay for the mistakes and poor choices of their fellow citizens by digging deep into their pockets for expensive Government Programs, i.e. huge tax increases? Alas, Liberals always get it so wrong.

(CICs run amok)
Half way through the questions and answers, you could hear voting machines ringing for John McCain. The Democrats outlined his campaign for him, LESS IS BEST. Less spending, less taxes, less government regulation of business, trade and the people. A strong, experienced CIC who'll win the Iraq war NOW so we don't have to go back to save the Iraqis and fight Al Qaeda all over again. When Obama was asked by Tim Russert; "What if we withdraw as you suggest and Al Qaeda returns and makes Iraq a haven to plot against the USA? Would you send the troops back? Trapped, he had to say: Yes, as President, I would have to protect the American people. Soooo, isn't it a mistake to quit NOW? Isn't he and Hillary WRONG!!

In 2001 Obama gave a speech condemning the Iraq invasion but when he was elected to the Senate and given a chairmanship on the oversight Committee for Afghanistan, he didn't call ONE hearing to determine if NATO and the US were doing everything possible to succeed. Is that the good judgement he claims will make him a better CIC than Hillary or McCain? He was barely settled in the Senate when he started to run for President. Was he ready to be a Senator? Certainly NOT ready to be President and CIC.

Hillary voted for the Iraq Resolution but last night said she regretted her vote. She sounded very much like John Kerry who voted for it before he voted against it? Is SHE ready to stick to her guns from day ONE? Neither Democratic candidate is qualified to be CIC in time of War or when terrorists are threatening to kill us all. John McCain IS.

(Poor Diagnosis)
Both Democrats spent 20 minutes debating Universal Health was scary. Hillary's is mandated with enforcement provisions, even young healthy folks must get it. It's Hillary Care deja vu..and we know how that worked out in 1993? Obama's is voluntary but with government subsidies for those who can't afford the bargain basement prices. Their proposed Health Care programs alone will cost the tax payers an estimated 3 trillion dollars. America can not afford Universal Health will never materialize but Liberals keep banging the drum in vain.

(No place like Home)
Obama's bailout plan (Stop Fraud Act) for sub-prime losers threatens lenders with fines and prison and lets bankruptcy judges tear up the contracts and write new ones. Anything that increases the risk of loan losses increases interest rates. If mortgages are rewritten by judicial fiat, nullifying a contract between two private entities, mortgage loans become scarce and available only to those with high income and perfect credit. This means that redlining, will be business as usual; i.e., low income folks won't be able to buy homes.

Hillary's help is more heavy handed, a 90 day moratorium on subprime foreclosures thus giving select beneficiaries three months of rent free living. She also wants to dictate an automatic freeze for interest rates on subprime mortages keeping rates below market introductory rates for at least 5 years. Not only is that UNconstitutional but it's a terrible solution that will do more harm than good to the housing market.

Senators should stay out of the PRIVATE economy. Let the private sector..lenders and borrowers..take the hit for their own greedy speculations. Let lenders loan money only to those who can pay and let borrowers learn how to read a contract before they sign it, and understand that an ADJUSTABLE rate mortgage will ADJUST and a FIXED mortgage rate will NOT.

(The Audacity of Hope)
John McCain is achieving what Hillary has failed to do, taking Barack Obama to task on his utter lack of experience and scant qualifications to be President and CIC. With unexpected help from Conservative talk radio denizens, that hit Obamamania on anti-white and Muslim religious connections, weakness on National Security and support from anti-semite, Louis Farrakhan, McCain while cleverly distancing himself from RW low blows to the hysterical Barack phenominon, is gaining popularity with conservative to centrist Americans who recoil at the thought of Left Wing Progressives interfering in every aspect of their private lives, taxing them into poverty and effectively doing it to them from the White House.

Polls show McCain beating either Hillary or Obama nationally. Even the most skeptical about R-chances have got see the possibility of John McCain, the most experienced, authentic, Republican Maverick becoming the next President of the United States.

(Firing Line)
William F. Buckley died today while writing his last column at his desk in his home in Connecticut. When I was growing up in Brooklyn, New York and becoming aware politically, my father and I would watch the conservative icon on the PBS show Firing Line.

At that time Liberals were dominant; Conservatives were an oddity and not considered as intellectual as Harvard educated Liberals. On the show, Buckley, a word-meister extraordinaire, would take on a know it all Liberal and teach him a few things about the English language if not Conservatism. He introduced me to a new kind of politics and forced me to use a dictionary.

Buckley wrote 56 books and thousands of columns; he founded the National Review and loved to sail..he never wasted a day of his life..he lived a consequential life worth remembering.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New York Times Smears McCain

Just as McCain locked up the Republican Nomination in Wisconsin and Washington, the New York Times revived a tired old Drudge story from December and placed the stinker on the FIRST PAGE. All day juicy allegations of legislative favors for sex occupied Cable TV and the Blogosphere non-stop.

The Times published an anonymous smear by two "former associates" of dubious origin who think, the Senator when he was chairman of the Commerce Committee, was seeing too much of a cutie lobbyist, Vicki Iseman. His close advisers felt that the relationship might conjure the appearance of impropriety; soooo, in order to save McCain from himself, John Weaver, McCain's former campaign strategist, sat Ms.Iseman down and asked her to back off.

At a press conference today at 9 AM, McCain and his wife Cindy denied it all and injected the appropriate sound bites into the Media feeding frenzy. His lawyer Bob Bennet, his current top strategists, Conservative talk show hosts; particularly Rush and Sean Hannity and alumni from the busride in 2000, now TV personalities, defended their man McCain. Afterall, the swooners were with him almost every minute, if a pretty blonde lobbyist was hanging around flaunting her favors, wouldn't one of the reporters have noticed it?

Thanks to another article that came out today by the New Republic, the attack has morphed into an analysis of the journalistic ethics of the New York Times. The New Republic discusses the turmoil within the NYT over releasing the story. Even though this story is generally discounted, if any of it is proven true or if McCain's denials are false, it taints the reputation of the ear mark hawk beyond repair. "The Sheriff" who prides himself on rejecting the powerful influence of lobbyists on the governing body will be tagged as a hypocrite and his hopes to Win the WH for the GOP will be destroyed.

(On the other hand)
His battle with the NYT has forced every Conservative radio talker to defend McCain against the liberal paper of record; "the enemy of my enemy is my friend?" Being smeared by the NYT is a badge of honor among Conservatives.

Now that the "media darling" has been victimized by the Liberal rag, every Conservative who's been savaging McCain up to now is circling the wagons, yelling over the air waves to anyone who'll listen::"WE told you so."

(Time's on R-side)
Rallying the base for McCain seemed like mission impossible; but the NYT has done what no moderate voice could do...United the RW to rescue McCain and rally them to fight loud and hard against a "common enemy."

(Oldies but goodies)
Well it's always a good day for the GOP when all the air is sucked out of the 24/7 news cycle by a fairy tale about a 72 year old Republican having an affair with a younger woman. Sheeesh...You can't make this stuff up?:)<

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crossing the Potomic

McCain's Triple Play
For a nano-second in Virginia the rural districts reported first and Huckabee seemed to be moving ahead; then the rest of the state began reporting the voting results, and it became clear that McCain had carried VA by a 10pt margin. Exit polls showed every demographic voted for him except the out-in-the-sticks evangelicals who stuck by the Huckster. 51/41

In Maryland McCain took an early lead and stayed out front finishing the contest with a big advantage over Huckabee. 56/28

Washington DC, although light on Republicans gave McCain a decisive victory over the Huck. 67/17

Fox news was drooling to report a loss for McCain among Conservatives, but their exit polling was more disappointing for them than Romney's departure from the race.

McCain won among most Conservatives..remember this is the east coast and Conservatives are not as extreme as in other parts of the Country. Moderate Republicans and Independents were McCaniacs. He scored big on character, the economy, National Security and his ability to be Commander in Chief. 70+% of all voters, chose him as the best Republican to defeat either Obama or Clinton in November. So far, 821 Delegates

Rush to Pivot
Rush Limbaugh has changed his tune, probably to prevent the exodus of listeners from his "anybody but McCain" talk show. Today he posited that he's helping McCain with his sand bagging tirades. If he endorsed McCain, the moderates and Independents, who are McCain's strong suit in the general, wouldn't go to McCain but choose Obama because they hate Limbaugh so much.

That ofcourse presumes that McCain supporters listen to the blowhard or have even heard of him. Oh well, who would expect Rush to be modest? He is however, practical and self-serving; far be it for him to lose listeners because he stands by hard core Conservative principles or those of his ditto head flockees. Afterall, it's all about giving a huge audience what they want, and right now, that's beating the Democrats in November, not knocking-off the only Republican in an excellent position to do so.

Dems:Obama Trounced Clinton

By the #s
Virginia: Obama 64%...Clinton 36%
DC: Obama 75%...Clinton 24%
Md.: Obama 61%...Clinton 36%

It was expected that Obama would do well in all three Primaries, but he didn't just edge out Hillary Clinton, he cut into her reliable base of support; namely, older men and women and people earning less than $50 thousand a year. This 8 State winning streak made him the clear front runner and drove Hillary Clinton to Texas before the final results were announced.

Obama gave a stirring victory speech among an audience of thousands...he used the occasion to fire the first salvo against the Republican frontrunner, John McCain...he said: McCain was more of the same failed Bush policies.

McCain also jumped ahead to the general election and addressed both Democrats: "They will paint a picture of the world in which America's mistakes are a greater threat to our security than the malevolent intentions of an enemy that despises us and our ideals."

Don't Count her Out
The Clinton campaign is hoping for wins in Ohio and Texas on March 4th and then Pennsylvania; but already signs are worrisome for Hillary. Obama's well organized team is revving up for a battle royale. Hillary has challenged Barack to a debate a week, he's accepted two. We can expect Clinton to pile-on the wonkish details she's famous for; and/or play the victim, shed a few tears and hope for sympathy from women already sorry that she's been beaten so badly by the new kid on the block.

Through the Looking Glass
The Clintons' strangle hold over the Democratic Party is losing it's grip. Obama's message of hope and unity has made Democrats wonder how it's come to this...a choice between a powerful unscroupulous couple whose unseemly behavior they've been forced to accept and defend; and a clean cut idealist that holds up a mirror and says: Take a good look...YOU and your Party can do better than this..YOU deserve honesty and integrity from the people you choose to govern you.

Besides the choice of Primary winner, the Democratic Party has several serious issues to deal with regarding this Primary; i.e., seating Florida and Michigan delegates at the Convention and the specter of super delegates in a smoke filled room nullifying the wishes of the electorate to satisfy Party big shots, bought and paid for by the Clinton Machine.

This dilemma must be worked out to the satisfaction of Democratic voters or there could be hell to pay...the Democratic Party may never be the same. Win or Lose, thank Barack Obama for the face-lift and a breath of fresh air.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday:After the Math

John McCain racked up a decisive number of delegates (Total:720) and Hillary Clinton exceeded expectations with a slimmer victory over Barack Obama; however, their status as standard bearers is contested by factions of their respective Parties.

R-Base-icks Skunked
If any other Republican did as well as John McCain there'd be a celebration that would rival the world champion Giant's parade in New York City. McCain swept the winner take all states in the North East. He creamed Mitt Romney in California and eked out a nail biter in the bell weather State of Missouri.

Polls gone wrong
California delivered a knock out blow to McCain hating conservatives in southern CA and an eye opener about pollsters like John Zogby who seem to ignore the actual voters and inject their own prejudice into the product. Zogby/Reuters Poll showed Romney ahead by 15 pts on Tuesday; McCain won CA by 8%. Zogby also posited that Obama would beat Hillary by 13%; she won the State easily. Beware of polls.

Tug of War
McCain showed his gutsy nature by throwing his supporters to Mike Huckabee in order to deny the faux Conservative Mitt Romney an early momentum building win in West Virginia. Furthermore, McCain benefited from Huckabee inflicting significant losses on Romney in the Southern evangelical/social Conservative dominated States which totally devasted the RW base's rally for the so-called "True Conservative" candidate in hopes of stopping McCain's march to the Nomination.

McCain is being advised by some pols to pander to the base in order to get them on board. However, when McCain's ego is bolstered by a TKO, he's more likely to gloat than to kiss up to critics who have battered him mercilessly. After all, he did thumb his nose at his captors in Viet Nam when they offered him comfort if he would just cooperate; he resisted torture far worse than the mean spirited attacks thrown at him by fading-fat-cat-blabber-mouths that are losing their grip...petty attacks, which did afterall prove inconsequential.

That's not to say that McCain will tell the "base-icks" to take a powder, he is speaking at CPAC Thursday and may try to calm their concerns by promising strict constructionist Judges for the Supreme Court and perhaps a VP pick that will meet their standards...some one like the Governor of Florida, Charlie Crist.

But I doubt that he'll try to placate every Conservative demand and risk alienating the broad constituency that is his strength in a general election...namely, White Men..including millions of disgruntled moderate Republicans who've been marginalized by the dominate RW base for years, Reagan Democrats who'd never vote for another Clinton and right to center leaning Independents who welcome his contrariness, his strong stance on National Security and his positions on Foreign Policy and the Military.

Dems:War of Ages

Gender, Race, Generational Divide
The diversity of the two major Democratic candidates seemed like an advantage this year, but it has turned out to foster an unsettling divide between the myriad of special interests and the well grounded Clintonian establishment power-brokers.

The Media and the masses are enthralled by the inspirational movement of Barack Obama; especially blacks who've understandably embraced the first truely credible candidate of their own for the Presidency. He's energized new voters, particularly the younger set of usually self-absorbed neophytes. He's an idealist that promises hope and unity; now is the time..yes we can.

With the endorsements from the Kennedy family, the Media spent days "passing the torch" from the denizens of Camelot to the one term senator from Chicago. In reality Obama has neither the experience or the bio-power to warrant a comparison to JFK or Bobby. All the hyperbolic praise and longing to return to past glories raised the expectations for Obama's performance far beyond what was possible. The Kennedy influence did him no good in Massachusettes or California where Hillary Clinton triumphed.

No you can't
Unfortunately for Obama he's up against the unscrupulous Clinton Machine that will stop at nothing, including destroying the reliablity of the black base voting block for them and other Democrats, to annoint Hillary Clinton as the most powerful woman in the World; thereby granting Bill Clinton a back seat in the White House and a stellar addition to his tawdry Legacy.

So far they're tied..The poetic momentum is with the Obama movement thanks to his speaking skills and uplifting gatherings of thousands of curious fans; but most practical predictions side with the hard core, experienced politician, Hillary Clinton.

The next few weeks of caucuses look good for Obama, then comes Ohio and Texas. Hillary has had to dip into her own fortune, a cool 5 mil, to keep on keeping on. Hillary who does better in debates than Barack has challenged him to one debate a week for the duration of the campaign. If he accepts, debates have not show-cased his experience or ability to be CIC or President.

(My Take)
As a Republican and an optimist, I'd like nothing better than to see Barack Obama defeat Hillary Clinton in Primary; but alas, I'm not an idealistic youngster but an elder cynic, part of the Right Wing Conspiracy that has learned the hard way not to underestimate the Clintons under pressure.

The vast majority of UNDECIDEDS, although ignored by pollsters, are in the drivers seat; lurking, biding their time, taking it all in, dispassionately evaluating both candidates until they close the curtain and pull the lever for who they think is the strongest person to WIN.

Absent wishful thinking, a pragmatist like myself would guess that in the end, Hillary Clinton will convince them all..that the choice of older feminists, underpaid women and men, gimme folks without health care, Latinos looking for amnesty and welfare freebees, combined with knowledgeable politicos will vote for her not the hopeful dreamer, Barack Obama.

It'll be Mama not Obama representing the Democratic Party against grand-dad John McCain in a nail-biting race to finish in '08.

Hmmmm..OR NOT. :)<