Sunday, November 02, 2008

Over the Rainbow

Yeah, yeah, the polls are tightening and McCain is tough in the trenches, a good closer. Palin has fired-up the base. All true, but reason demands recognition of and preparation for, a BIG-BAD-loss. Not just the Presidential slot but in local races across the nation. Hell!! According to the giddy talking heads and the MSM, November 4th could be a Blood Bath!! Egad!!..the end of the Conservative Revolution, the dismemberment of the Republican Party and, WORSE!!...the birth of LEFTYLAND.

(McCain Mutiny)
Colin Powell's hatchet job of McCain AND Sarah Palin was a low point for McCain, his supporters and the Republican Brand. Although Powell's Military Service is well regarded and his appointment as the First African American Secy of State was impressive, he has never been regarded by Conservatives as one of them.

That said, enlisting NBC, Tom Brokaw and using the millions of Sunday morning viewers of Meet the Press to dump his friend of 30 years for a neophyte Liberal Senator with absolutely no Military or Foreign policy experience, had to be a profoundly personal mission for the General.

Powell as a black American realizes the positive impact a black President would make on the Black Community. President Obama would be a transformational elixer for the psyche of Black Americans. For youth..."study hard and YOU can be President." For older blacks, like Powell who lived through the Civil Rights Movement...equality at long last and the fullfillment of "the Dream."

Other Republicans who've mutinied do not have the same fear that Left Wing skippers will sink the ship. Sooo, non-Conservative Republican defectors are positioning themselves for a four year tack of the Ship of State. The Republican Party is Obama victory will not unify the Republican Party, but rather, the ideological divisions will become more acute. This election will be "transformative" for the Republican Party; either that, or we're headed for the wasteland for a generation .

(Three headed monster)
Have you noticed? The elevation of Barack Obama to a Presidential candidate has all black people walking tall. (It's a good thing) Almost 100% are voting for Obama. Ofcourse for them, it's a hypnotic historic election but make no mistake, their support for the Community Organizer is skin deep. Sadly, for Obama's opponents, a Center Right Country is poised to install a Liberal Left Wing government led by a malleable President Obama, no-bump Biden, and increased majorities in both Houses of Congress.

Q. Will Liberals succeed in transforming the electorate into government dependents, create a Welfare State?

A. It's not likely that the Left will deliver anything useful or satisfactory to independent minded Americans. The gimme folks? Another story.

(Better off in 2012?)
The Sunday papers were filled with dire predictions from the Right about the catastrophic results of Obama's tendency to appease rather than fight our enemies; and, the improbability that President Obama will take a uniquely American position contrary to the Europeans et al.

The "One" will govern by consensus, designed to please all and most importantly, get him re-elected in 2012.

Cynic that I am, Obama can't please all the people all the time. Governing by consensus for four years creates unhappy adversaries. Besides, a term of irksome equivocation and the inability to make decisions for the betterment of the Country absent consideration of HIS own political advantage, promises to be fertile grounds for Republicans.

Q. Can Obama triangulate like the master, Clinton? Will the extreme left wing leaders of the Democratic Party let him?

A Reaganesque happy warrior, Sarah Palin is a bright spot for the Republican Party. A staunch Conservative that lives her ideology; she delivers the tough love message with a smile and great legs...she connects with Joe the plumbers everywhere. Sarah is an unapologetic true believer...god, guns, a champion for the common man and WOMAN.

Liberals, feminists especially, loathe her and the Media mocks her small town ways. Elitist criticism bodes well for Sarah.

She's the Real Thing...R-winner in 2008.

[Tuesday, Nov. 4th 2008. Vote early and often.]