Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pennsylvania Primary

(She's Alive!!)
Yup, Hillary defied "conventional wisdom" again, i.e., Cable pundits, the MSM and most opinion journalists (including the NYT) that declared her continued efforts futile and demanded she give up for the good of Party unity, were proven WRONG AGAIN by the voters of Pennsylvania.

(In a Nut-Shell)
Obama won the city Philadelphia and a few of it's surrounding towns...the rest of the State went heavily for Clinton, giving her a win of 10% points or about 200,000 votes. Blacks and young newly registered first time voters went for Obama; white blue collar men, older women, seniors and most voters earning under $50 thousand per annum backed Hillary with impressive numbers. Barack Obama did NOT close the deal in PA.

Onward!! Obama gave his congrats to Clinton in Indiana. Hillary found her voice in Philly: "Because of you, the tide is turning."

(The Steelers)
Clinton's operatives immediately laid out a Plan B, *Big State Strategy.* In other words, convince the SuperDelegates that since Hillary has shown the ability to win in all the Big Blue States that Democrats need to win enough Electoral College votes to beat John McCain in November, they should ignore the rules and Obama's delegate lead and select Hillary Clinton as the Nominee. Afterall, the caucus States that Barack won, mostly will go Republican anyway and really don't fully represent ALL Democrats in those States or the Country. Furthermore, there's Florida and Michigan where Hillary DID win the popular vote even if those votes don't count. Sound reasonable?

(End Game)
That's the argument and it's a logical one; however, there's one glaring problem for the Democrats. Obama supporters, mainly the reliable black Base and the snooty Liberal intelligentsia will be furious with Hillary and the Democratic Party for stealing the nomination from their Great Black Hope. Most likely, R-man McCain will benefit from the millions of disheartened, disgruntled, disenfranchised Obamamaniacs who WON'T VOTE at all on Election Day 2008.

Once again, the Democratic Party will defeat themselves in a year that all the stars are aligned in their favor.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

21st Democratic Debate in Philadelphia

The moderators, ABC's Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopolus, both must've decided to get even for the hits on reporters for giving Obama a free ride. All Obama-gates were front and center...the smooth talker was on the defensive for 50 minutes; and Hillary was all too pleased to stick it to him with relish.

Obama side stepped the crux of the insulting put-down..he explained, people ARE frustrated and since he's a man of faith(Rev.Wright?) why would he belittle the faith of small town Americans? He mumbled something about sportsman go hunting because their grandfathers and fathers did and it's a tradition they can count on. Unlike the government, I might add.

Hillary chanelled her Scranton creds and insinuated that Obama was insensitive to the cultural issues that are important to folks everywhere except in the elitist big cities like SanFranciso...her campaign has rightfully suggested that this is why democrats like Kerry, Gore and others were not electable; the theme that will surely be used by the Republican "attack machine" in the General Election. Hmmmm, superdelegates take note?

Rev.Wright: Obama repeated his objections to the anti-American tirade but insisted that the Unity Church did a lot of good works for the people of Chicago. On anti-semite Farrakhan, he tried to comfort Jewish voters by affirming his support for Israel and promising to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons by using every diplomatic power of the Presidency to convince Ahmadinejad the change his ways. Tsk, tsk..naughty boy.

William Ayers, the radical Weather Man who wished he'd bombed more buildings and killed more people; the man that held a fundraiser in his home for Barack? Phui, said Obama, that was 40 years ago, I was eight..Lahdeedah.

Hillary reminded us she would have left the Pastor and not valued his advice for 20 years. Farrakhan is an avowed anti-semite, Israel is our ally and she'd go further than Barack...she'd put the whole Middle East under an umbrella of protection..if Iran became nuclear and attacked Israel...all the Middle East would be covered by US massive military retaliation. This from the woman who'll start withdrawal from Iraq on day one...why don't we finish off Iran in Iraq, bomb the camps and show them we mean business without starting an all out war or waiting till they threaten the World with a Nuclear Bomb? I digress.

On the William Ayers association, Hillary said it was a fair question because a presidential candidate had to be vetted like she'd been for 20 years. Obama fired back with a reminder that Bill Clinton pardoned the FALN terrorists which was much worse than being friends with a reformed terrorist. Thanks for the memories.

(Read their Lips)
Both of the Democrats made a tax pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class..for Hillary that's people who make under $250,000, same for Obama...they both lied.

How can they spend billions on government entitlements like Universal Health Care, College Loans, massive bailouts and other stuff that Liberals love and PROMISE not raise taxes?

Both plan to raise Capital Gains..Hillary 20%, Obama's on record for, it's proven that revenue is higher if Capital Gains is there will be less money to spend on government programs. Where are they going to get money?

More pander..both said they'll CUT taxes for the middle class but neither will renew the Bush Tax Cuts. Hello marriage penalty and goodby increased child credits. Obama said he'd lower payroll taxes. Doesn't that go into Social Security which is about to go bankrupt? Democrats' tax fiascos never add up...every tax payer will be paying through the nose if either one of them wins the WH.

That IS the only thing about these two you can count on. Woezze US.

(Defining Obama)
Obama and his spellbound groupies noted that last night's debate focused on "insignificant" gaffes and foibles and little on the policies that would save us from 8 years of Bush and 4 more of the same with McCain.

However, when an inexperienced, practically unknown phenom is running for President, the first thing required by a skilled politician, like Hillary or the Media, is to define that person for the electorate. Obama's associations have a disturbing pattern...too many of them hate America and one that we know of, actually targeted the Pentagon, Police Stations and the White House with bombs; but because that was 40 years ago, that shouldn't reflect on him? His 20 year friendship with an anti-American racist Pastor, who's still spewing hate-whitey from the pulpet, doesn't reflect on Barack Obama?

It makes me wonder if we want a President who welcomes these characters into his inner circle. He values relationships with extremists who express deep rooted, distorted views of American people, our Government and our history....he forgives and forgets and sees good in these generally offensive psychos; either that or he's willfully blind to unrepentent dissidents? How will his associations affect the "change" he envisions for America? By his friends, you will know him?