Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conventional Wisdom


It's All in the Game

(Raising McCain)
#1 beat expectations with an acceptance speech that oozed with devotion to Country and demonstrated the character and life experience of John McCain.

Q. Why do you want to be President?
A. Country First. That's the message.

(Game Winner)
The tintillating rollout of Sarah Palin for his running mate, completely stunned old & young pols alike..a Hail Mary Pass that worked...a game changer. After Palin's Reaganesque delivery electrified all Wednesday night, 40 million people tuned-in Thursday night to watch McCain's speech.

McCain's bold selection of the gun-toting Mama from Wasilla gloriously beat expectations. It dazzled and stunned the punditree, Network News anchors, Cable TV's talking heads...a pack of reporters scampered off to Wasilla Alaska to get the story.

Picking a small town "Annie getchyer-gun" has ignited every constituency that Big O can't seem to sign-up for his left wing "Change" agenda that re-defines Americanism.

(End Game)
The First decision by R-Presidential Candidate was brilliant....The teaming of two reform minded, traditional Americans has excited voters of every stripe; and, miraculously swiped the spotlight from the One. Obama talks a good game, but can he make it so? McCain and Palin both have proven records that they can and do deliver on their promises.

McCain's strategic judgement far surpasses Obama's safe bet of a Washington insider, no-bump Biden. So far after both Conventions, polls are tied; Big BUT...moving toward R-team. There's something happening in the Heartland, the Rust Belt, the Bread Basket, the old West...from sea to shining's all good for the USA.

[McCain/Palin] YES WE CAN!!!

(That's the ticket)
McCain et al did a masterful job stepping on Obama's acceptance speech by instigating speculation about when and who he'll pick for a running mate. All the breathless talk this morning was about the #2 on the McCain ticket, little on the "ONE. "

A few hours ago McCain ended the speculation with a brilliant and gutsy choice...a woman extrodinaire...Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska will take the stage in Ohio today with R-man McCain.

Read all about her!! She won't dissappoint any Republican faction, but the Democrats are quick to hammer her on anything they can find...prepare to defend the little lady. I'm kidding, Sarah the barricuda, is armed and dangerous.

Go Girl!!


(Sermon on the Mount)

Am I blue? Hell no..but Obama's depiction of America stepped on reality and history..not everyone is living in the gutter or in depressing Liberal America?

What about all the people that have a job, don't have a sub-prime mortgage, are not on the brink of foreclusure or bankruptcy, have health insurance and are happier and richer than people anywhere else in the world....Obama and his ilk want successful Americans to pay for underachievers by taxing everything we's class warfare disguised as pseudo-compassion for the poor...He and his ilk see this country from the vantage point of a government dependent, psychologically victimized minority.

The "One" is after Big Oil and any business that makes a profit...there's no gratitude for employing thousands of people, providing services that enrich our lives or for the forward looking scientific creativity that keeps the USA competive in the Global Jungle.

This is no time to hamstring our Businesses, Investors and's time to set us free to innovate a better's time to let the positive American spirit soar to new heights...but no, Obama and his ilk plan to break the American spirit with regulation and government interference in every aspect of our lives.

Obama's speech wreaks with the smell of dispair and defeat...WHERE'S THE HOPE? An Obama administration would be disasterous to the economic growth and cherished sovereignty of the United States...he and his ilk will make us citizens of the world, slaves to international standards of morality and justice...puppets of the World? Americans lost.

(The BO choral)
The Clintons managed to monopolize the first three days of the faux-unified venue in Colorado. With oratory that thrust pseudo-compliments into their successor-in-chief, Barack Obama, both Clintons appeared magnanimous.

Bill, after hitting on every government give-a-way that comforts middle class democrats and sharing the love with thousands of his adoring fans, the comiserator-in-chief, promised that Barack Obama would reach for clinton's stars and deliver the same things. Downer if he's not as experienced with a partisan Congress?....hmmm, Bill put Barry on the spot.

Should the "One" forsake his soaring, inspirational oratory for a workman's like dissertation? OR, should the "ONE" throw his fates to the wind and channel MLK & JFK? Then...Keep the dream alive!! Yes We Can!! over the fences. Head for the New(er) Frontier!

Dump substance...pile-on style? Could it be? That's the best BOs got?