Friday, December 02, 2011

The Generic Republican

As Obama's approval ratings slump to the all time low of 43%, it becomes crystal clear that the 2012 race to the WH is the Republican Party's to lose.

Although polls show that a generic republican would defeat the incumbent President easily, Republican primary candidates seem unable to rally voters behind any one of them.

Conservative voters continue to search for anyone but Romney; they're now forced to accept the inevitable, i.e, Romney is electable nationally..which IS, or should be..R-goal. For years in bipartisan circles we've heard that the win is in the center...well, approval of Obama has dropped steadily among Independents. This month it's plummeted by 10pts to 30%.

Consider this: Mitt Romney draws more votes from various constituencies than any other contender. Finally, with all his perceived faults by hard core Conservatives..Romney IS the Generic Republican... the one & only that can trounce Barack Obama in it or not?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Silent Majority

The Tea Party = the Right Wing; Occupy Wall Street = the Left Wing.,32068,628821312001_2024475,00.html

If it bleeds it leads..and so the Media, as usual, covers the noise, plays up the divide, making it appear that the whole country is marching in the streets against capitalism and the "rich" OR opposing taxing millionaires, demanding cuts in government spending at the cost of providing services that matter to us all. What we have is gridlock in DC and millions of disaffected people in the middle of two competing fringe groups.

To their dismay, Obama is playing both sides against the middle making the hostility against him worse. The Tea Party is stubbornly insisting that their candidate be ideologically in sinc with every facet of their agenda; and the Democrats align themselves with the Wall Street rioteers who claim to portray 99% of Americans... a vast exaggeration that fails to acknowledge the silent majority.

So which candidate benefits from this tangle of fringe elements of both parties? Surely not Obama, his governing style has been uneffective and partisan. His campaign rhetoric places him above it all, on the wrong track; not a good place to be in an election year. Has the fed-up middle of the pack chosen a candidate, yet?

Who knows? the Media certainly isn't projecting positive coverage on a huge part of the electorate that's definitely looking for an alternative to Obama. So we're on our own...perhaps Romney's reserved confidence and low key style is just what the doctor ordered..but we won't hear a peep about it until we shut out the noise and listen to the quiet folk who will elect the next President of the US of A.

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