Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

(On borrowed time)
It was just a matter of time before the Islamic terrorists in Pakistan killed former PM Benazir Bhutto. The Taliban factions warned that they'd not tolerate a woman governing in Pakistan and openly threatened to kill her. Since her return to Pakistan two suicide bombing attacks resulted in the deaths of hundreds of her supporters, instability in the Country and her murder today.

(Sound bites)
Already propaganda is flying from extremist factions who propose the ridiculous notion that blame falls on President Musharraf. US reporters are overly concerned about the elections scheduled for Jan.8 and if Musharraf will declare a state of emergency once again thus suspending the advancement of Democracy.

(The Big Picture)
How can fair elections take place if Bhutto is dead, moderate contenders boycott the elections and the Islamic party has support from only 1% of the people? Musharraf has called for calm but chaos prevails. Eventually he will declare an emergency and delay the elections regardless of outsiders' criticism. If Benazir Bhutto had laid low in her home guarded by Musharraf's security forces, she'd be alive today. Musharraf was right...she and the clueless democracy mongers were wrong.

Note that the Bhuttos were exiled for stealing millions from Pakistan; the family lived in the lap of luxury in a gated mansion in Dubai, UAE. Her father was executed and two of her brothers were assassinated. Pakistani bloggers say she was either brave, power hungry or stupid. Some celebrated her death; others mourn it.

The best outcome is that Musharraf get the support of all the political factions and the people who are disgusted with the violence demand the Army intensify efforts to rid Pakistan of those who murder to advance an oppressive Islamic agenda. (The US should help behind the scenes.)

(On the home-front)
Presidential candidates have weighed in; John McCain is clearly the most qualified person to comment on the situation. He knows the complicated demographics and all the players involved in keeping Pakistan from blowing up. He's confident that Musharraf will do what is necessary to stabilize his Country no matter how many fools call him a Dictator...Democracy will have to wait..Sometimes a strong benevolent dictator is more effective in the ME.

Bhutto's murder is yet another demonstration of how dangerous and pervasive Islamic terrorism is to freedom in all corners of the World. It also reminds us that the next leader of the free world should know what to do about extreme Islamic terrorism from day one.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Oh by gosh by golly...
Because the Iowa caucus date was pushed up to January 3rd this year, the Presidential candidates felt obliged to chime-in on the festivities and deliver personalized Holiday video-cards. Whether the design of these greetings was politically correct, too religious or just right, has become the obsession of the chattering classes, secular pundits and die-hard grinches across the airwaves.

(Oh come all ye faithful)
Mike Huckabee was the first to send out a Christmas Card that celebrated the "birth of Christ." Immediately those fearful that religion is too prominent in politics, started to pick-a-part the Christian leader's greeting as a subliminal effort to manipulate the evangelical vote in Iowa. Sheeesh...just a few weeks ago, Huck wasn't a serious contender worthy of their criticism but now his Christmas Video is scrutinized and probed like it might cause a religious epidemic. All this attention at no cost; is the controversy intentional?

Fiddle-ee-dee, normal people in Iowa and throughout the Country love it. Look again. Is the bookshelf a cross? Take another look? Inspirational, divine lighting from on-high? Shucks, Mike Huckabee is more clever than he looks. He's a talented politician with the charisma of a Bill Clinton. He's spent millions less than any of the other wannabees. He came from no-where, beat the odds and IS the frontrunner? Look again; are you sure it's a cross? Play it again, and again, and again...

(Oh hear the angel voices)
John McCain told his story of captivity in a Vietnamese prison camp during Christmas time; a guard drew the cross in the sand to show a glimmer of humanity and Christmas spirit. McCain's had a rough time of it in his second attempt to be President but this ad reminds us all that he can take it and never give up. "No matter where you are..there will always be someone who can pick you up."

(Rudolph...the most famous reindeer of all)
Rudy Giuliani was in a NY state of mind when he donned a cozy red vest and shared a couch with Santa in his holiday parody. He showed the lighter side of a man under intense fire for past "sins" as Mayor. He chatted with Santa: "I really hope all the presidential candidates can just get along." Rudy is slipping in the polls and this big city Christmas Card didn't help with traditional religious folks far from the Big Apple.

(A few of my favorite things)
Hillary Clinton, an obsessive wonk, sat on a couch surrounded by gifts and tagged them with entitlements paid for by us taxpayers. A chipper Hillary carelessly dolled out the billions in new programs without a hitch; here is Universal Health Care, here is Alternative Energy, Middle Class Tax breaks; Gosh, where is it?...Oh here it is, Universal pre-K.

Billions in gifts for the American people for the price of a vote? And Huckabee's ad is the controversial one?

Barack Obama's card played it safe. His wife Michele and two daughters sat in front of a decorated tree, a fire place warmed the picture; "The things that unite us as a people are more powerful and enduring than anything that sets us apart." Obama hasn't played the race card throughout his entire campaign; he's the One.

(No room in the Inn)
John Edwards used an appropriate theme for his card.."This is the season of miracles, of faith and love." He's spending more money on ads in Iowa than Romney or any one else. This is the man that wants to eliminate poverty, pander to the middle class and lead the "two Americas?" He'll need a miracle.

*Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...Have fun; be safe.*

Friday, December 14, 2007

All About The "Os"

(Oprah For Obama)
Oprah and Obama hit the campaign trail on a four event, three state, two-day swing as polls show Obama narrowing the gap with front-runner Hillary Clinton. In Des Moines Iowa warming a friendly audience of 18,500, Oprah confessed her foray into Presidential politics made her nervous but she had to do it this time, for this man; "I am here to tell you, he is the one." She wowed the crowds in South Carolina and New Hampshire as well. She told an audience of 30,000 fans in SC not to listen to those who tell you to wait your turn: "Where would you be if you listened to people who told you it's not your turn. No one knows what the future will bring..Now is the time." She also took a whack at Hillary without mentioning her name: .."the amount of time you spend in DC means nothing unless you're accountable for the judgements you make while there."

(Oprah for VP)
Although the frenzied crowds of black and white women chanted for an Obama/Oprah ticket, will their enthusiasm translate into votes for Obama in '08. Surely many black women will switch their tentative support for Hillary to Obama; afterall, he has Oprah's seal of approval and Hillary is NOT "the first black president"...but Obama really could be. It's strange that so few think of Hillary's campaign as an historic first, but rather, just another Clinton doing her thing.

(Only Bookends)
Hillary Clinton's feeble attempt to counteract the Oprah/Obama Show was to drag Chelsea and MotherRodham on stage to warm up Hillary's ice cold persona. However, she didn't stray far enough from her norm...neither Mom or Chelsea spoke a word, but stood quietly three feet behind the frigid leader while she did all the talking. Hillary's appearance with the family bookends did nothing to counteract the effect of Oprah's mega-sales-events for Barack Obama. Actually, Chelsea and Momma would've been a lot more comfortable at the Oprah/Obama rally with all the girls.

(Oh-Hum Debates)
The final debates were billed as fiery showdowns that would separate the men from the boys, but the yawn-a-thons produced neither a winner or a loser for either Party. The authoritarian moderator, Iowa newspaper editor Carolyn Washburn, asked obscure questions that provoked no contrasts between the candidates or lifted the energy level above a high school girls' slumber party.

On the Republican side: why was Alan Keyes there? The guy should've been hooked off the stage. "Nurse Rachet" avoided questions about Iraq and Immigration in favor of no-balls like: "What is your New Years resolution?" The only answer of substance was from John McCain whose answer on ethenol subsidies nailed his loss in Iowa...he's against ethenol subsidies for good reason, but selling it in Iowa wins you no votes. The audience must have been asleep because no one booed about the assault on the states meal ticket. Fred Thompson was comfortable with the sleepy crowd, he hit Romney with a good line: He called Mitt "a pretty good actor." He disturbed no one...they all slept on.

On the Democrats' side: Obama was asked, since he has little foreign policy experience, how his Clinton foreign policy advisors would affect his decisions; at which point, Hillary's sickening cackle rang out; "I'd like to know that too" she said. Then the confident front-runner Obama, delivered a quick come back: "I'll be lookin forward to your advice too Hillary." The cackle went sour. The wired undecideds gave the debate to Edwards, who maniacally stuck it to Big Bad Business as the evil villians that exploit the middle class.

(Outting Obama)
Hillary Clinton's hit squad is responding to Obama's rise in the polls the only way they know how..they're bringing out the mudslingers. Billy Shaheen, Hillary's lead operative in NH dropped this stink bomb on Obama's clean team. "The Republican Party will smear Obama about his drug use." HA! Then he kept it going by suggesting questions the Republicans would ask if Obama won the Primary. "Did he deal drugs?" Discussion here.

Keeping it going, before the debate, Hillary apologized to Obama and denied she had anything to do with it. Later Shaheen resigned. Moving the story along after the debate, on Hard Ball another one of Hillary's chief strategists, Mark Penn, while denying they initiated the smear, mentioned the words cocaine and Obama in the same sentence TWO TIMES. Meanwhile, Obama isn't joining the skirmish but remaining above the fray.

Will anyone fall for this stinkin Clinton tactic of smearing an opponent while blaming the Right Wing Conspiracy for THEIR slimey policy of personal destruction? They take every opportunity to apologize into cameras for the Drug rap on Obama (that they claim they didn't do). How stupid do they think we are? Hillary is falling in the polls but her fanatical operatives are on the hunt for more garbage to stick on Obama and SHE'S behind it all.

Can Obama overcome the barrage of hard knocks that will surely be comin his way from the meanest foes ever seen in this dirty game of politics? So far, after Hillary apologized, Obama didn't fall for it. He scolded her for not taking responsibility for her own mud-machine; then she, angered by his gall, has Mark Penn bring up his cocaine use in Prime Time two times. Obama leveraged the controversy by sending out an email to all his supporters explaining what's really going on; but does he know what's really going on?

Obama may be in over his head and too naive to save himself. I hope he's a quick learner; if not he wont be President this time around.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Iran:Behind the Report

Monday's National Intelligence Estimate revealed that Iran's nuclear program has been on hold since 2003. So why for all these years did Ahmadinejad pretend the opposite and refuse to cooperate with international inspections; and, why did President Bush, after seeming to threaten WWIII, release this concensus of all 16 intelligence agencies NOW
TalkingNIE here.

(Out of Left Field)
Congressional Democrats have seized upon this report as proof that President Bush is a war monger and Iran's nuclear intentions have been purposely over-blown due to the Administration's failure to employ diplomacy rather than insisting on hard line sanctions by the interntional community backed by the threat of US military force to make nice with Iran.

Let's not forget that in 1997, Sens. Biden and Specter, the Clinton Administration and the menace Albright, were President Mohammad Khatami's useful idiots on Capitol Hill when they bought into his elaborate deception promising economic and peaceful cooperation with Western Civilization. Khatami then proceeded with covert nuclear ambitions that continued until 2003. The NIE report confirms that Khatami's talk of dialogue and reform was little more than a smoke screen.

With that caveat in mind, the administration has applied relentless pressure packed tactics always with the underlying threat of Military Action on the table. Israel's bombing of Syria helped plant fear of the unknown in Tehran's regime. President Bush matched each of Ahmadinejad's bellicose tirades forcing Tehran to back down and make a behind the scenes deal that surely will be verified more than it's trusted.

(What's the Deal?)
The deal would allow for a permanent deployment of US forces in Iraq to provide minimal national security for Iraq. Iran will allow the US military to train and equip Iraqi military forces so that Iraq can defend itself but not to foster a Saddam-like militaristic Sunni power in Baghdad that was used in the 8 year war against Iran. America doesn't want Iran to dominate Iraq and thus Arabia putting 20 million barrels of oil per day under control of Iran. The deal would install enough bilateral checks in Iraq to prevent either scenario.

(So far, so good)
Already, US military leaders have reported that Iranian militance in Iraq is subsiding...Iran is not supplying weapons or lethal IEDs to Shiite insurgents or Al Qaeda terrorists. For further proof of American/Iranian entente, consider Hillary Clinton's vote siding with President Bush. Do you think she would've spent the political capital during campaigning season if she hadn't gotten a tip from her own souces?

(Snap shot)
In the days and weeks ahead expect more details to emerge, hopefully topped by a photo op that may amaze us all..President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President Bush close the deal with a hand shake...surely a sight for sore eyes.