Thursday, March 05, 2009

S.ave O.ur S.hip

Callin Rush.-.-.-.-
The Chicago Mob, led by WH chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and the Clintonistas led by James Carvell have skillfully diverted Media attention from President Obama's plunge into the biggest debt hole ever laid on USA tax payers, ----->>> to the leading, if not loudest voice for millions of Conservatives on Talk Radio...Rush Limbaugh. Bulls-eye!!

[#1 on the Enemies List]
Did Rush fall for it? Did all us ditto heads get hooked like flounders? As MSNBC and CNN (to a lesser degree), open each political segment gleefully with the snit between the WH and Rush, Obama's attempts to transform America go UNchallenged and UNnoticed by the MSM and Cable Talking Heads. If we snooze, we'll wake up one day and our Country as we've known it, will be UNrecognizable.
IOW: CHANGE; signed, sealed and delivered.

While Rome Burns!!
Ofcourse Rush is making the most out of it; his ratings are through the roof. Does he realize he's being uuuuuused by the WH Mob? Maybe he's lapping up all the hype (as only Rush can do) but doesn't care that Obama's getting away with turning America into a soup kitchen franchised by the Government.

If millions more Americans are tuning into Rush, he should USE rather than BE USED. Focus on the resilient American spirit; focus on the achievements of the free individual; focus on WARNING the millions who listen each day about the intimidating perils to this Country if we allow domination by a Big Government ObamaNation.

Obama's steam rolling America, flattening the Country while Republicans fiddle with Rush. As we diddle, Rome Burns.

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