Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hmmm..where to begin...

(The Main Event)
After a long primary battle Barack Obama barely beat Hillary Clinton..it went down to the wire. In typical Clintonesque fashion, Hillary had to be hooked off the stage by antsy delegates, nervous Party leaders and Media types gasping for space in the tank for the first black candidate for President.

And what a candidate he is!!! The Democrats have got themselves another tax and spend elite Liberal that wants to tax businesses for making too much profit. (The Republicans defeated the Windfall Profits Tax on Oil Companies today).

Barack wants to spend billions bailing out sub prime foreclosures; billions on health care; billions on government programs for underachievers. He'll pay for all these goodies by taxing businesses and citizens to the max. He'll force businesses to out-source jobs and we'll all have less money in our pockets...the Democrats even want to regulate speculation? They're control freaks.

But hey, this Liberal appeals to the African American community because of the color of his skin. It's historic!! 90% are chanting "Yes we can!!" Yes, he's got more than one minority in the bag; the snooty, highly educated, limo libs and the young know-nothing college students have got Obamamania too.

But what of the rest of the Democratic Party? Hillary's 18 million....older democratic women, white men, Reagan Democrats, blue collar workers without a college degree, Hispanics? Many of them say they'll vote for McCain or stay home. If Barack can't sway those folks to vote for him and McCain gets even a small percentage of them...Hillary will be singing, "I told you so." The lady has a point.

(Bad Buds)
Jermiah Wright, Michael Pfleger, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, plus tried and convicted scam artist, Tony Rezko, have been long time friends of Barack Obama. One by one Obama's been forced to "distance" himself from all of them. Failing miserably (IMO) to give a believable explanation for WHY he's the only person in Chicago who wasn't aware of Pastor Wright's positions on whitey or our Government's conspiracy to wipe out black people by infecting them with AIDS.

Was he deaf and blind for the 20 years he attended Trinity United Church? Instead he gave a high-brow lecture on race relations in America, threw his white grandmother under the bus for making fearful remarks against young black stalkers but persisted in the denial....he had ever heard those infamous remarks from his mentor Pastor Wright. "God Damn America!!"

His other cronies leave even more doubts about Obama's choice of friends, and worse, his true feelings about America. Pundits are backing him up by claiming political expediency by a young unknown on the Chicago streets. Maybe, but for 20 years? His wife's remarks about being proud of America for the first time combined with his guns and god rap on white middle class men fuels the worst suspicions.

Will white Americans be tarred with inbred racism under a black President? Will we have to pay reparations of a sort for past slights of the black man? Will affirmative action be the preferred course in an Obama administration? Is that what all the Zombies mean by "change"?

The more I know about Barack Obama the less I like him. He's a neophyte on Foreign Policy and uncomfortable with all things Military. His rhetoric defines him as an appeaser, someone too eager to negotiate with terrorists and the states that sponsor them. He knows little about the daily progress in Iraq, hasn't been there in two years, isn't interested in talking to General Petraeus and yet he claims that Iraq is already lost, an unredeemable quagmire. It's not.

McCain who had been critical of the war and Rumsfeld proposed a Surge Strategy on Jan. 5, 2007 based on conversations with commanders on the ground in Iraq. It was a politically risky approach but he believed it would lead to victory; and we all know McCain never gives up. Obama presented the "Iraq De-Escalation Act" Jan. 30, 2007 based solely on the advice of a skeptical Gen. Abizaid..one of the "light foot print" Generals whose strategy had failed for four years. Barack wanted to quit.

Bush ordered the Surge. US forces partnered with Iraqi troops helping them "hold" areas that they'd jointly "cleared." The extra brigade of US Marines led to the Anbar Awakening which spread through Central Iraq. Sectarian violence stopped; Al Qaeda was defeated; Sadr City was cleared of illegal Militias; US casualties were the lowest of the War last month; political progress is afoot; Maliki's government passed almost all of the "benchmarks." Iraq is close, very close to being a secure Democracy.

If Obama's ACT was adopted, the popular and politically safe route would have led to an unnecessary American defeat in Iraq and empowered Al Qaeda; but ofcourse, Barack Obama would not have won the Primary if he had put the success of American forces ahead of his own.

(A Dream realized)
Obama won an historic primary, but he may not be able to convince "can do" Americans that he's the right man for the job. McCain, Cap and Trade aside, is one of us, a man whose love of America is clear and his #1 priority is to keep all of us safe. After all is said and done..isn't that why the majority of Americans elect their President?