Sunday, August 12, 2012

Romney goes bold..picks Ryan

14 years ago I saw Paul Ryan for the first time on Cspan. He was being interviewed with the group of new freshmen Congressmen. His life story truly interested me...I wasn't bored. He won in a Democratic district in Wisconsin..for fun as a teenager he balanced federal budgets and reformed them. Yeah, a numbers nerd with an "every man" appeal. The Republicans quickly recognized his talents and rewarded him, bypassing several men with more senority and made him Chairman of the Budget Committee. To tell you the truth, I thought "POTUS" then, but VP will do...for now?

That said, Romney has gone rogue picking the guy that Obama ads depict as "pushing grandma off the cliff." Ryan definitely changes the game. Atlast the important issues of jobs, budget, debt, spending and restraint of the growth of government will monopolize the campaign. The Obama team will be forced to do a lot of re-writes for the teleprompter..petty mud slinging isn't going to cut it with two serious guys on R-side.

[Romney & Ryan...Mean Business]

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