Thursday, December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

(On borrowed time)
It was just a matter of time before the Islamic terrorists in Pakistan killed former PM Benazir Bhutto. The Taliban factions warned that they'd not tolerate a woman governing in Pakistan and openly threatened to kill her. Since her return to Pakistan two suicide bombing attacks resulted in the deaths of hundreds of her supporters, instability in the Country and her murder today.

(Sound bites)
Already propaganda is flying from extremist factions who propose the ridiculous notion that blame falls on President Musharraf. US reporters are overly concerned about the elections scheduled for Jan.8 and if Musharraf will declare a state of emergency once again thus suspending the advancement of Democracy.

(The Big Picture)
How can fair elections take place if Bhutto is dead, moderate contenders boycott the elections and the Islamic party has support from only 1% of the people? Musharraf has called for calm but chaos prevails. Eventually he will declare an emergency and delay the elections regardless of outsiders' criticism. If Benazir Bhutto had laid low in her home guarded by Musharraf's security forces, she'd be alive today. Musharraf was right...she and the clueless democracy mongers were wrong.

Note that the Bhuttos were exiled for stealing millions from Pakistan; the family lived in the lap of luxury in a gated mansion in Dubai, UAE. Her father was executed and two of her brothers were assassinated. Pakistani bloggers say she was either brave, power hungry or stupid. Some celebrated her death; others mourn it.

The best outcome is that Musharraf get the support of all the political factions and the people who are disgusted with the violence demand the Army intensify efforts to rid Pakistan of those who murder to advance an oppressive Islamic agenda. (The US should help behind the scenes.)

(On the home-front)
Presidential candidates have weighed in; John McCain is clearly the most qualified person to comment on the situation. He knows the complicated demographics and all the players involved in keeping Pakistan from blowing up. He's confident that Musharraf will do what is necessary to stabilize his Country no matter how many fools call him a Dictator...Democracy will have to wait..Sometimes a strong benevolent dictator is more effective in the ME.

Bhutto's murder is yet another demonstration of how dangerous and pervasive Islamic terrorism is to freedom in all corners of the World. It also reminds us that the next leader of the free world should know what to do about extreme Islamic terrorism from day one.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Oh by gosh by golly...
Because the Iowa caucus date was pushed up to January 3rd this year, the Presidential candidates felt obliged to chime-in on the festivities and deliver personalized Holiday video-cards. Whether the design of these greetings was politically correct, too religious or just right, has become the obsession of the chattering classes, secular pundits and die-hard grinches across the airwaves.

(Oh come all ye faithful)
Mike Huckabee was the first to send out a Christmas Card that celebrated the "birth of Christ." Immediately those fearful that religion is too prominent in politics, started to pick-a-part the Christian leader's greeting as a subliminal effort to manipulate the evangelical vote in Iowa. Sheeesh...just a few weeks ago, Huck wasn't a serious contender worthy of their criticism but now his Christmas Video is scrutinized and probed like it might cause a religious epidemic. All this attention at no cost; is the controversy intentional?

Fiddle-ee-dee, normal people in Iowa and throughout the Country love it. Look again. Is the bookshelf a cross? Take another look? Inspirational, divine lighting from on-high? Shucks, Mike Huckabee is more clever than he looks. He's a talented politician with the charisma of a Bill Clinton. He's spent millions less than any of the other wannabees. He came from no-where, beat the odds and IS the frontrunner? Look again; are you sure it's a cross? Play it again, and again, and again...

(Oh hear the angel voices)
John McCain told his story of captivity in a Vietnamese prison camp during Christmas time; a guard drew the cross in the sand to show a glimmer of humanity and Christmas spirit. McCain's had a rough time of it in his second attempt to be President but this ad reminds us all that he can take it and never give up. "No matter where you are..there will always be someone who can pick you up."

(Rudolph...the most famous reindeer of all)
Rudy Giuliani was in a NY state of mind when he donned a cozy red vest and shared a couch with Santa in his holiday parody. He showed the lighter side of a man under intense fire for past "sins" as Mayor. He chatted with Santa: "I really hope all the presidential candidates can just get along." Rudy is slipping in the polls and this big city Christmas Card didn't help with traditional religious folks far from the Big Apple.

(A few of my favorite things)
Hillary Clinton, an obsessive wonk, sat on a couch surrounded by gifts and tagged them with entitlements paid for by us taxpayers. A chipper Hillary carelessly dolled out the billions in new programs without a hitch; here is Universal Health Care, here is Alternative Energy, Middle Class Tax breaks; Gosh, where is it?...Oh here it is, Universal pre-K.

Billions in gifts for the American people for the price of a vote? And Huckabee's ad is the controversial one?

Barack Obama's card played it safe. His wife Michele and two daughters sat in front of a decorated tree, a fire place warmed the picture; "The things that unite us as a people are more powerful and enduring than anything that sets us apart." Obama hasn't played the race card throughout his entire campaign; he's the One.

(No room in the Inn)
John Edwards used an appropriate theme for his card.."This is the season of miracles, of faith and love." He's spending more money on ads in Iowa than Romney or any one else. This is the man that wants to eliminate poverty, pander to the middle class and lead the "two Americas?" He'll need a miracle.

*Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...Have fun; be safe.*

Friday, December 14, 2007

All About The "Os"

(Oprah For Obama)
Oprah and Obama hit the campaign trail on a four event, three state, two-day swing as polls show Obama narrowing the gap with front-runner Hillary Clinton. In Des Moines Iowa warming a friendly audience of 18,500, Oprah confessed her foray into Presidential politics made her nervous but she had to do it this time, for this man; "I am here to tell you, he is the one." She wowed the crowds in South Carolina and New Hampshire as well. She told an audience of 30,000 fans in SC not to listen to those who tell you to wait your turn: "Where would you be if you listened to people who told you it's not your turn. No one knows what the future will bring..Now is the time." She also took a whack at Hillary without mentioning her name: .."the amount of time you spend in DC means nothing unless you're accountable for the judgements you make while there."

(Oprah for VP)
Although the frenzied crowds of black and white women chanted for an Obama/Oprah ticket, will their enthusiasm translate into votes for Obama in '08. Surely many black women will switch their tentative support for Hillary to Obama; afterall, he has Oprah's seal of approval and Hillary is NOT "the first black president"...but Obama really could be. It's strange that so few think of Hillary's campaign as an historic first, but rather, just another Clinton doing her thing.

(Only Bookends)
Hillary Clinton's feeble attempt to counteract the Oprah/Obama Show was to drag Chelsea and MotherRodham on stage to warm up Hillary's ice cold persona. However, she didn't stray far enough from her norm...neither Mom or Chelsea spoke a word, but stood quietly three feet behind the frigid leader while she did all the talking. Hillary's appearance with the family bookends did nothing to counteract the effect of Oprah's mega-sales-events for Barack Obama. Actually, Chelsea and Momma would've been a lot more comfortable at the Oprah/Obama rally with all the girls.

(Oh-Hum Debates)
The final debates were billed as fiery showdowns that would separate the men from the boys, but the yawn-a-thons produced neither a winner or a loser for either Party. The authoritarian moderator, Iowa newspaper editor Carolyn Washburn, asked obscure questions that provoked no contrasts between the candidates or lifted the energy level above a high school girls' slumber party.

On the Republican side: why was Alan Keyes there? The guy should've been hooked off the stage. "Nurse Rachet" avoided questions about Iraq and Immigration in favor of no-balls like: "What is your New Years resolution?" The only answer of substance was from John McCain whose answer on ethenol subsidies nailed his loss in Iowa...he's against ethenol subsidies for good reason, but selling it in Iowa wins you no votes. The audience must have been asleep because no one booed about the assault on the states meal ticket. Fred Thompson was comfortable with the sleepy crowd, he hit Romney with a good line: He called Mitt "a pretty good actor." He disturbed no one...they all slept on.

On the Democrats' side: Obama was asked, since he has little foreign policy experience, how his Clinton foreign policy advisors would affect his decisions; at which point, Hillary's sickening cackle rang out; "I'd like to know that too" she said. Then the confident front-runner Obama, delivered a quick come back: "I'll be lookin forward to your advice too Hillary." The cackle went sour. The wired undecideds gave the debate to Edwards, who maniacally stuck it to Big Bad Business as the evil villians that exploit the middle class.

(Outting Obama)
Hillary Clinton's hit squad is responding to Obama's rise in the polls the only way they know how..they're bringing out the mudslingers. Billy Shaheen, Hillary's lead operative in NH dropped this stink bomb on Obama's clean team. "The Republican Party will smear Obama about his drug use." HA! Then he kept it going by suggesting questions the Republicans would ask if Obama won the Primary. "Did he deal drugs?" Discussion here.

Keeping it going, before the debate, Hillary apologized to Obama and denied she had anything to do with it. Later Shaheen resigned. Moving the story along after the debate, on Hard Ball another one of Hillary's chief strategists, Mark Penn, while denying they initiated the smear, mentioned the words cocaine and Obama in the same sentence TWO TIMES. Meanwhile, Obama isn't joining the skirmish but remaining above the fray.

Will anyone fall for this stinkin Clinton tactic of smearing an opponent while blaming the Right Wing Conspiracy for THEIR slimey policy of personal destruction? They take every opportunity to apologize into cameras for the Drug rap on Obama (that they claim they didn't do). How stupid do they think we are? Hillary is falling in the polls but her fanatical operatives are on the hunt for more garbage to stick on Obama and SHE'S behind it all.

Can Obama overcome the barrage of hard knocks that will surely be comin his way from the meanest foes ever seen in this dirty game of politics? So far, after Hillary apologized, Obama didn't fall for it. He scolded her for not taking responsibility for her own mud-machine; then she, angered by his gall, has Mark Penn bring up his cocaine use in Prime Time two times. Obama leveraged the controversy by sending out an email to all his supporters explaining what's really going on; but does he know what's really going on?

Obama may be in over his head and too naive to save himself. I hope he's a quick learner; if not he wont be President this time around.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Iran:Behind the Report

Monday's National Intelligence Estimate revealed that Iran's nuclear program has been on hold since 2003. So why for all these years did Ahmadinejad pretend the opposite and refuse to cooperate with international inspections; and, why did President Bush, after seeming to threaten WWIII, release this concensus of all 16 intelligence agencies NOW
TalkingNIE here.

(Out of Left Field)
Congressional Democrats have seized upon this report as proof that President Bush is a war monger and Iran's nuclear intentions have been purposely over-blown due to the Administration's failure to employ diplomacy rather than insisting on hard line sanctions by the interntional community backed by the threat of US military force to make nice with Iran.

Let's not forget that in 1997, Sens. Biden and Specter, the Clinton Administration and the menace Albright, were President Mohammad Khatami's useful idiots on Capitol Hill when they bought into his elaborate deception promising economic and peaceful cooperation with Western Civilization. Khatami then proceeded with covert nuclear ambitions that continued until 2003. The NIE report confirms that Khatami's talk of dialogue and reform was little more than a smoke screen.

With that caveat in mind, the administration has applied relentless pressure packed tactics always with the underlying threat of Military Action on the table. Israel's bombing of Syria helped plant fear of the unknown in Tehran's regime. President Bush matched each of Ahmadinejad's bellicose tirades forcing Tehran to back down and make a behind the scenes deal that surely will be verified more than it's trusted.

(What's the Deal?)
The deal would allow for a permanent deployment of US forces in Iraq to provide minimal national security for Iraq. Iran will allow the US military to train and equip Iraqi military forces so that Iraq can defend itself but not to foster a Saddam-like militaristic Sunni power in Baghdad that was used in the 8 year war against Iran. America doesn't want Iran to dominate Iraq and thus Arabia putting 20 million barrels of oil per day under control of Iran. The deal would install enough bilateral checks in Iraq to prevent either scenario.

(So far, so good)
Already, US military leaders have reported that Iranian militance in Iraq is subsiding...Iran is not supplying weapons or lethal IEDs to Shiite insurgents or Al Qaeda terrorists. For further proof of American/Iranian entente, consider Hillary Clinton's vote siding with President Bush. Do you think she would've spent the political capital during campaigning season if she hadn't gotten a tip from her own souces?

(Snap shot)
In the days and weeks ahead expect more details to emerge, hopefully topped by a photo op that may amaze us all..President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President Bush close the deal with a hand shake...surely a sight for sore eyes.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Republican YouTube Debate

Forum Discussion Here

(Little Boxes)
The amateur video questioners must have been recruited by CNNs unfair and unbalanced political gurus. Those chosen focused on unflattering Republican stereo-types from a Democratic point of view that forced candidates to defend unpopular Republican positions; i.e., the death penalty, torture, and for Rudy and Mitt, illegal immigration. It gets worse; a slime ball item hot off the presses about Rudy's trips to the Hamptons with Judy made the cut. CNN sucked up all the dirt from cyber-space, boxed it in little video screens and had netnuts and know nothings hurl hard balls at the stage.

(Three's a crowd)
That said, all of the candidates were prepared for the worst and performed well...Romney wasn't the sharpest he'd been in past debates. Rudy is used to handling tough questions from sparring with the New York press and hit hard at Romney with the tid bit about hiring illegals to work on his Massachusettes home which he tagged a "Sanctuary Mansion." McCain also got the best of Mitt who wobbled on a question about waterboarding being torture. McCain jumped in with a vengeance; he's clearly emotional about the issue and slammed Romney for not opposing any kind of torture for any captive in US custody. The audience cheered.

Gotta give it to McCain, he consistently stands by his guns. He also hit Ron Paul's anti-war diatribe, by championing, the disgracefully under-reported, successful surge strategy in Iraq. McCain had time for once to toot his own horn; he reminded us all that he had openly criticized Rumsfeld and the "light foot print" tactics that went no where for 4 years, and then, ardently supported Gen. Petraeus' new approach to victory.

(No Surrender)
Is the straight talk express alive and well? He's definitely trying to recapture the Maverick status that won him legions of followers from quarters unlikely for Republicans. But this is the Primary and It's the Conservative base that's turned a blind eye on McCain. Sadly, they refuse to see that John McCain is the only loyal, life long Republican with the gravitas, authenticity and credibility to defeat Hillary Clinton and deliver the White House to the beleaguered Republican Party.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Fare

(Selecting the Bird)
It looks like Hillary has out smarted herself with the slimey Clintonian whisper campaign against Obama. In Iowa, a new ABC/Washington Post poll found Barack Obama ahead of Clinton and Edwards: Obama 30; Clinton 26; Edwards 22.

Over the weekend, Bob Novak wrote about a Clinton "agent" that's spreading this little spit ball: Hillary's regime has "scandalous" information about Obama, but SHE has decided not to release it. Yeah right, does anyone smell a rat?

Do these dirty tricks conjure flash backs to James Carvell, Larry Flint and the master of deception, Bill Clinton? Atleast Obama didn't let the artful innuendo fester; he faced the Media immediately and called Hillary's bluff. Ofcourse, "the artful dodger" denied she had anything to do with it and blamed Obama for being unprepared to fill the office of the Presidency.

Also in that poll, Iowans indicated that they trust Obama to be honest 2 to 1 over Hillary Clinton. Wonder if Iowa Democrats will vote with their hearts or their heads? Discussion here.

Obama threw a second punch at the *former* frontrunner in Iowa when he defended himself against her charge of his scant resume' devoid of experience while she paints herself as the consummate DC insider ready to step into the job on day one. Obama jabbed: "My understanding is she wasn't Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration. Rather than just assert experience, if she has specific differences with me in regard to economic policy, than let's have that debate."

(Slow Roasting)
It's well known that Mrs.Clinton ran a behind the scenes operation at the WH. Rumor has it, that the staff tried to avoid her manic reprimands; afterall, she was keeping tabs on Bill and they were charged with the assist. Ofcourse, because of her winning personality, no one squealed on Bill and the rest is Clinton Legacy stuff preserved for history in the Starr Report.

Speaking of President Clinton, he put her in charge of Health Care Reform..we also know how that worked for her. Come to think of it, what success can she point to as First Lady? The FBI Files? The Travel Office dismissals? Vince Foster's suicide? She was in-on the Chinese fund raising scandals and Lincoln Bedroom follies? In fact, Hillary Clinton was in on every detail of Bill Clinton's Presidency. You've got to ask yourself, was that good or bad experience?

"There is one job we can't afford on-the-job training for -- our next President. That could be the costliest job training in history" said Clinton. She should know.

(Room for Desert)
Do people want to gorge themselves on second and third helpings of left-overs, or will we be wiser to recall the relief we felt when "it" was all finally over? "It" being the policy of deception introduced to us by the Clinton Administration the first time.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Be safe.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ambush in Nevada

(The Set-up) forum discussion here.
Before last night's debate in Las Vegas, Clinton's people talked to Spitzer's people. As the result of hyped-partisan coaxing, Spitzer bowed to the demand from Hillary's operatives to fold on illegal Drivers Licenses before Hillary bleeds out from a wound received in Philly...AND DO IT before the next debate. He did, so Hillary arrived rested and preped in an asbestos paint suit ready to face an audience of invited plants FOR Her and AGAINST her unsuspecting, vulnerable rivals. She was positioned at the best podium, smack dab in the middle of the stage.

Wolf Blitzer didn't waste time getting to the nitty-gritty...he asked: Do you favor drivers licenses for illegals? What did Hillary say? A one word answer, "NO." Obama got flustered (couldn't believe his ears), hemmed and hawed; over prepared and anxious for two weeks to explain in eloquent detail his Conprehensive Immigration Plan...was given the bums rush and reduced to a *yes or no* answer..Barack said YES. He can not tell a lie. Famous last word? is.

Hillary threw all the mud last hits. She won this debate and all the others (except ONE) as easily as she'll win the Democrat nomination.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


<<---Yes+No--->> Forum discussion here.
Today Gov. Spitzer 86ed his proposal to give Drivers Licenses to illegals; he folded from pressure from 75% of New Yorkers, D-state party members, federal DC Democrats, the DNC, every Republican in the World, and last but not least, the Clinton Campaign. (Here's the best part.) Strike up the band, get the Windsurfing Ad out of the can...Hillary (hyperventilated over the polls) has promised NOT to give Drivers Licenses (get these weasel words) to *undocumented people* when President. Undocumented people? What does that mean?

Besides, I thought she said administering drivers licenses was a state matter and immigration was a federal matter? So if President she couldn't do anything about what states do, right? WRONG. The Democratic Party has proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform, which Mrs.Clinton supports, soooo within that "Amnesty" Legislation, drivers licenses for illegals could be one of our citizens' rights that get sold down the river for would be Illegal Votes for Democrats...and Madam President will sign our sovereignty away in a New York minute.

Best line on Hillary's tedious panderfest was said by Obama: " wonder she prefers to plant questions." (that's Obama fired up).

Monday, November 12, 2007

Democrats at War

Undermining America
Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson from New Mexico (one of the eight states that gives drivers licenses to illegals); but that's not the issue this Veterans Day.

Like most Democrats, Richardson is regurgitating out-dated talking points about the hard fought War in Iraq. So obsolete is his description of the current situation on the ground, it's embarrassing. That an elected official from either Party is so UNINFORMED is bad enough; but worse, he flaunts his ignorance and wears his blatant denial of the facts like a campaign button for the Democratic Party.

Iraq NOW
The first woman Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is incompetent when it comes to understanding a strategic Foreign Policy and the use of our Military to deter the enemies of the USA. Let's hope the first woman President doesn't make similar miscalculations.

This Veterans Day weekend she chose to ram through yet another "out of Iraq" resolution apparently unaware of the date and stone-deaf to any good news from Iraq. The Resolution was withdrawn (but rescheduled) after the objection of Rep.John Murtha who also objected to the Armenian genocide resolution which caused such an uproar in Turkey. (Two Pelosi turkeys)

The speaker, although briefed by the the top commander in Baghdad, failed to acknowledge the greatly improved security situation in Iraq. Maj.Gen.Joseph Fil told the NYTimes the military had routed Al Qaeda forces from Baghdad enabling the withdrawal of surge troops as planned. Did Pelosi or any of the Democratic hopefuls share the favorable report? way. They're so committed to handing GW Bush and the Republican Party a BIG loss in a campaign season that they can't accept the truth...our troops are winning, Iraqis are with us, rejecting all foreign fighters...fighting alongside US troops to rid Iraq of suicide bombers, death squads and IEDs.

Alas, Democrats can not rejoice in a victory..."Even as evidence has mounted that Gen.David Petraeus' new counter-insurgency strategy is succeeding, Democrats have remained emotionally invested in a narrative of defeat and retreat in Iraq." So says Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman(I-CT) in a speech at Johns Hopkins University of School of Advanced International Studies.

Set 'em up Joe
"For many Democrats, the guiding conviction in foregn policy isn't pacifism or isolationism -- it is distrust and disdain of Republicans in general and President Bush in particular...together Sen.Kyl (R) and myself proposed an amendment to designate Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization and impose economic sanctions on passed 76-22..several Democrats including presidential candidates, even Sen.Clinton who voted FOR IT, soon began attacking it..Why? We don't trust Bush. He'll use this resolution as an excuse for war against Iran"...

"There is something profoundly wrong -- something that should trouble all of us -- when we have elected Democrats who seem more worried about how the Bush Administration might respond to Iran's murder of our troops than about the fact that Iran IS murdering our troops."

"There is likewise something profoundly wrong when we see candidates who are willing to pander to this politically paranoid, hyperpartisan sentiment in the Democratic base -- even if it sends a message of weakness and divisions to the Iranian regime."

Fish out of Water
Democrats flounder to be relevant in today's global War on Islamic Terror. Whether it's Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Lebanon or Palestine...they're behind the curve with an unrealistic pacifist agenda. Democrats simply can not defeat vicious militants with squirmy diplomacy.

Democrats are quick to defame an ally like Pervez Musharraf for locking up a few lawyers. They rant over the suspension of elections in Pakistan when they should be praising General Musharraf for dealing with the assassination attempt on the US implant, Benazir Bhutto, and the uptick in lethal attacks on innocent people (800 dead) by the scourge of binLaden's murderers fresh from a loss in nearby Iraq.

Do they respect the man who saved Pakistan from being a failed state then(1999) and now? The man who's captured or killed more radical Islamists than even US? NO..the cry from US pols is: "take off your uniform and hold elections!!" Or What? we'll withhold MONEY and negotiate with Al Qaeda terrorists ourselves (if we can find them or they don't kill us first)? Yep..we'll do it to install another half baked Democracy in the ME; we're sooooo good at it? Look around...Lunacy!!

Praise Allah. Musharraf knows best..the state of emergency remains in effect indefinitely; the elections are scheduled for January; his uniform is ON till further notice. After evaluating the turmoil, foreign policy experts have come to the conclusion that Pervez Musharraf is the best bet for US interests and more importantly, for Pakistan, Afghanistan and ultimately the World.

"I could have preserved myself, but then it would have damaged the nation. I found myself between a rock and a hard place. I have no personal ego and ambitions to guard. I hold the national interest foremost." General Musharraf

Indeed....Country FIRST...if only in America.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Clintonian Sanctuary

Beyond Pile On
Hillary Clinton's performance in the Philly D-bate has national ramifications regarding illegal immigration; an issue that Republicans will capitalize on, and Democrats, including all their Presidential candidates (except Chris Dodd), stand in a row like bobble head dolls on the dashboard, eyes squinting in the headlights, bobbing, nodding yes, bobbing, yessing approval of drivers licenses for law-breaking illegals.

Unaware or unconcerned that the consequences of handing over the keys to the jalopy, diminishes the validity of a nationally accredited ID for American citizens and inexplicably ignores basic security risks; the Democratic Party lines-up with liberal elites and panders to Hispanic interest groups because they're a would be voting block. Hillary et al are speeding towards a head-on collision with the frustrated majority of working stiffs, voters who beg only that Immigration Laws be enforced and that their well being come first.

Clinton being Clinton
"Do you or don't you support drivers licenses for illegal immigrants?" A simple question requiring a yes or no answer prompted the "gender victimization" blame game waged against Tim Russert for asking a gotcha question, the Democratic challengers (How dare they?) and a call by #2, Bill Clinton, to refrain from "swiftboating" his delicate wifey. Hillary's double talk was no surprise to those of us who tuned into 8 years of the Clintons' soap opera. Hillary's candidacy is simply a re-run of that serial Power Play, only this time, Mrs. Clinton has the lead and Mr. Bill a supporting role still to be determined. One thing's for sure...they're back!!

The spin coming out of the Clinton campaign is that the men were ganging up on the only woman contender. Typical Clinton M.O., she said not a word herself but dispatched her operatives to whisper that she's an "assault victim." Is this any way to treat a woman?

The Bums Rush
A clever video hit the air waves: "The Politics of Pile On"...included was a request for money so the little woman could fight hard against the big strong men. John Edwards responded with a <<---Yes+No--->> video take off on the hilarious Kerry Windsurfing ad. Hillary's talking head says contradicting words on the same subject. She wasn't necessarily for it but she wasn't necessarily against it. Get it?

Cagey to a fault
Does Hillary or Bill ever answer candidly? Both Clintons triangulate with gusto. They work so many sides of every issue that they're incapable of replying with a simple yes or no. Hillary's billed as the change candidate. (HA! from Bill to Hill?)...she claims she is, but can anyone believe what a Clinton says? Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe we'll never know or we'll see...but hey, that's Hillary....wouldn't want to alienate anyone, anywhere, on her Road Test for the WH.

Monday, October 29, 2007

NY:Licenses Denied

Spitzer in Reverse...
The Governor has backed down on his unilateral plan to authorize one million illegal aliens to qualify for State Drivers Licenses by this December. After a visit from Secy. Chernoff of the Homeland Security Dept., prompted (I'm sure) by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly's alarm over the prospect of terrorists getting valid IDs to go who knows where...Spitzer decided to comply with the Feds' Real ID rules.

Also part of this demolition derby is the intense pressure he received from the Clintonistas who have been pursued by reporters looking for a definitive comment from the front-running Senator from NY regarding illegal immigration, not only in NYS but for the entire Country. Spitzer, crashed head on into the Clinton machine and was rear ended by Democrats fearful for their own seats, delayed any action until after the Presidential Election; "indefinitely" was how he put it.

Lipstick on a pig...
The new plan creates three drivers licenses:

Lowest level...for illegals, marked "Not for US Government purposes."
Mid-level...complies with federal Real ID rules
Highest level..available to US citizens ONLY; contains microchip w/ID info.

Slamming Flipster
Opponents of drivers licenses for illegals are still against this oinker; and the Immigration activists are picketing Spitzer for folding like a cheap suit on his campaign promise. Does Clinton care if Spitzer crashes and burns? Not even a little; as long as the road is cleared of pesky inquiries about immigration, illegal or otherwise, it's happy trails for Madam President.

Road Ragers
Michael Chertoff (HLSD): "I do not endorse and I do not think it's a good idea to give undocumented workers licenses or ID of any kind."

Frank Merola (County Clerk): "He may be putting a different mask on it for Holloween, but the bottom line is that state law does not allow for illegal aliens to get driver's licenses and the law is going to stand up for the people." Merola will continue with his law suit to stop the state from issuing such IDs.

Chung-Wha Hong (NY Immigration Coalition):"He has crossed the line to the other side letting his good name be used to promote an anti-immigrant, junk security measure in the Real ID.

A poll today of Democrats and Republicans found Hillary Clinton to be the scariest mask for Trick or Treaters. To me, the most frightening fact about this poll is that no other candidate on either side even came close. Love her or hate her, she always winds up on top. 37% in line, Rudy at 14%.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Right Stuff

In two events this weekend R-Party's presidential candidates sparred over who is the most Conservative. Afterwards I listened to the post debate pundits and focus groups rate the performances with what had to be fabricated enthusiasm. Maybe I'm too cynical but I feel sadly disappointed by the field of misfits jokeying to be standard bearer of the Republican Party.

FRC Straw Poll....
I was looking forward to hearing the Religious Conservatives discuss their issues...but unfortunately, I learned I'm not one of them..and neither is any of the front runners that have a chance to beat Hillary.

McCain came in last and Rudy finished eighth..Huckabee, a baptist preacher spoke their language and topped the list. Romney who was not expected to do well, won one vote and came in second to Huckabee in another. Flipper must've made a hefty donation that holy rollers couldn't refuse. Bob Jones endorsed Romney too...probably got a new wing at BJU. McCain seemed annoyed that the flip flopping rich Romney was accepted by the evangelicals and he wasn't even though McCain has been a reliable pro-life Conservative since he's been in Congress...24 years.

Florida Debate...
It was apparent that McCain was still seething over his failure to win over the "faithful" when he jabbed at Romney: "You've been lying about your record, but I'm not gonna let you lie about mine." Clearly McCain, short of funds, can't compete with Romney who has a personal fortune of 200 million to back him up. Rudy (who has tougher skin) and Mitt took the usual pot shots at each other and Fred chimed in when he could...Huckabee had the best line of the night when he said: "There's nothing funny about Hillary Clinton being President." On that, all Republicans agree.

It's a bitter irony that Hillary Clinton unites Republicans more than any one of R-own candidates.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

If You Can Do It Here..NY, NY

Join a forum discussion here--->>(License to Kill)

"Gov.Spitzer's plan to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens is a threat to public safety and security, and is another indication that he is increasingly seen as unfit to govern this state." Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno

No, no, no is what New Yorkers are telling Gov. Spitzer but he doesn't seem to have the sense to back down. "Republican Senate committee hearings make clear that the Senate would prefer I abdicate my foremost responsibility to protect the safety and security of New Yorkers rather than implement a smart DMV policy change that advances both." said Spitzer.

There's two distinct views on this issue. Those that approve say illegals will be on record, register and insure their vehicles therefore the roads will be safer. The critics, 72% of them, say phooey. Illegals will not flood to buy cars and get insurance...they can't afford it. More importantly, a NY drivers license is a credible piece of ID used to access airports, banks, credit cards..anything that requires ID accepts a NYS drivers license, backed by SS#, residence, description and's as good as gold. But NOW, illegal aliens will get one with a passport that can't be easily verified. Soooo, the DMV will be making it easier for terrorists to game our security for nefarious pursuits.

In fairness to the DMV, many of the clerks refused to follow the Governor's plan; Spitzer said he'd sue them. New York Legislators threatened to sue HIM...the majority of people and politicians are strongly opposed...if Spitzer thinks this is getting him points with the landslide of voters that elected him...he's wrong. I wouldn't give ya two cents for his chance to be re-elected...unless, illegal aliens use their brand new drivers licenses to register to vote? Ah ha!! Could that be what this is all about?

(The I-Man Cometh)
Six months ago Don Imus was fired by CBS Radio for remarks he & the boys made about the Rutger's Girls B-Ball team i.e.,----->>> "nappy headed hos." After collecting 22 million from CBS for breach of contract, WABC Radio picked him up for a cool 5-7 Mil and will air his new show on WABC Radio and a TV station(to be announced) simultaneously, as he did with WFAN & MSNBC.

His critics are predicting that no one will watch; WRONG. Besides the fact that the suspense is mounting already, Imus has a dedicated following; early risers who've enjoyed starting their commute with a little locker room humor and a few irreverent but revealing political interviews for decades. Afterall, he's back just in the nic-of-time to lampoon the motley string of Primary candidates and give a wake-up call to millions of working class heroes...Now hear this!! "Anybody but Hillary."

Hooray!! Hillary's joy ride is over...Imus & crew revel in mocking the Clintons. He really ticks her off. Hillary called him "Satan" and referred to his schtick as "small minded bigotry." The Homorless Lady used her influence in NYC to stoke the firestorm against him by pressuring the advertisers to pull the plug and urge CBS and MSNBC to fire him.

Imus supported McCain in 2000. I'm hoping that a flamboyant Imus in the Morning will feature McCain and significantly affect the outcome of early Primary races followed by a Hillary vs. McCain bout for President.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Michigan Debate

This debate should have been a Smash Hit for bean counting fiscal Conservatives; but alas, it was Show Time!! for Fred Thompson's belated debut; and, a bizarre face-to-face about who cut more taxes between two Liberals masquerading as Conservatives?

*How low can you go* expectations preceeded Thompson's appearance..he didn't drool or twitch, so he didn't bomb. He started off badly by getting that deer in the headlights look when asked the first question: Duh?...dead air. He recovered somewhat, looked at his notes and gave safe pat answers to basic Republican policy questions. Thompson just didn't seem up to being President...he lacked the stamina to withstand the strain of campaigning to be President, never mind the daily rigors of actually BEING President?

In stark contrast, Rudy and Mitt were feisty...eager to one-up the other, both raved about their tax cutting records in Liberal NYC and Massachusettes.

RG:I reduced the tax rate 17%; I cut taxes 23 times in NYC, "I led you lagged."
MR:Baloney I didn't raise taxes in Massachusettes, I lowered them."

Instead MR blasted Rudy for taking Bill Clinton to the Supreme Court over (get this?) the *line item veto.* Rudy's quick come-back was a show stopper:"What's so bad about having someone up here that beat a Clinton at something?"

Romney got the Gaff of the Day award with this sound bite:

Q:Hypothetically, would you get approval from Congress before going to War with Iran?
A."I'd sit down with my attorneys first..."

He answered that question fully but only those words were picked-up and spun by Giuliani's staff today, implying that Romney, as CIC would be reluctant about defending the USA. Rudy's playing *Tough Leader* for a Hawkish Republican audience, i.e., he'd set Iran back 8 to 10 years and ofcourse, America's Mayor based on his award winning performance on 9/ll, would stand strongest against Islamo-terrorists in the War on Terror.

Bottom Line: Fred Thompson was positioned between Rudy and Mitt...he faded into the woodwork until Romney spoke to him.

MR: "This debate is like Law and Order, it has a huge cast, the series goes on forever and Fred Thompson shows up at the end."

FT:: "I thought I was the best actor on the stage?"

Me: Hmmmm?????....not in a leading role, old boy?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Under the Radar

Now here this...

The news from Iraq is getting better all the time; so why isn't Cable News telling Americans about these significant positive developments?

Muwafaq al-Rubaie
This weekend Maliki's National Security Adviser, Muwafaq al-Rubaie made the rounds of DC chat rooms; Cspan, Think tanks, CSIS, the Press Club, WH & Congressional Briefings...but all was quiet on the bad-news-only networks; not a peep of fan fare for the bearer of the long awaited "political solution" demanded by anti-war Democrats from the Bush Administration, the Iraqis Government and Gen.Petraeus.

Granted, *a comprehensive enduring relationship with a strategically located ally* may be more than partisan Democrats, vested in a Bush failure, care to accept; however, that IS the message delivered by al Rubaie in hopes of rallying the support of the American people who've been prompted to quit Iraq by the anti-war Democrats and deluged with ominous deceptive reports by the enemies of the USA and a free independent Iraq.

A little about Muwafaq:
He's a Shite married to a Sunni; as a young medical student he was arrested and tortured by Saddam. He fled to the UK, finished his studies as a neurologist in Scotland. For a decade he lobbied the US Congress in the 90s with a group of professionals for regime change in Iraq. An exile from 1980 to 2003.

After hearing this earnest man's story, the call-ins on Cspan were less critical and more curious about the efforts of the maligned Iraqi Government to achieve reconciliation among the insurgents, build the economy and start providing public services so that combat operations by US troops can end successfully.

He made several important points:

----Now-a-days in Baghdad violence is down and security is much better due to the Surge. Gen.Petraeus is a first class soldier; Iraqi forces lead in 70% of the cases. GW Bush will be honored in Iraqi history as the man who liberated millions from the 35 year reign of terror by the dictator Saddam Hussein.

----All Iraqis are turning on foreign fighters..namely Al Qaeda, Iran and Syria. His words were urgent. We MUST engage continuously with Iran, tell them to stop muddling or we'll lose everything we've gained so far. The Iraqi Government, both Militaries, the US and other Countries' statesmen with a stake in a stable unified Iraq must take action and threaten Iran with "real pain."

----As to the talk of was viscerally opposed, he said it "irritates him." The ideal formula is Constitutionally mandated Federalism...a strong Central Government deriving it's power from popular representatives of all the diverse localities and provinces throughout Iraq. That model, as Sunnis and Shia unite against intruders, is starting to take shape. The Central Government will then respond to requests for services, infrastructure and the need to share in the Country's Oil Resources.

----The Oil Sector: It's pivotal that the Secy of Energy encourage more capital investment in order to bolster Iraq's lucrative oil sector. If modernized, expanded...handled properly and shared with the people...a booming Iraqi economy will enrich the Country and everyone in it.

(Out of the mix..a must!)
On Iran's involvement in feeding the insurgency, echoing al Rubaie's alarm, Gen.Petraeus said Tehran was giving militia groups advanced weaponry and guidance: "They(Iran's Revolutionary Guards) are responsible for providing the weapons, the training, the funding and in some cases the direction for operations that have kiled US soldiers."

The US Congress declared Iran's Army a "terrorist orgainization" opening the gates to surgical strikes inside Iran on the locations that make the IEDs.

You can find Muwafaq al-Rubaie's remarks in full at Cspan.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Food Fights!!

(Soup to Nuts)
Cooking up a shallow controversy to fill the 24/7 Cable News cycle and fuel a competitive ratings boost is what occupies TV and cyber-spaced-out pundits these days. Nothing too complex...just take a few words out of context and distort their meaning to instigate an emotion packed yelling match for an audience of wing nuts. Important issues, like the Iraq War, terrorism, our security, immigration and so many more...require a modicum of intelligence and a longer attention span than a gnat; soooo, hard, heavy news is marginalized, exchanged for the most recent *gotcha* dramatization.

(Irish Stew)
Bill O'Reilly went to dinner in Harlem with Al Sharpton. Talk about an odd couple? They ate at Sylvias a family run restaurant whose customers are mostly black. Now you think because O'Reilly was with Sharpton he'd be safe from Media language contortionists, but no good deed goes unpunished if you're a Republican. Bill O'Reilly spoke about his pleasant meal at Sylvia's...I'll paraphrase; It was just like going to an Italian one calling the waitress a nappy headed ho or asking for mother efing ice tea...they were all having fun, there wasn't any craziness at all. For that he was called a racist and pilloried by clueless FOX bashers.

(Where's the beef?)
The radio commentator Liberals love to hate, Rush Limbaugh, found himself being accused of demeaning soldiers because he used the term "phoney soldiers" while talking on the phone about Jesse Macbeth who lied about his military record and made false charges about soldiers serving in Iraq. Rush's words were misinterpreted by Media, a Progressive web site, and picked up by every Democrat still smarting from the back-fire from MoveOns "Betrayus Ad." Rush is used to being smeared and is playing it for all it's worth.

The Left Wing Democrats in Congress are feigning outrage over Rush's remarks, demanding his radio station silence him. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said:Limbaugh must be back on drugs...Harry Reid who said "the war is lost" asked Senators to condemn Rush for speaking against soldiers serving in Iraq. Do we pay them for this stuff? It's so obvious that they're using this mockery to distract from their own failure to defeat Bush and force an end to the War in Iraq.

This attack on Conservative Talk Radio is from the same characters who politicize US efforts in Iraq and tried to preempt the positive effect of the Petraeus' report by discrediting the General's independence from the WH and overall credibility...they called the commander of our forces in Iraq, the General they unanimously appointed to implement a successful counter-insurgency strategy...a liar. Democrats feel the sting from Talk Radio...they would like nothing more than to see all Conservative radio hosts driven off the air.

Ann Coulter's new book, "If Liberals Had Brains, they'd be Republicans" proves once again that Conservatives can not be silenced by hysterical Liberals. Taking a good humored swipe at D-feminists, Coulter makes the rounds of Cable News channels promoting another book that will inevitably lead to the best seller lists. Her teaser sound-bite for this book suggests that Conservatives would never have to worry about a Democrat becoming President if women were denied the vote. On cue, the conniption begins. Coulter is laughing all the way to the bank. HA!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ds at Dartmouth

If elected President, the top three candidates, Hillary, Obama and Edwards, could not pledge to bring all U.S. troops out of Iraq by the end of their first term in 2013. Ofcourse they tried to candy coat the position for the anti-war Primary voters and to avoid the wrath of the bombastic MoveOn netnuts but their message was irrevocable. That in a nutshell was the big news of the night.

The leading democrats all must have been influenced by internal polls that showed even democrats trust Gen.Petraeus and military men more than politicians of either Party. The "Betrayus Ad" backfired, forcing any CIC hopeful to look towards the general election and figure that the majority of Americans do not want another Democrat inspired defeat like VietNam that subsequently resulted in the deaths of millions, i.e.,a disgraceful withdrawal that deminishes the deterrant power of US Military and degrades the reputation of the USA.

On a nuclear Iran they sidestepped...they said all diplomacy must be tried before consideration of military action, which ofcourse is obvious. Rudy Giuliani's name came up because he pledged to set back Iran by 8 to 10 years...Biden jumped to attention and said: "Rudy Giuliani doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. He's the most uninformed person on foreign policy that's now running for president". As long as no one picks on Hillary?

Universal Health Care was on everyone's lips..."I intend to be the Health Care President" said Hillary. All of the candidates were too soft on the frontrunner to satisfy the 24 hr. build up they got from MSNBC...all day the pundits promised a battle royale, what we got was all you can expect from the Democrat Party...a mutual admiration pander...almost every answer started with: I agree with Hillary..or John..or Barack, but...

BUT? Who cares? Hillary is more determined than any of the will take a Republican to stop her.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Handicapping R-Party

Many political analysts have examined the challenges facing the Republican Party in this election cycle and the consensus goes something like this:

Since none of the top tier candidates excite or satisfy the majority of Republican voters, the Party either has to throw support behind someone like Romney or Giuliani who hold questionable Conservative principles but do have the resources to sustain a costly campaign against the formidable front runner, Hillary Clinton, OR..back a purer Conservative like Huckabee or Brownback who'll better represent traditional Republican/Conservative ideology...but lose in either case. Unacceptable!!

I agree that the Republican Party is up against a hard wall of discontent among Primary voters and the national electorate. Undoubtedly, it IS time for a transformation that broadens the Republican Party's constituency to include the vast middle of the political spectrum and that would require a difficult internal compromise. However, we have a candidate who is a life long Republican with Conservative bona-fides and a proven record of appeal to moderates, cross-overs, Independents and especially the only category of registered voters that consistently recoils at the mere thought of a President Hillary Clinton...White Men. That candidate, albeit a longshot, is Senator John McCain.

Notably pundits don't include McCain in their conclusions...nor does the Media mention the Senator except to point out his campaign's failings. Nevertheless, they no longer can ignore his recent all around up-tick as overall disenchantment with the other candidates mounts. McCain won the Michigan straw poll and his fundraising is in back in the black. Quietly (due to a Media freeze) McCain has methodically traipsed through the early Primary states of Iowa, NH, SC on the "No Surrender" bus tour. At small venues he looks people in the eye and tells them what he believes is right, even if he doesn't agree with them and his candor hurts his own political ambitions. No matter what, he tells the truth.

John McCain is the best retail politician in the field and the most authentic candidate on either side; a natural leader with the heroic biography and feisty ability to beat the odds, come from behind and defeat Hillary Clinton in a tough race between the Democrat's presumptive favorite and R-beleaguered longshot...the next President of the United States in 2008.

Discuss this article here.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Greenspan Speaks

Intentional Obfuscation

Alan Greenspan is selling a book: The Age of Turbulance:Adventures in a New World, he too was invited to do the Sunday circuit. He practiced the art of self-promotion by capitalizing on a misunderstanding of a remark in his book: "...Iraq is about OIL...."

Since the release of his book, the buzz about Greenspan's disagreement with Bush was all the rave. What a disappointment it must've been to the *bash-Bush* crowd when the word-meister clarified what he meant. Hold the "irrational exuberance," he can't talk his signature mumbo-jumbo and expect to recover the $8 million in advance plus sell a enough books to clear a net profit?

Responding to questions, Greenspan talked simple English. He agreed that Saddam was a threat and had to be removed. But he wasn't worried about WMDs per se, his concern was that Saddam would try to dominate the ME in order to control the oil supply. If that happened, Saddam would see to it that the Oil needy Countries of the World would fall into an economic depression, retarding the progress of Globalization which is the greatest benefit to the enrichment of mankind...ever.

He also regretted that politicians can't admit the obvious truth about Iraq without suffering political ruin. Let's face it, but for OIL, would we have engaged in costly nation building in Iraq? Perhaps, if Saddam involved himself with international terrorists or challenged our military policies in the region regarding the War on Terror...then he'd be fair game. However, one thing about Saddam and every narcissistic dictator of modern times, Number One has to survive. Afterall, no suicide belt or bullet to the head for Saddam or Osama; all the torture and dying is suffered by the people they rule.

Clinton Speaks

Intentional Obfuscation

Is Hillary Clinton the most tight lipped campaigner you ever heard?...Through tough questioning on all the Sunday talk shows, she delivered her maticulously prepared talking points without a hitch.

Why did the presumptive front-runner stick her neck out? To candy coat her orginal vote for the Iraq War; to soften her recent slap at the Petraeus testimony; to mitigate her calculated decision NOT to vote to condemn the "MoveOn Betrayus Ad"; and, to shield her Health Care Plan (that was revealed this week) from the expected blasts from one of her famous propaganda inventions, the Right Wing Conspiracy.

All in all she handled herself like a pro...never diverted from her chosen path The message came through loud and clear no matter what the questioner asked: She takes responsibility for her Iraq vote, then..but avoids saying it was a mistake. Yes, she would change it,now (not to upset the MoveOn PAC). Answer---->> Petraeus, although formidable, is carrying water for the CIC. The troops are doing a wonderful job but there's no *military solution for Iraq;* therefore, we need a *change of direction* from Bush's stay the course losing strategy, i.e, ----->>exit stage Left.

On Hillary Care '08...She chirped:"I learned a lot; I have the scars to prove it". This time she's giving the Insurance Companies and their lobbyists a gift (campaign donations included). The plan seems more moderate, but it's an incremental step towards Government Funded Health Insurance. Hillary never thinks she's wrong...once President she'll educate her subjects on the benefits of socialized health care, then we'll all know better.

Big finale: "When I am President I will end this War and bring the troops home; and, work hard to make sure every American has health insurance." She left out the part about raising taxes on the rich, the middle class, the poor(cigarettes), Big Business (oilmen); regulations on EVERYONE...She'll run "the village" into the ground...Beware of Hillary, her fiscal M.O. was not praised in Alan Greenspan's book as was former President Bill Clinton's (The best "Republican" President?).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just For Laughs

Ho Ho Ho...Need a little fiber?...go to my redesigned blog for relief from the 24/7 mindless news cycle...enjoy.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Best of Sunday Talk

The Hero and The Zero

Sen. John McCain and Sen. John Kerry debated the Iraq War on Meet the Press. Tim Russert questioned McCain and Kerry with expected results...Russert tried to interrupt but McCain pulled a Cheney, telling Russert to let him finish a thought...and he did. He basically supports Petraeus' plan, rejected surrender, and regrets that the change in strategy was four years in coming. Early on he joined the choir asking for more troops and agressive military action. The "light footprint strategy" was never his call. McCain was a constant critic of Rumsfeld, Gen. Casey and the PR nightmare at AbuGhraib.

However, Tim Russert didn't ask the Presidential candidate about his successful run-in with the Administration over Torture. If the many policy differences McCain has had with the Bush Administration were aired again, no doubt he'd be positioned to ignite the brigades of "middle men" who followed him like lemmings in 2000; and, his come-back would be a done deal. Soooo, I'm left wondering will the Media men support Hillary, someone they obviously don't like? Or are they waiting to see if McCain looks promising for '08 before they jump on the Straight Talk Express? Oooops, that's the "No Surrender" this time around?

The Zero, Kerry, just doesn't know how to relate to every day people..Except for a bigger vocabulary, he sounds the same way he did back in the 70s when he was talking to Congress and dissing the soldiers that fought in Viet Nam. Like most of the Democrats he sees withdrawal as a strategy and defeat as acceptable. In a nutshell, diplomacy is the only correct approach to stabilizing the Middle East.

After drawing down the bulk of combat troops, he suggested small numbers of troops stay to chase Al Qaeda all around Iraq. He doesn't seem to worry about the fate of those vulnerable troops, the long suffering Iraqis, the Arabs in region vis a vis Iran or the possible disruption of OIL to the World's economies. Like most Democrats he just wants to quit and be done with it.

Too bad (for them that is) the Democrats didn't know in 2004 that their candidate didn't have the guts to fight hard and WIN at anything..afterall, what did they expect from a WindSurfer?

Comments <<<<---------------->>>>

Friday, September 14, 2007


General Petraeus was confirmed unanimously by Congress and sent on his way to implement HIS counter-insurgency strategy giving the USA one more chance to stabilize Iraq. He was ordered to report on progress this week in September. Within weeks of his departure, reports of successes in Anbar and Baghdad starting to filter in through the Media "No News is Good News" barricade.

Democrats had put all their eggs in the failure basket and rallied to discredit Petraeus, deny the accuracy of any positive news and frantically devise one non-binding resolution after another, championing defeat and calling for some form of "cut and run." In partisan parlance, "quit now...make our radical anti-war base happy in an election year."

They couldn't get the 60 votes necessary to make complete fools out of themselves; yet however unbelievably, Democrats want to lose Bush's War more than they care about the consequences of failure to Iraqis, the Middle East, the reputation of our Military or their own R-credit, Republicans held the line.

(Moving on)
The unpopular reception of MoveOn's "Betrayus" Ad, backed D-rats into a corner and forced most of them to be very careful not to sound supportive of the widely condemned slur of an honorable soldier. Democrats were hammered relentlessly by all the Republicans on the committees who sat next to them while D-losers were squirming in their skins, sweating the bad publicity, fearing the well deserved tag...anti-military. Polls show that the American people trust the Military more than they do politicians..clearly, the Ad backfired and distracted from any loyal-opposition to the General's testimony.

Not only did Hillary Clinton refuse to criticize the MoveOn/NYT "Betray Us" Ad, but she aligned herself with the sentiment-within. When she spoke to General Petraeus at his (pre-emptively maligned) presentation of the report on the Surge in Iraq, Clinton, prune faced, said this: "The reports that you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief." Plus, dripping from her venomous tongue, she hooked Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker as "de facto spokesmen for a failed policy."

(Jumping the Shark)
Senator McCain was campaigning in New Hampshire, traveling in his bus formerly known as the Straight Talk Express... now the "No Surrender," when he slammed Hillary Clinton for her remarks to General Petraeus saying: "'s a "willing suspension of disbelief" that Sen. Clinton thinks she knows more than Gen.Petraeus about events on the ground in Iraq." Plus, "There is no greater slander to a soldier than an accusation of betrayal to his nation. I do not understand why those seeking to be CIC have yet to forcefully denounce, in their own words, this McCarthyite attack on our commander."

(Piling on)
Notably, Rudy Giuliani's campaign bought an ad in the NYT praising Petraeus and his accomplishments...also, checking first hand on the "special" discounted price afforded to MoveOn by the Liberal leaning NYTimes. Rudy demanded and got the same price for his full page ad which appeared today.

(Captain Courageous..W's Speech)
Capping off this week's Iraq debate, GW Bush gave his most positive prime time speech to date. He told the American people what was suspected all along...we'd be in Iraq forever.

After seeing the divisions in Congress, the weak Maliki Government and our Arab allies in the region, required assurances from the USA promising an "enduring long term committment" to the defense of an independent Iraq from all outside forces. Our national security interest, i.e., Iraq and the region's OIL resouces, must remain controlled by the OPEC states; under no circumstances should the distribution of OIL be disrupted by Iran or Al Qaeda. If the Dems get their way and we abandon Iraq, an economic depression will befall a World that can not survive without Oil from the Middle East.

Republicans preferred that this week's contentious events rested on the popularity and credibility of General Petraeus who performed exceptionally well. Furthermore, he made the rounds of TV Talk Shows, Think Tanks and even the Press Club, confirming the expectation of victory in Iraq if we persevere, never waiver or show lack of resolve to our enemies; in other words, adopt the Democrats' M.O.

Moderate Republicans, seeking cover from critics at home, would rather the successful strategy in Iraq be credited to the more popular and trusted General Petraeus. BooHoo for them, because Bush's speech reminded the opposition that this whole Iraq adventure is the core of GW Bush's legacy. His fame or infamy, along with the status of the Republican Party, depends more on the General's warring skills than on GW's ability to communicate.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gen. Petraeus and Amb.Crocker

Grilled on the Hill

Join me and the Staff of the RepublicanForum to discuss the presentation made by Petraeus and Crocker. Will the Dems get their way and we leave as losers? OR did these two men make the case that the Surge is working and the US should not abandon the people of Iraq now, not when the Sunnis are fighting with us and against Al Qaeda? They showed us the proverbial light at the end of the long, long tunnel.

Jasimus at Hard Starboard covers the Petraeus' Hearings in his unique style...loaded with content and seasoned with spicy humor. Take a look.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Six Years Ago Tomorrow

Mark Steyn writes:

Six years on, most Americans are now pretty certain what they’ll wake up to in the morning: There’ll be a thwarted terrorist plot somewhere or other — last week, it was Germany. Occasionally, one will succeed somewhere or other, on the far horizon — in Bali, Istanbul, Madrid, London. But not many folks expect to switch on the TV this Tuesday morning, as they did that Tuesday morning, and see smoke billowing from Atlanta or Phoenix or Seattle.

During the IRA’s 30-year campaign, the British grew accustomed (perhaps too easily accustomed) to waking up to the news either of some prominent person’s assassination or that a couple of gran’mas and some schoolkids had been blown apart in a shopping centre. It was a terrorist war in which terrorism was almost routine. But, in the six years since President Bush declared that America was in a "war on terror," there has been in America no terrorism.

In theory, the administration ought to derive a political benefit from this: The president has "kept America safe." But, in practice, the placidity of the domestic front diminishes the chosen rationale of the conflict: If a "war on terror" has no terror, who says there’s a war at all? That’s the argument of the Left — that it’s all a racket cooked up by the Bushitlerburton fascists to impose on America a permanent national-security state in which, for dark sinister reasons of his own, Dick Cheney is free to monitor your out-of-state phone calls all day long.

Judging from the blithe expressions of commuters doing the shoeless shuffle through the security line at LAX and O’Hare, most Americans seem relatively content with a permanent national-security state. It’s a curious paradox: airports on permanent Orange Alert, and a citizenry on permanent ...well, I’m not sure there’s a homeland-security color code for "Gaily Insouciant," but, if there is, it’s probably a bland limpid pastel of some kind.

Of course, if tomorrow there’s a big smoking hole where the Empire State Building used to be, we’ll be back to: "The president should have known! This proves the failure of his policies over the last six years! We need another all-star
Commission filled with retired grandees!"

Osama bin Metrosexual

Check out a humorous fashion critique ("the look isn't working") by Manolo of the Osama tape here; and, a more serious look at the video message to the Democrats and the American people; in short, "Join Islam or Dye"...ooops, that's "Die" Osama actually made a "no new taxes pledge" ...which ofcourse is unlikely if the tax and spend Dems get more influence than they have now re: quitting the War in Iraq; OR, win enough seats in the '08 Congress to steam roll Republicans.

Gosh, the Democrats have picked-up strange political advisors: Castro is for Hillary and Obama(Sure Winners?). Chavez does a stand-up comedy act at the UN lounge against GW Bush; and now this? Osama writing the Democrat talking points. Boy he's really scared the Bush brigades will drive his minions out of Iraq, chase them down and exterminate them where ever they pop up.
Boooo Yaaaaa!! Vote Republican!!

Petraeus and Crocker Talk Iraq *

If you care to comment on the testy hearings about the progress of the Iraq Surge etc.,...go here today for a real time blogging of the event.

*My friends at Hard Starboard have complete coverage of Petraeus' and pictures of the Code Pink wackos. It's all you need.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Hampshire GOP Debate

If you want to talk about the GOP Debate last night...the one that Fred Thompson played a no-show and declared on Jay Leno, I posted a few thoughts in forum format here. Let's talk.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day BUZZzzzzzz

(Good Morning Iraq!!)
President Bush, Secy of State Condi Rice and Secy of Defense Robert Gates surprised every one of us by dropping in on the troops in Iraq today. His visit is part of a full offensive to pave the way for Gen.Patraeus' testimony to Congress. Patraeus will note the military success in Anbar and Baghdad, ask for more time and get it, and tell the Congressmen that political progress is up to them.

Most significant quote from Bush's visit: "When we begin to draw down it will be from a position of strength and success, not from a position of fear and failure or a nervous reaction by DC politicians to poll results in the Media."

(Shame on them)
The D-featocrats have been twisting the reports from Iraq for weeks now...they ignore the signs of progress and concentrate on the political difficulties that the Maliki government seems unable to improve. It's note worthy that Maliki scolds the Democrats by referencing Hillary's "it takes a village" metaphor.

Iraqis clearly feel that the Democrats will abandon them if left unchecked by President Bush and the Republicans. Not a favorable bumpersticker in an election year?

[Democrats Always Quit!!] Count on it.

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID) resigned effective as of Sept. 30th...let's hope it's the last we hear of tap dancing in men's bathrooms. No surprise? All Republicans wanted him to go..rumors of his potty exploits were circulating for some time.

After threatening to stick around because of a few encouraging words from legal supporters and Dems sensing a bloody feeding frenzy in an election year, Craig has changed his stance again and decided wisely to resign at the end of this month. Probably, the refusal of the Senate Ethics Committee to drop the investigation forced Craig to come to his senses and fade into the Idaho sunset.

Fred Thompson said he'll declare officially on Sept. 6th and begin his non-campaign in earnest. Sheeesh..another disappointment. His few appearances over the summer have been painfully UNremarkable...the "wishful thinking" comparisons to Reagan have belittled him. Reagan had a clear and consistent message; so far Thompson has none except that he's a Conservative.

Thompson's formal declaration happened on the Jay Leno Show. He skipped the GOP Debate in NH and went for the ratings and viewership on Late Night TV. New Hampshire voters are not amused; either is Iowa. Let's see what his poll ratings are at the end of next week?

WMDs found at UN...Officials located vials of hazardous chemicals that were sent to NY in 1996 from a bombed out research and development building at Iraq's main chemical weapons facility at Muthana, near Samarra. A second package was found containing "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance reference standards in sealed glass tubes." (Notify the Wilsons?)

(Tastes like chicken?)
North Korea has promised to dismantle their Nuclear Program. Most likely China's applied pressure in order to ensure visitors to their Olympic Sites that there's no danger of nuclear fallout from a lunatic neighbor like Kim Jong IL.

Of late, China has been losing face because of it's lead based and poison exports to the USA and world markets...In efficient Communist style, the government took care of the problem by quickly executing those deemed responsible. Still, the scandal reminds me of days of old when cats disappeared in neighborhoods around Chinese restaurants. Yuk.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sen.Larry Craig's Bathroom Bust

If you want to talk about this scandal in a forum format, I've posted an article in the Hope to see you there.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dem Primary Heats Up

Viet Nam Lessons

President Bush treated the Democrats to taste of their own bitter medicine when speaking to the Vets of Foreign Wars. He brilliantly compared the aftermath of our withdrawal from Viet Nam to what might happen if the Dems have their way in Iraq. He shamed the Dems in Congress for voting over and over again to repeat that horrific genocide by abandoning Iraq. Dems were dare he use our quagmire to describe HIS stupid war?

"One unmistakable legacy of Viet Nam is that the price of America's withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens whose agonies would add to our vocabulary new terms like boat people, re-education camps and killing fields." If we lose, we not only embolden al Qaeda and Iran but will consign hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to their graves.

What outrages the quitters is the suggestion that Viet Nam might've ended better had we persevered...quitting Iraq could have worse consequences for our Iraqi allies, stability in the Middle East and ultimately, the security of the people of the United States and the World.

Cat fight!!

The spouses have taken on the "heavy weight" Senator. It's difficult with a female contender in the Presidential race for the men to take a swipe at Hillary without immediately being called abusive and heavy it seems that the wives of the serious candidates have taken off the white gloves and slapped Mrs.Clinton silly.

Elizabeth Edwards started it off by saying her husband John does more for women than Hillary. Michelle Obama poked at Mrs.Clinton's marriage when she said: If you can't manage your own house, you can't run the WH.

However, remember when Jimmy Cagney squashed a grapefruit in a nagging woman's face? How about when Carey Grant pushed Kate Hepburn in the face and knocked her down in the Philadelphia story? The point is that men CAN and MUST handle Hillary the same way they'd treat a male opponent...afterall, Hillary is no shrinking violet..she's not even nice or lady-like...she deserves to be treated as an equal...Big But..wear your cup..she hits below the belt.

Dems get Gonzo

Alberto Gonzales resigned today after Dems relentlessly whacked him like a piniata. Even some Republicans joined the party after Gonzales performed less than satisfactorily when he testified before the Judiciary Committee regarding the dismissal of US Attorneys.

The AG did nothing criminal but that didn't stop the mob from calling for his dismissal or Impeachment. It was a major distraction for Justice. Gonzales broke no laws; he wasn't driven out, he left at a time of his own choosing. The end of August is the best time to get out...most citizens are too busy weathering their own storms to notice or care about the details surrounding the departure of any DC resident. He's gone, who's next?

Will Bush yield to the wishes of the Democrats and nominate a neutral, wishy-washy nominee or god forbid, a Democrat who'll be confirmed without much ado? Hell no, I hope not..stick it to the Democrats whose approval ratings are as lower than his and choose someone like Ted Olson that'll drive them crazy...He's the lawyer extrodinaire who won Bush v. Gore in 2000. (His wife Barbara was killed in the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/ll.)

Ted Olson will not shrink under questioning from the Judiciary Committee; his confirmation battle will be a cake walk compared to the Supreme Court argument that made Bush President and Gore just one more Democrat loser.

Republican malaise

Republicans voters are lethargic...none of the top tier candidates seem able to fire us up. My man McCain has yet to make a comeback. The Media, although not attacking him are ignoring him (that's worse). The Rinos in the race, Mitt and Rudy are trying to out do the other's Conservative credentials...what an exercise in futility, a joke. Fred Thompson still hasn't declared...if it ever was his time, it's come and gone. Miles to go before we wake, if ever.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lazy Hazy Primary Race

Rudy's Alien Sanctuary

Nothing exposes Rudy Giuliani to attack from Republicans more than his history on Illegal Immigration. During his reign as mayor New York City was a "sanctuary" for illegals (says Mitt Romney). Ofcourse Rudy's changed his tune to appeal to the hard core Republican Primary voters but this flip flop seems undeniable since his words and deeds are part & parcel of Hizzoner's 8 year record.

You tell me if Rudy is tough enough on non-citizens to satisfy the Tancredo mob? He guaranteed undocumented immigrants access to schools, health care and the police were ordered to disregard their status, a policy adopted from Democrats Koch and Dinkens.

"Some of the hardest working and most productive people in this city are undocumented aliens," said Rudy in 1994. "If you come here and you work hard and you happen to have undocumented status, you're one of the people who we want in this city."

Is that the policy we want applied throughout the Country if Rudy Giuliani becomes President?

Karl Rove....At Large

To the regret of his Democrat harassers, Karl Rove will leave the WH on his own terms (not handcuffed) at the end of August.

The Democrat obsession "to get Rove" came to naught; however, they'll persist in the hunt for the "white whale"..try to drag him before Congress to testify in the Gonzo scandal and attempt to probe the "secrets" of the Bush Administration regardless of the Executive Privilege extended to Rove by President Bush. The Wilsons (Valerie and Joe) will miss him also...Tsk, tsk..sore losers.

Those Democrats who detest him should take seriously Rove's final advice in the Wall Street Journal: "Do not imagine that Democrats have the 2008 election in the bag." Hmmm...wonder if Rove will work behind the scenes to promote a Republican candidate for '08?

Iowa Straw Poll

As expected Mitt Romney "bought" the top spot in the Iowa Straw Poll. His organizational skills are impressive, but more importantly...very expensive. One wonders if he'd be as willing to spend taxpayer money on government programs and entitlements as he is to promote himself?

Mike Huckabee came in second on a shoe string budget---Huckabee served watermelon from Arkansas while Romney fed top notch barbeque to Iowans out for free food & a bus ride for their votes...can't beat that? Huckabee's a nice guy but most likely no one will remember who came in second in a Republican fundraiser this time next year.

Notably, John McCain and Rudy Giuliani did not participate in the Straw Poll but will be competitive in the Iowa Caucus for votes that count in the race to win the Republican Primary.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Illegals are US

The "do nothings" in Congress put a stake in the heart of President Bush's *compassionate conservative* Immigration Reform Bill. (Phone calls and emails galore from grass rooters!!) His metamorphosis from Lame Duck to Dead Duck is complete. Rest assured any attempt at a comprehensive Immigration package will not rear it's ugly head again during this President's reign OR the next; if she's a Democrat.

In the meantime it would be wise for the Republicans to enforce the border rules on the books preventing illegals from entering this country and deport the law breakers (stop catch and release) to avoid an increase in the mystery count of 12 to 20 million illegals here already who with the failure of this Bill maintain a de facto Amnesty (they're here and they're NOT goin anywhere?)

Plus, we should realize it is necessary to formulate a fool proof, revolving workers program (that does NOT automatically lead to citizenship) to fill the needs of the business/agro community but doesn't infringe on employment opportunities for Americans. Perhaps a tamper proof ID card too?

It's ironic that we're making such a fuss about developing a workable immigration program for Mexicans, when old Europe, Russia and Japan are in horrible shape due to their laissez faire open border immigration process that combined with changing demographics, especially a low birth rate, foretells a bleak future. The growing Muslim population will reshape the cultures of European countries while radical Islam has begun to revolt and demand that Europeans change to suit the Islamic caliphate established right under the secular noses of unsuspecting Euros.

Europeans have stopped breeding?...what happened to those sexy french? I'm still laughing..their birthrate is l.5 mil down from 2.1...Islamic immigrants will soon outnumber the natives.

Japan will lose up to 60 million of its citizens over the next 30's maintained a monoethnic country...if it doesn't open up to immigrants..Japan is destined for economic downfall.

Russia loses 1 million in growth a year...Putin is fully aware of the demographic problems within his country and hopes that as the economy improves, families will get larger. Islamic terrorists have killed Russian citizens in Moscow and most lately a school full of young children was attacked and hundreds brutally shot and killed on the spot. gosh, second generation Muslims are turning on the Brits that gave them shelter....Thursday two car bombs that coulda killed and maimed hundreds were found in Piccadilly.

So it seems to me that we in the USA don't have it as bad...Mexicans are the same religion as most Muslims or terrorists among them; and most of our US Muslims have assimilated better here (we do multi-culturalism better than Europe); however, moderate Muslims SHOULD condemn the radical thugs who kill innocents in the name of Allah and defame a religion *they* claim is Peaceful.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Under the Weather

A bleak sheet of ice and sleet hit the Northeast just as gardeners like myself, convinced by the exceptionally warm winter as of January that summer was just around the corner, were day-dreaming in shirt sleeves of warm April showers to prompt bright pastel colored May flowers. However, AGAIN!!, that miserable ground hog was WRONG.

Watching politics on TV has been depressing since R-thumpin in November, but never more so than these past few months when Gen.Pelosi micro-manages the War and wobbly Republicans duck and cover from streaming, screaming videos from YouTube & MySpace. On top of that, D-operatives rolled out two more trumped up scandals; namely, 8 US Attorneys fired. As it turns out, a President can hire & fire a US Attorney at his pleasure. It was incorrect and disconcerting to the Attorneys to hear that these public dismissals were for "performance" when they were told nothing of the sort and knew otherwise.

The timing of this new Gonzo Hit couldn't have been better; it came on the heels of "public outrage" over substandard treatment of wounded Iraqi vets at Watlter Reed Army Medical Center. The VA has had problems delivering services since my grandfather was a patient. Remember!! The VA is Federal Health Care..loaded with bureaucracy and basically inefficient. If the Dems have their way, we'll all be getting our health care from the VA aka Universal or Hillary Care.

Democrats are trying to make the Iraq War go away by giving up the fighting and digging up political distractions at home against Republicans who seem incapable of preventing it. Republicans are shell shocked. ME? I'm underwhelmed.

Gen.Patraeus, who was confirmed unanimously by this fickle Congress, reports that progress is evident due to the "surge" tactics in Baghdad. The Congress of the US can not agree that the best way to end this War is to WIN it. Passing a binding or non-binding Resolution that questions success BEFORE the mission is complete does not bolster morale or support the troops carrying it out.

Notice:The Dems don't use the words "win" or "victory"...their idea of "finishing" a war is cutting off funding, followed by a hasty retreat. Viet Nam is D-model.

Friday, January 12, 2007


President Bush's recommitment to achieving safety and security for all the people in Baghdad, uplifts the dispirited morale and brightens the withering hopes of embattled Sunni and Shiite residents alike.

"Maybe the Americans aren't running away after all?" Said a Sunni resident after Bush revealed the details of his plan to fight with the Iraqi Military to implement PM Maliki's determination to confront and eliminate the violent insurgency in Baghdad. "The message seems to be that the United States will remain engaged as long as Bush is in the White House."

The fear that the Bush Administration, hammered by public polls and an insanely critical Media and Congress, might "cut and run" from the conflict in Iraq, has been at the root of the virulent Insurgency since Iraq's liberation in 2003. The Insurgents, instigated by Iran and Syria, have persisted in killing Iraqis not out of an unrealistic hope that they could defeat US forces on the battlefield, but to strengthen the anti-war lobbies in the United States and Britain, culminating in the massive loss of pubic support and a precipitous retreat from the War for Iraq.

The new Surge Plan signaled that the Iraqi Army and the Maliki Government will be empowered by an increase in American troops and is finally on the offensive. During the last two years the Jihadis, Saddam loyalists and al Sadr's Army have been allowed to kill Iraqis unrestrained by the Iraqi Military and Police or the US Military (that's been mostly in a self-defense small footprint mode). In 2006, US forces initiated only 11 operations against the Jihadis and let al Sadr's militias run wild through the streets murdering Sunnis and government loyalists at random.

Iraqis remember how joint operations of the US and Iraqi Military in Fallujah, Najaf, Samarrah and Sadr City were called off or truncated due to political pressure from Iraq's Unity Government. To counteract this perception, PM Maliki has given President Bush and the disheartened people of Iraq, assurances of his conviction at this time, to "hunt down and destroy" al Qaeda and Saddamistist terrorists, al Sadr's Iranian backed Army of insurgents and all militias and death squads currently slaughtering 1000 Iraqis every month. If he means it and sticks to his'll be a brighter day for Iraqis, GW Bush, the US Military and the entire Middle East.

Sadly, there is more renewed hope for a successful outcome in Iraq than in DC. What a shame? The hysterical proclamations of disaster by the Democratic Majority, giddy to hang GW Bush on a poll, is so partisan it's revolting. WORSE, inexplicably ignorant of the impending consequences of a loss in Iraq to our long term National Security and furthermore, absent even an inkling of concern over the resulting turmoil throughout the entire Middle East.

Democrats' intractable mind set trumpets loud and clear to the World..the Democrat Party, once again, has earned the label of *Defeatists*...incapable of mustering the guts to ever make a strong stand for American interests...unable and unwilling to WIN any War, any Place, any Time.