Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Pope Talks Turkey

On the first day of the Pope's historic trip to Turkey, apparently Benedict angered the radical Islamists in Turkey and Jihadis in Iraq as well, when he pointedly called for all religions to stand against violence. He emphasized that message when he recalled the 3 priests killed in Turkey as retribution over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed published earlier this year in Denmark.

Iraq's Al Qaeda wing poisoned his first papal trip to a Muslim nation by declaring that the Pope is attempting to lure Turkey away from its Islamic roots.

"The visit of the Pope in reality is meant to add momentum to the crusader campaign on the land of Islam after failures of crusader leaders to extinguish the flame of Islam among our Muslim brothers in Turkey. He wants to wipeout their Islamic heritage..and to guarantee that they stay in the quaqmire of secularism."

The Pope has flown into a political crisis within Turkey between the governing Justice and Development Party which wants public life to be more Islamic, and the Turkish military that supports the 20th Century secular constitution established by Kemal Ataturk. If internal dissent erupts to the degree of a Military Coup, Turkey's chances of being accepted in the EU will be slimmer than they are now.

Benedict's mission is to address John Paul II's death bed regrets, namely: that he had failed to establish a close rapprochement with the Orthodox Christian churces; that a united Europe was becoming not merely secular but godless, and that his reaching out to the Islamic world had not met with success.

Orthodox Christians..Benedict met with Patriarch Bartholomew and his flock of a mere 2,000 people. The Pope's visit might call attention to how oppressed by the Turkish government, Orthodox Christians are: I was accutely aware that the government of Turkey faced sharp criticism from the West for putting novelists, historians and journalists on trial, I had not heard before of the disgraceful conditions to which the patriarch of Constantinople and his church remain subject to this day. The patriarch is not permitted to own property, including the churches in its jurisdiction.

On reaching out to the Islamic world and influencing secular elitists in Europe..the Pope has "great trust and hope" that his trip to Turkey will be a positive step toward achieving those goals..but Pope Benedict has a lot more faith than I for a peaceful Islamic world or that Turkey "has always been a bridge between cultures, a place of meeting and dialogue."

Afterall....Istanbul ain't Constantinople anymore?

Friday, November 24, 2006

Rudy Giuliani..Liberal Slayer?

By his enemies shall ye know him. And I'm not talking about social conservatives in the Republican Party who oppose his position on abortion and his support for homosexual domestic's the other things that New Yorkers know about Rudy Giuliani that will boost his acceptablility among Republican voters in the '08 Primary.

The New York Civil Liberties Union used the Courts 30 times to attempt to dismantle Hizzoner's efforts to use zoning laws to rid neighborhoods of porn shops..every one failed. Rudy used effective governing & legal tactics against idiotic Liberal groups to transform Times Square from a haven for hookers, pimps, addicts, drug dealers and shoddy porn shops into a family friendly attraction for tourists and New Yorkers alike. Remarkable!

He fought the New York Times, race barons (like Al Sharpton) and the dominant liberal establishment in NYC throughout his entire 2 terms as Mayor. They despised him. On so many "right wing" issues (a Dem tag) he out maneuvered the powerful Left Wing contingent. To name a few; the misuse of the welfare system. He instituted an ID card for all Welfare recipients; overnight 80,000 crooks were eliminated from the rolls; the destructive effects of Bilingual education, misuse of public money by municipal unions, the need for tax cuts, strong support of the city's police force, resulting in the drastic reduction of all crimes, from squee-gee misdemeanors to homicides.

That said; As a New Yorker I know Rudy is a proven Liberal Slayer but it is more likely that Rudy will calculate the odds and throw his support to Sen. John McCain. Considering McCain's ultra-conservative voting record, the War-Hero-Maverick will have better odds of convincing social Conservatives in the Primary that he can pick up more than enough votes in the '08 Presidential race to defeat the first woman candidate for President of the USA, Hillary Clinton.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Majority flip -- Minority flop

Minority Majority

The Media Pundits, after intense cheerleading for a Democratic take over of Congress, are now in the position of reporting on D-Winners awkward transition to power.

Yesterday Nancy, speaker in waiting Pelosi, lost her first leadership battle. She not only supported John, get out now, Murtha, she strong armed the new arrivals who had given their support to Steny Hoyer (D-Md) while on the campaign trail. It was a rout..149-86. Hoyer a competent, experienced deal maker had the votes sowed up a week ago and said so did Murtha, say so, that is.

In the days prior to the secret vote, John Murtha's brush with bribery in 1980, his characterization of the anti-perks Ethics Package, as crap & his excessive use of "ear marks" to stock his district with pork, was written about in the liberal New York Times, the Washington Post et al, all hard hitting opinions dismayed at Pelosi's decision to pick this fight for an ethically challenged Murtha.

The grainy black & white FBI scam video was aired on every 24/7 Cable Channel..Nancy's election night promise, that the Democrats would run the most ethical Congress in history sounded like poo. In contrast, the Republicans, if they argued at all, did it behind closed doors and quickly chose the same old leadership. No surprises in the House, Boehner and Blunt took GOP top jobs.

In the Senate, Mitch McConnell took Minority leader and Trent Lott made a come back by handily defeating Lamar Alexander for the Minority whip position. Lott was tossed out of the Majority Leader slot when he praised Strom Thurmon, a segregationist at his 90 something Birthday Party. The victory was sweet for Lott who had been treated shabbily by his Senate cohorts and the WH. Frist took his spot and didn't do as well herding the cats as the supreme schmoozer.

Iraq-Hot Potato

Just hours after the Democratics' sweep of both Houses of Congress, congratulatory messages started to flood in from Anti-American enemies and Bush haters. Al Qaeda in Iraq was giddy with the expectation of their own sweep through Iraq. They added that they dream of blowing up the dirtiest House in the USA, the WH.

Europe interpreted the Dem win as a condemnation of the Bush Administration by the American people. All the critics are hopeful that the Dems' defeatist attitude will rule and Al Qaeda & Iran will be given free reign by the Pacifist Party to easily dominate Iraq, moveon to the Arab States and ultimately visit us here at home or deliver a package in time for Christmas.

General Abizaid testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee this week and clearly explained the dire consequences of a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq. Hillary Clinton, speaking as the standard bearer for the Democrats, expressed the conventional incompetence so prevalent with Democrats at War: She bemoaned: "Hope is not a strategy." Abizaid countered her pessimism: "Either is despair. When I come to DC I feel despair. When I'm in Iraq with my commanders, when I talk to our soldiers, when I talk to the Iraqi leadership, they are not despairing. They believe that they can move the country toward stability with our help. And I believe that.."

If Democrats get their way and our troops leave before Iraq can defend itself, not only will thousands of our Iraqi allies be slaughtered or enslaved, the entire region threatened by an emboldened bunch of thugs and the reputation of our Military and Country's committment defamed..but the responsibility for this catastrophe will belong to the defeatist Democrat Party...they may have won the election, but they'll lose the War.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Purple Power

In case GOP gurus haven't noticed yet, the key to the Democratic Party's win Tuesday was their shift to the Center...there was no upsurge in voter acceptance of Liberalism across the Country. The Democrats that picked up Republican seats were atleast moderately Conservative on social issues: abortion, guns, taxes, immigration, affirmative action, gay marriage and eminent domain.

But why were voters so eager to replace a Republican with a Democrat in a clear rebuke of the Republican Party?

First, the GOP disregarded the growing Independent and Moderate block. Rove and Mehlman insisted to the end that "the Center" was too few in numbers to affect the outcome of any race and revving up the tried and true base was the way to victory. Up to ten days before the election, polls showed that 29% of voters were still up for grabs; and exit polls showed that 3 out of 5 of them decided on the Democrat. Half the Democratic House pickups were in the HEARTLAND. They got half of the surburban vote and took 48% of rural voters. Additionally, 27 of the 40 most competitive Democratic House candidates pledged to join the centrist New Democratic Caucus which opposes Liberal Democrats.

Secondly, the Republican base, social and fiscal conservatives alike, were profoundly dissatisfied with the performance of incumbents up for re-election and the Republican Congress as a whole. In particular, their failure to adhere to the ideological principles of the Conservative base; namely, limited government & spending, plus the lack of oversight that sadly led to rampant and embarrassing corruption, extinguished their enthusiasm. The impression that R-Congress had succumbed to the obsession of maintaining Power and devouring Money for their personal enrichment, neutralized Rove and Mehlman's efforts to motivate the base to reinstate the disappointing Republican Party Majority.

Democrats won in districts and States that have been reliably Republican Red. The location of this year's winners not only validates Democrats' 50 State Strategy but finishes the notion that elections are won by BASE voters alone. Democrats will be competitive in ALL States from now on..if the GOP ignores the expansion of the Centrist Constituency they will remain a minority Party in 2008 and beyond.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

'06 Vote:Caveat Emptor

The Democratic Party's success last night was due to New York's Sen. Chuck Schumer and Illinois' Rep. Rahm Emanuel's selection of moderate to conservative candidates in districts and States that usually lean Republican on such issues as: abortion, guns and taxes. Therefore, the result does not portend a radically liberal new Congress or dramatic shifts in policy; i.e, cut and run from Iraq, immediate tax increases or the Impeachment of President George W. Bush.

Democrats did however tap into the emotional discontent of voters with Bush's prosecution of the War in Iraq by labeling every Republican who supported the President's "stay the course" strategy as part and parcel of the "rubber stamp Congress."

Schumer and Emanuel effectively managed to do so without offering a unified solution of their own. In fact, the Liberal Democratic Party ousted Joe Liberman in the primary but running state-wide as an Independent and never wavering on his support for winning the War, he trounced anti-war candidate Ned Lamont. But in Rhode Island, anti-war Liberal Republican Lincoln Chaffe, who voted NO for the War, unlike most of the Democrats, lost because he was a Republican whose victory might determine the majority in the Senate.

By remaining vague, Democrats forged an alliance with those who opposed the War from the beginning and those who supported the invasion but passionately disagree with how Bush has handled the transformation of Iraq into a peaceful Democracy. They've backed away from the radical "cut & run" anti-war faction who demand withdrawal of all troops NOW.

The new Democratic Congress realizes that the consequence of a hasty retreat will most certainly result in the slaughter of our Iraqi allies and the fall of Iraq to Islamic terrorist elements and perhaps, Iranian domination. Plus a defeat in Iraq will validate the perception of a Democratic Party that's weak on Defense and unable to protect Americans from Islamic terrorists or any enemy for that matter. They, as the new majority, will be responsible to the American people for the results of their actions.

The American people clearly voted for change. What that "change" means is as yet undefined by the Democrats. They have two years to show us that they're in sync with all the Democrats, Republicans and Independents that voted for them.

IF they deliver perpetual investigations of Bush Administration's "lies," defeat in Iraq, weakness on National Security vis a vis appeasement of BinLaden and failure to understand the real and present danger of international Islamic terrorism, by amending the Patriot Act, discontinuing NSA surveillance and granting terrorists the same legal rights as American citizens, then they are dangerously deluded.

IF their interpretation of "change" does not tally with that of the people who elected them; in '08, the fickle political pendulum will knock the Democrats Right out of the majority by the election of Republicans with a defined positive message and a Republican President who will exemplify the ethics and principles that keep the United States of America invincible and safe from all challengers of our freedom to make that change over and over again.