Saturday, June 24, 2006

Away Games/Back the Fight

Democrats formed a circular firing squad this week as they presented unpopular Amendments to the Republican's "Win the War" Resolution; i.e., "cut & run" (Kerry/Feingold) and "cut and jog" (a phased withdrawal-(Levin/Clinton)." Both failed, Rs passed 60-39 in the Senate and 256-153 in the House, giving twin victories to Republicans in both Houses of Congress and casting Democrats in the unflattering light of being divided & clueless when it comes to the Military, Defense, National Security and War. President Bush's policies received resounding support from his Party. United atlast.

After the successful bombing & killing of Zarqawi, combined with the selection of the last two remaining cabinet members by the Iraqi Government, the timing of Democratic cries to abandon the mission before achieving victory is unfortunate for the Democratic Party's fleeting hope of presenting themselves as convincing, competent alternatives to their respective local Republican opponents and to national constituencies as well. Democrats will be wearing that vote to run from Iraq like millestones around their necks..votes to "cut & run" will be flaunted with relish by campaigning Republicans in 2006.

The Republicans did a clever thing bringing this resolution up for votes and debate at this time. For months they've been running scared from the war and our embattled President...enter an UNindicted Rove. He read the tea leaves and instructed the Party and scaredy-cat incumbents to stay on THIS message...WE ARE making progess in Iraq; it IS the hot front in the War on Terror. Although Democratic debate is stuck in reverse; i.e., Bush Lied, No WMDs, an illegal war..and so's not helpful to rehash over and over again WHY we went to war..that's history. It's time to MAKE HISTORY (the earth shook)..We are there now and we must fight till we win. The repercussions of early withdrawal would be catastrophic to the future of the Iraqi people, the stability of the region and, ultimately, to the security of Americans at home...and the voters know it.

Polls may say the War is wrong and was a mistake. But politicians, whose careers live and die not by polls but by actual votes are clearly being guided by a different understanding of what the people who vote truly believe. The little guy believes in the superiority of our Armed Forces, that America is a force for good in the World, that unilateralism is NOT a dirty word but often a necessity when wordy diplomats stall and talk endlessly but do nothing...Simply, Americans Want to Win. Republicans believe the ONLY OPTION is Victory. There is no better fit with the mood of the nation..Win or Lose? Your choice.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Santorum's Last Stand

Sen. Rick Santorum R-Pa, who happens to be 17pts down in the polls against D-pro-lifer Casey, hustled to the Senate Floor and declared: "We found WMDs!" Rick was referring to an old find of about 500 duds.

It didn't take long for pundits to point out the fools fallacy and for the Pentagon to say: "Not exactly?" AND, the WH remained silent (for three years?) about something that COULD get Bush off the WMD bandwagon. Rick was duped. Who ever sold him that this"bombshell" was news that could help him win a few votes, must've been working for Casey?

Expect to see Casey campaign ads showing R-boy Rick declaring emphatically:"WE FOUND W.M.Ds!!" Followed by, "liar, liar, pants on fire! Do you want this man to represent you? Want the truth? Casey.": (something "ditsy Democrat" like that?)...the ads are probably already in the can and ready to go) Dirty tricks?

Beware Republican incumbents, the Dems are not all donkeys and they are determined to knock off enough Republicans to achieve a majority...somewhere, anywhere...THEY are ruthless when desperate.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2 GIs Captured

The bodies of two PFCs captured in Iraq on Friday were recovered today. At first their IDs were not confirmed by the Pentagon leading to speculation of torture and post mortem mutilation. An autopsy will determine the exact cause of death..let's hope no pictures are leaked to the MSM or posted on the net...imagine how the families of these boys would feel...Have mercy even if the Islamo-devils have none.

These men were tricked at a check point by a planned enemy distraction that left the three alone at the check point while the rest of the men responded to the ruse...although it was reported that only one soldier was killed by an explosion and the other two taken alive, perhaps all three were killed and the two dead bodies were carted off to be used as pin cusions and a show of power by a gang still mourning the loss of their leader Zarqawi.

The brutality of Islamic Jihadis is something that can not be allowed to spread and survive..The ideology is the antithesis of all modern, free, civilized societies. Make no mistake about it..if we do as the Dems say and quit..THIS enemy will follow us home. Thank God for a dedicated man like President Bush...Wind-surfer Kerry and the "cut and run" Lefties can not be trusted to protect this country through protracted bloody battles...they are quitters ALL...did you hear? It's a policy?

Monday, June 19, 2006

The Week That Was

Did you miss it? Good news for the Bush Administration? Most news outlets are moving on, praying for a drop in the polls or a Republican addition to the culture of corruption. If a Democratic President had the week that Bush had he'd be hailed as the next FDR, Truman or Kennedy.

Zarqawi was flattened by 2 500 lb bombs; the Iraqi Government is complete; a joint offensive is underway to clean up the capitol city of Baghdad; and Bush pulled an inspiring, secret visit to Iraq to look the President in the eyes and tell him to get a move on and provide security and creature comforts to the embattled citizens. Bush's fate rests with the stamina and competence of the newly elected Government. (With a little help from the World's only Super Power for as long as need be) President Bush is not a quitter...polls, negative Press, ornery Democratic pundits, scaredy cat Republicans..nothing will deter him from his goal in Iraq or the War on Terror.

Bush finished off the week with a statement by Fitzgerald that Karl Rove will NOT BE INDICTED. Too bad the news fell on disbelieving ears; "He got away with it," "The President should fire him anyway." The frantic bunch were hoping to get Rove, or Cheney or Bush..they "got" Libby.

Democrats and the MSM hung on to the Plame Leak for YEARS. Scooter Libby, an obscure aide to Cheney, is the only one indicted, and NOT for LEAKING but for lying (maybe) to the Grand Jury. A chump-change rap for sure..Fitzgerald may not even be able to prove his case against Libby.

Upon hearing that he was in the clear, Rove launched a tirade of insults at the Democrats...stinging them for their "cut and run," retreat at all costs strategy to LOSE yet another War. Dems are making a big mistake trying to make this mid-term about Iraq..they're out of their element with National Security or Winning a War. They called Somalia a "change of direction"and suggested the Bush Administration do the same. Yeah right, withdraw, re-deploy, cut and run, give up...quit.

Kerry is wind surfing again...first he voted for the he wants a pull out date certain by the end of 06..Oh wait, he's changed his mind once again...he's given the USA another six months to leave the Iraqis flat. Does he realize how indecisive and clueless he sounds? Dems beware! The momentum is always with a positive clear message...and it appears, Democrats up for re-election are not sure which direction to change to:<<<--------------+------------------>>> and NO definitive LEADERship to follow.

Even though the Good Week will be long forgotten, Republicans should capitalize on the Democrats' disarray and fire up enough voters to maintain majorities in both Houses.