Friday, November 24, 2006

Rudy Giuliani..Liberal Slayer?

By his enemies shall ye know him. And I'm not talking about social conservatives in the Republican Party who oppose his position on abortion and his support for homosexual domestic's the other things that New Yorkers know about Rudy Giuliani that will boost his acceptablility among Republican voters in the '08 Primary.

The New York Civil Liberties Union used the Courts 30 times to attempt to dismantle Hizzoner's efforts to use zoning laws to rid neighborhoods of porn shops..every one failed. Rudy used effective governing & legal tactics against idiotic Liberal groups to transform Times Square from a haven for hookers, pimps, addicts, drug dealers and shoddy porn shops into a family friendly attraction for tourists and New Yorkers alike. Remarkable!

He fought the New York Times, race barons (like Al Sharpton) and the dominant liberal establishment in NYC throughout his entire 2 terms as Mayor. They despised him. On so many "right wing" issues (a Dem tag) he out maneuvered the powerful Left Wing contingent. To name a few; the misuse of the welfare system. He instituted an ID card for all Welfare recipients; overnight 80,000 crooks were eliminated from the rolls; the destructive effects of Bilingual education, misuse of public money by municipal unions, the need for tax cuts, strong support of the city's police force, resulting in the drastic reduction of all crimes, from squee-gee misdemeanors to homicides.

That said; As a New Yorker I know Rudy is a proven Liberal Slayer but it is more likely that Rudy will calculate the odds and throw his support to Sen. John McCain. Considering McCain's ultra-conservative voting record, the War-Hero-Maverick will have better odds of convincing social Conservatives in the Primary that he can pick up more than enough votes in the '08 Presidential race to defeat the first woman candidate for President of the USA, Hillary Clinton.


michele said...
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michele said...

I do hope Rudy runs, at least in the primary. It will be lots of fun to discuss how he moved his mistress into Gracie Mansion while his wife and child were still living there. Then there's the great relationship his mistress has with her daughter. Lots of fun too to talk about his shady connections.

Yep, a Rudy run will underscore those "Republican values" we all hear so much about.