Monday, August 27, 2007

Dem Primary Heats Up

Viet Nam Lessons

President Bush treated the Democrats to taste of their own bitter medicine when speaking to the Vets of Foreign Wars. He brilliantly compared the aftermath of our withdrawal from Viet Nam to what might happen if the Dems have their way in Iraq. He shamed the Dems in Congress for voting over and over again to repeat that horrific genocide by abandoning Iraq. Dems were dare he use our quagmire to describe HIS stupid war?

"One unmistakable legacy of Viet Nam is that the price of America's withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens whose agonies would add to our vocabulary new terms like boat people, re-education camps and killing fields." If we lose, we not only embolden al Qaeda and Iran but will consign hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to their graves.

What outrages the quitters is the suggestion that Viet Nam might've ended better had we persevered...quitting Iraq could have worse consequences for our Iraqi allies, stability in the Middle East and ultimately, the security of the people of the United States and the World.

Cat fight!!

The spouses have taken on the "heavy weight" Senator. It's difficult with a female contender in the Presidential race for the men to take a swipe at Hillary without immediately being called abusive and heavy it seems that the wives of the serious candidates have taken off the white gloves and slapped Mrs.Clinton silly.

Elizabeth Edwards started it off by saying her husband John does more for women than Hillary. Michelle Obama poked at Mrs.Clinton's marriage when she said: If you can't manage your own house, you can't run the WH.

However, remember when Jimmy Cagney squashed a grapefruit in a nagging woman's face? How about when Carey Grant pushed Kate Hepburn in the face and knocked her down in the Philadelphia story? The point is that men CAN and MUST handle Hillary the same way they'd treat a male opponent...afterall, Hillary is no shrinking violet..she's not even nice or lady-like...she deserves to be treated as an equal...Big But..wear your cup..she hits below the belt.

Dems get Gonzo

Alberto Gonzales resigned today after Dems relentlessly whacked him like a piniata. Even some Republicans joined the party after Gonzales performed less than satisfactorily when he testified before the Judiciary Committee regarding the dismissal of US Attorneys.

The AG did nothing criminal but that didn't stop the mob from calling for his dismissal or Impeachment. It was a major distraction for Justice. Gonzales broke no laws; he wasn't driven out, he left at a time of his own choosing. The end of August is the best time to get out...most citizens are too busy weathering their own storms to notice or care about the details surrounding the departure of any DC resident. He's gone, who's next?

Will Bush yield to the wishes of the Democrats and nominate a neutral, wishy-washy nominee or god forbid, a Democrat who'll be confirmed without much ado? Hell no, I hope not..stick it to the Democrats whose approval ratings are as lower than his and choose someone like Ted Olson that'll drive them crazy...He's the lawyer extrodinaire who won Bush v. Gore in 2000. (His wife Barbara was killed in the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/ll.)

Ted Olson will not shrink under questioning from the Judiciary Committee; his confirmation battle will be a cake walk compared to the Supreme Court argument that made Bush President and Gore just one more Democrat loser.

Republican malaise

Republicans voters are lethargic...none of the top tier candidates seem able to fire us up. My man McCain has yet to make a comeback. The Media, although not attacking him are ignoring him (that's worse). The Rinos in the race, Mitt and Rudy are trying to out do the other's Conservative credentials...what an exercise in futility, a joke. Fred Thompson still hasn't declared...if it ever was his time, it's come and gone. Miles to go before we wake, if ever.

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