Monday, December 24, 2007


Oh by gosh by golly...
Because the Iowa caucus date was pushed up to January 3rd this year, the Presidential candidates felt obliged to chime-in on the festivities and deliver personalized Holiday video-cards. Whether the design of these greetings was politically correct, too religious or just right, has become the obsession of the chattering classes, secular pundits and die-hard grinches across the airwaves.

(Oh come all ye faithful)
Mike Huckabee was the first to send out a Christmas Card that celebrated the "birth of Christ." Immediately those fearful that religion is too prominent in politics, started to pick-a-part the Christian leader's greeting as a subliminal effort to manipulate the evangelical vote in Iowa. Sheeesh...just a few weeks ago, Huck wasn't a serious contender worthy of their criticism but now his Christmas Video is scrutinized and probed like it might cause a religious epidemic. All this attention at no cost; is the controversy intentional?

Fiddle-ee-dee, normal people in Iowa and throughout the Country love it. Look again. Is the bookshelf a cross? Take another look? Inspirational, divine lighting from on-high? Shucks, Mike Huckabee is more clever than he looks. He's a talented politician with the charisma of a Bill Clinton. He's spent millions less than any of the other wannabees. He came from no-where, beat the odds and IS the frontrunner? Look again; are you sure it's a cross? Play it again, and again, and again...

(Oh hear the angel voices)
John McCain told his story of captivity in a Vietnamese prison camp during Christmas time; a guard drew the cross in the sand to show a glimmer of humanity and Christmas spirit. McCain's had a rough time of it in his second attempt to be President but this ad reminds us all that he can take it and never give up. "No matter where you are..there will always be someone who can pick you up."

(Rudolph...the most famous reindeer of all)
Rudy Giuliani was in a NY state of mind when he donned a cozy red vest and shared a couch with Santa in his holiday parody. He showed the lighter side of a man under intense fire for past "sins" as Mayor. He chatted with Santa: "I really hope all the presidential candidates can just get along." Rudy is slipping in the polls and this big city Christmas Card didn't help with traditional religious folks far from the Big Apple.

(A few of my favorite things)
Hillary Clinton, an obsessive wonk, sat on a couch surrounded by gifts and tagged them with entitlements paid for by us taxpayers. A chipper Hillary carelessly dolled out the billions in new programs without a hitch; here is Universal Health Care, here is Alternative Energy, Middle Class Tax breaks; Gosh, where is it?...Oh here it is, Universal pre-K.

Billions in gifts for the American people for the price of a vote? And Huckabee's ad is the controversial one?

Barack Obama's card played it safe. His wife Michele and two daughters sat in front of a decorated tree, a fire place warmed the picture; "The things that unite us as a people are more powerful and enduring than anything that sets us apart." Obama hasn't played the race card throughout his entire campaign; he's the One.

(No room in the Inn)
John Edwards used an appropriate theme for his card.."This is the season of miracles, of faith and love." He's spending more money on ads in Iowa than Romney or any one else. This is the man that wants to eliminate poverty, pander to the middle class and lead the "two Americas?" He'll need a miracle.

*Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...Have fun; be safe.*

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