Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2 GIs Captured

The bodies of two PFCs captured in Iraq on Friday were recovered today. At first their IDs were not confirmed by the Pentagon leading to speculation of torture and post mortem mutilation. An autopsy will determine the exact cause of death..let's hope no pictures are leaked to the MSM or posted on the net...imagine how the families of these boys would feel...Have mercy even if the Islamo-devils have none.

These men were tricked at a check point by a planned enemy distraction that left the three alone at the check point while the rest of the men responded to the ruse...although it was reported that only one soldier was killed by an explosion and the other two taken alive, perhaps all three were killed and the two dead bodies were carted off to be used as pin cusions and a show of power by a gang still mourning the loss of their leader Zarqawi.

The brutality of Islamic Jihadis is something that can not be allowed to spread and survive..The ideology is the antithesis of all modern, free, civilized societies. Make no mistake about it..if we do as the Dems say and quit..THIS enemy will follow us home. Thank God for a dedicated man like President Bush...Wind-surfer Kerry and the "cut and run" Lefties can not be trusted to protect this country through protracted bloody battles...they are quitters ALL...did you hear? It's a policy?

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