Monday, June 19, 2006

The Week That Was

Did you miss it? Good news for the Bush Administration? Most news outlets are moving on, praying for a drop in the polls or a Republican addition to the culture of corruption. If a Democratic President had the week that Bush had he'd be hailed as the next FDR, Truman or Kennedy.

Zarqawi was flattened by 2 500 lb bombs; the Iraqi Government is complete; a joint offensive is underway to clean up the capitol city of Baghdad; and Bush pulled an inspiring, secret visit to Iraq to look the President in the eyes and tell him to get a move on and provide security and creature comforts to the embattled citizens. Bush's fate rests with the stamina and competence of the newly elected Government. (With a little help from the World's only Super Power for as long as need be) President Bush is not a quitter...polls, negative Press, ornery Democratic pundits, scaredy cat Republicans..nothing will deter him from his goal in Iraq or the War on Terror.

Bush finished off the week with a statement by Fitzgerald that Karl Rove will NOT BE INDICTED. Too bad the news fell on disbelieving ears; "He got away with it," "The President should fire him anyway." The frantic bunch were hoping to get Rove, or Cheney or Bush..they "got" Libby.

Democrats and the MSM hung on to the Plame Leak for YEARS. Scooter Libby, an obscure aide to Cheney, is the only one indicted, and NOT for LEAKING but for lying (maybe) to the Grand Jury. A chump-change rap for sure..Fitzgerald may not even be able to prove his case against Libby.

Upon hearing that he was in the clear, Rove launched a tirade of insults at the Democrats...stinging them for their "cut and run," retreat at all costs strategy to LOSE yet another War. Dems are making a big mistake trying to make this mid-term about Iraq..they're out of their element with National Security or Winning a War. They called Somalia a "change of direction"and suggested the Bush Administration do the same. Yeah right, withdraw, re-deploy, cut and run, give up...quit.

Kerry is wind surfing again...first he voted for the he wants a pull out date certain by the end of 06..Oh wait, he's changed his mind once again...he's given the USA another six months to leave the Iraqis flat. Does he realize how indecisive and clueless he sounds? Dems beware! The momentum is always with a positive clear message...and it appears, Democrats up for re-election are not sure which direction to change to:<<<--------------+------------------>>> and NO definitive LEADERship to follow.

Even though the Good Week will be long forgotten, Republicans should capitalize on the Democrats' disarray and fire up enough voters to maintain majorities in both Houses.

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