Friday, January 12, 2007


President Bush's recommitment to achieving safety and security for all the people in Baghdad, uplifts the dispirited morale and brightens the withering hopes of embattled Sunni and Shiite residents alike.

"Maybe the Americans aren't running away after all?" Said a Sunni resident after Bush revealed the details of his plan to fight with the Iraqi Military to implement PM Maliki's determination to confront and eliminate the violent insurgency in Baghdad. "The message seems to be that the United States will remain engaged as long as Bush is in the White House."

The fear that the Bush Administration, hammered by public polls and an insanely critical Media and Congress, might "cut and run" from the conflict in Iraq, has been at the root of the virulent Insurgency since Iraq's liberation in 2003. The Insurgents, instigated by Iran and Syria, have persisted in killing Iraqis not out of an unrealistic hope that they could defeat US forces on the battlefield, but to strengthen the anti-war lobbies in the United States and Britain, culminating in the massive loss of pubic support and a precipitous retreat from the War for Iraq.

The new Surge Plan signaled that the Iraqi Army and the Maliki Government will be empowered by an increase in American troops and is finally on the offensive. During the last two years the Jihadis, Saddam loyalists and al Sadr's Army have been allowed to kill Iraqis unrestrained by the Iraqi Military and Police or the US Military (that's been mostly in a self-defense small footprint mode). In 2006, US forces initiated only 11 operations against the Jihadis and let al Sadr's militias run wild through the streets murdering Sunnis and government loyalists at random.

Iraqis remember how joint operations of the US and Iraqi Military in Fallujah, Najaf, Samarrah and Sadr City were called off or truncated due to political pressure from Iraq's Unity Government. To counteract this perception, PM Maliki has given President Bush and the disheartened people of Iraq, assurances of his conviction at this time, to "hunt down and destroy" al Qaeda and Saddamistist terrorists, al Sadr's Iranian backed Army of insurgents and all militias and death squads currently slaughtering 1000 Iraqis every month. If he means it and sticks to his'll be a brighter day for Iraqis, GW Bush, the US Military and the entire Middle East.

Sadly, there is more renewed hope for a successful outcome in Iraq than in DC. What a shame? The hysterical proclamations of disaster by the Democratic Majority, giddy to hang GW Bush on a poll, is so partisan it's revolting. WORSE, inexplicably ignorant of the impending consequences of a loss in Iraq to our long term National Security and furthermore, absent even an inkling of concern over the resulting turmoil throughout the entire Middle East.

Democrats' intractable mind set trumpets loud and clear to the World..the Democrat Party, once again, has earned the label of *Defeatists*...incapable of mustering the guts to ever make a strong stand for American interests...unable and unwilling to WIN any War, any Place, any Time.

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dw said...

Hi Kay,

The GOP has invested EVERYTHING in trying to make this grotesquely ill-considered debacle into a "victory." It's no wonder you guys sound so desperate to transform Iraq from a Republican mistake into EVERYBODY's mistake. A tragedy that profound, naturally you want to everyone to be wrong, instead of just Bush and his enablers.

But it's too late for all that. How many more soldiers have to be killed or maimed just to try to save face for the chickenhawks in the White House?