Monday, January 08, 2007


While myopic Democrats and some Republicans oppose Bush's "surge" strategy for Iraq, they overlook the brillance of the comprehensive changes being initiated by a Commander in Chief determined to retain American power and influence in the ME by insisting on success in Iraq and looking ahead to preventing Iranian hegemony from becoming reality.

Preparation for the long haul:

Last week Bush authorized the permanent enlargement of the Army and Marines which was recommended by many who foresee the increase of deployments throughout the world of US troops in order to continue combating Islamic fascists and Iran's imperialistic aim to establish a Persian Empire in the ME.

The Surge:

Two of Bush's most ardent allies, Sens. Joe Lieberman and John McCain, joined the architect of the plan to win in Iraq, Gen. Jack Keane, and ME expert Fred Kagan Resident Scholar AEI, at a televised presentation at the American Enterprise Institute.

They all called for atleast 30 thousand more troops to control and hold Baghdad and Anbar Province. When this was tried in the spring of '06, the mistake was to rely on Iraqi Police and Military. This time the USA will clear AND HOLD Baghdad and root out Al Qaeda from appears the Sunni leaders in Anabar have had enough of Al Qaeda whose agenda of establishing a Jihadist compound in Iraq by instigating civil war between Shiites and Sunnis, is contrary to Iraqi national goals. The Marines can expect actionable intelligence and side-by-side support from residents weary of foreign terrorists in Anbar.

The Brass Ring:

Lt. Gen. David Patraeus replaced Gen. George Casey to lead our forces in this stage of the War in Iraq. Patraeus has experience with counter-insurgency..he took Mosul and peacified the city and was responsible for training the Iraq Military. Most importantly..he believes the US Military can and MUST succeed in achieving security in Baghdad and Anbar FIRST before political and economic progress is possible. Simply, Iraq is not lost.

Admiral William Fallon has taken over for Gen. John Abizaid as Mideast Commander, signaling that President Bush and the U.S. Navy is preparing for the probability of confrontation with Iran.

U.S., U.K., and Austrailian ships are now headed to the Persian Gulf. In the event that US efforts frustrate Iran in Iraq or someone? hits their Nuclear sites, Tehran will retaliate by trying to close the Gulf of Hormuz by attacking oil platforms and tankers thus preventing the distribution of oil supply to most of the World. Also, Iran will attempt to destroy oil infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates.

The toughest strategic missions to keep the oil flowing to the World, will be done by the US Navy with U.K and Aussie battle groups at our side. GW Bush is planning for any and all contingencies by mobilizing the Navy and Air Force.

Due to the failure to execute his policies in Iraq (by Army Generals), his strategic vision and current grasp of the consequences of failure has been greatly under-rated; however, with new leadership at the helm, all with positive hopes to succeed, coupled with the ability to implement practical, achievable plans, the forecast for the future should be brighter for President Bush, the credibility of the United States and ultimately, the safety of the free World.

President GW Bush will address the nation Wednesday night...let's listen with hopeful, open minds and reject the redundant defeatist rhetoric bloviating from Left Wing Quitters. Afterall, Americans by nature are winners...let's not lose the fight of our lives because of negative spin by an appeasing, anti-war Democrat Majority.

Keep the faith..God Bless America!!

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