Monday, January 14, 2008

Deriding the Dream

Those of us who recoiled at the depths of the dirty Clinton tactics of the 90s, are feeling the same sweaty sickness as she and her minions insideously infect the candidacy of Barack Obama with a lethal racial endemic and get away with it.

(Battle Cry)
When Hillary came in third in Iowa we knew a D-day was coming; but with only 5 days separating the contests, the best she could muster was the last minute weapy moment that drove older feminists to polls to eke out a slim victory for her in NH. However, Sister Clinton's inevitabilty was damaged beyond repair...something drastic had to be done to recapture her hold on HER claim to the Presidency.

(King of the Hill)
The Clintons decided to sacrifice some black votes in SC in order to cast doubt among whites about electing a black man to lead us all. Hillary channelled Lyndon Johnson and intentionally diminished the civil rights movement of Martin Luther King. Her innuendo went like this: MLK gave inspiring speeches (like Obama) he marched, was jailed, and demanded that the government ACT to free his people; but without the legislative power of a white President (like HER), MLK's dream would have never become a reality. It was Lyndon Johnson who strong armed the Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964..not MLK.

She made it sound like Johnson single handidly won the Civil War. The truth is, Johnson had to twist arms to convince some Democrats that they were on the wrong side of a moral imperative whose time had come. They either gave up violent oppression of a whole race of people or the Democratic Party would be defeated for decades to come. It was Republicans who supported black equality and gradually dominated the South.

(Losing Hope)
Her point was that Obama can make all the high minded speeches he wants, but it would take HER and HER alone to make his dream come true. This insinuation was followed by outrage among the black population and black leaders alike. She clarified, she danced on the head of a pin but repeated the same story on Meet the Press and at several campaign stops. Surrogates were in full damage control mode and blamed Obama for stirring up racial animosity. Obama was aghast. He so artfully and wisely avoided the divisive issue of race and now he was expected to comment on what Hillary Clinton had so cleverly slipped into the campaign dialogue.

Obama over estimated her. Hillary Clinton will stoop so low to gain power that a hopeful young man like Barack Obama could never imagine the depths she'll go to win. Hillary Clinton IS his worst nightmare and what that nightmare IS, depends on HER dingy meaning of IS.

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