Friday, April 30, 2010

Like It Is.....

AZ..."show us your papers."

Over-the-top reaction to the signing of the State's strict anti-illegal Law hit the air with this rant by Cardinal Roger Mahony; "I can't imagine Arizonans now reverting to German Nazi and Russian Communist Techniques." (And I thought the Tea Partiers had it bad?) Yeah, Hitler had a come back this week.

That said, all the law does is enforce Federal Immigration Laws already on the books. The Law makes it a state crime for aliens not to have immigration documents on their person. Police officers, after jumping through many just cause hoops, can ask for papers in the course of other police traffic stops. Hardly draconian.

Financial Regulatory Bill

Dodd's Bill is filled with special interest loopholes and exclusions yet it claims to subject all "too big to fail" institutions to tough new regulations; in fact, far from protecting the little guy and sticking it to the fat cats, this bill keeps good, old fashioned political patronage alive and well.


This administration is stock full of Goldmen Sachs luminaries..Goldman contributed enormous sums of money to Obama's campaign; soooo, a "conflict of interest" between the WH and Goldmen Sachs, is not a stretch to surmise. In this climate, Goldman Sachs executives testified before Carl Levin's Senate panel..the result was more farce than discovery. The entire Senate panel showed a bipartisan commitment to poor manners and vacuous arrogance...when they didn't get the answers they went after, they insulted the witnesses.

Imposing regulation and taxes as punishment characterizes a forced transfer of power from private industry and free markets to government. The WH and much of Congress seem determined to punish success and wealth under the failed socialist theory, that IS..Obama's vision for the transformation of America.

Drill Baby Drill?

As the oil spill floats towards the coast of Louisiana, Obama is thanking his lucky stars for the opportunity to take back his only gift to Republicans this year, "off shore drilling." That tentative concession is on hold while Obama's Eco-nerds start writing restrictions for Big Bad Oil as they head for the mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

British Petroleum is responsible for the cost but because they had no back up plan to quickly and effectively stop and clean up a catastrophe of this magnitude...they've endangered the sensitive coastline of the Big Easy AND the drive to drill for demestic oil...BP has a valve that could've stopped the leak, but alas, for some unfathomable reason, this rig did not have a shut off valve, soooo, the pollution continues unabated for about 90 days.

This accident sets back the argument for domestic drilling of oil and gas. Without a doubt, US independence from foreign oil will be stymied as long as Obama is King.

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