Sunday, May 02, 2010

NY:Bomb Scare

Where There's Smoke

If it wasn't for a Street Vendor who warned police of a car fire on Times Square, the crowds of people visiting the City Landmark could have been treated to a ticking bomb scenario...or was it? NY is full of gangs with a gripe....a BOMB is the least it would take to pry the MSM away from the breaking news on the Gulf Spill, AND, ON THEIR CAUSE...whatever that happens to be?

Every demonstrator from Jihadis to NY's small businesses (mayor's bike safe zones) are angry at some one doing business in New York City..they all want their 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight of the News Capitol of the this cynical newyorker will keep her powder dry, atleast till we find out if the IED was armed or if it was...just a "smoking car"?

UPDATE: Faisal Shahzad, a naturalized American citizen from Pakistan, is the Times Square bomber. He trained in terror camps in Pakistan and received money from sources overseas. Arrests of other Pakistanis were made in the NY and other NE States.

Shahzad made his first appearance in court today, he didn't enter a plea to the terrorism charges...the others were arrested on Immigration violations.

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