Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Primary Omen

Ominous results for Obama in today's primaries....the candidate that distanced him or herself from the President and his "transformational" policies..WON.

(Political opportunism isn't selling this year)

After embracing Specter's 60th vote (enabling health care to advance) and Obama's blackmail attempts failed to convince Sestak to clear the field for Arlen, Specter lost. Just when 80 year old Arlen needed the President's appeal and charm the most, Obama DID indeed distance himself from Specter. Most likely, after seeing the latest internal polls, Obama thought better of adding to his growing string of unsucessful endorsements.

Specter chose the worst year to be an incumbent Democrat..."I am not a loyal Democrat" lost with the full backing of the State and Federal Democratic establishment.

(PA 12th district-special election)

Republicans lost Murtha's seat. The winner, Democrat Mark Critz, was endorsed and visited by the "come back kid," Bill Clinton; besides that, his closing argument was: "I'm pro life, I'll stop government spending, I'm against Obamacare, I'll bring jobs home. Mark Critz D-PA is hardly an Obama fawner and definitely not a reliable democratic vote.

(A run-off for Blanche)

The only primary the LEFT can be proud of is Arkansas. Blanche Lincoln was challenged by the left of the Democrat Party, who've been peeved that Obama and Lincoln did not push for the Public Option in Obamacare. Since Blanche Lincoln did not manage to get 50% of the vote needed to win and Bill Halter, scored 44-42, enough to win him a run-off June 8th which he'll probably win; then, promptly lose to the Republican in November, because, Bill Halter is too liberal to win a statewide race in Arkansas, especially this year.

(Tea Party beats R-establishment)

Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) buried his opponent, Mitch McConnell's man, Trey Grayson, 59-35. Paul's acceptance speech saluted the Tea Partiers for their support and for getting the Republican vote out. Rand Paul reflected the mood of the nation when he exclaimed his reason for running and expressed the need for Party factions to unite in purpose to "Take back our Country!"

The Revolution starts in November. Discussion HERE.

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