Monday, October 09, 2006


If the Democrats take the House...

There is more to a possible defeat in the House Elections than the outing of former Rep. Mark Foley; i.e., the War on Terror. Given the records of Democrats poised to take over chairmanships of key committees, it is a frightening prospect for Americans who fear sneak attacks from Islamic terrorists; the nightmare keeps me awake at night.

Charlie Rangel, NY...the House Ways and Means opponent of the Iraq War will exercise the power of the purse and cut the needed funding.

John Conyers of line for the Judiciary Committee: In June in oversaw an unofficial hearing to consider grounds for Impeachment of President Bush. He produced a report claiming the 04 election was stolen in Ohio by the GOP.

Henry Waxman, CA...the Government Reform Committee, he's busy investigating VP Cheney, NOW.

John Dingell of Michigan, Energy Committee..he voted against a resolution supporting Israel against Hezbollah. Q. "You're not against Hezbollah?" A. "No."

John Murtha PA, on record as favoring surrender in Iraq yesterday is in contention to become House majority leader.

Jane Harmon CA the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, a moderate and reasonable thinker on the need for Intelligence and Defense will be ousted by Democrats..

Alcee Hastings, Florida..will probably be her replacement. Hastings, a former federal judge was impeached and removed from the federal bench for corruption and perjury BEFORE coming to Congress. Hastings, who can be bought, will have access to classified intelligence?

Nancy Pelosi CA, Speaker-In-Waiting..The House Democratic Leader believes that America is "not really at war." Also, an impeachment effort is a foregone conclusion.

Democratic leadership of this sort will inflict massive damage to National Security and will initiate endless investigations in order to prevent the President and what's left of the GOP from fighting an aggressive War on Terror that up to now has kept us all safe.

Miles to go before we sleep....

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