Friday, October 13, 2006

Sorry Rick:(

Tonight I saw a debate between Sen.Rick Santorum and Bob Casey. Previously I thought that Rick deserved to lose because he joined the skittish Republicans who avoided support from a beseiged President; but after getting to know his opponent and witnessing the contrasting passion and sincerity displayed by Santorum, I've changed my mind and hope that the Casey voters of PA have too.

Authenticity is a characteristic emitted from Sen. Santorum...his knowledge of the issues from the Economy to National Security, so surpasses that of his opponent that there shouldn't be a doubt in anyone's mind who has the ability to better serve the interests of PA and this Country. Casey's approach to campaigning is to harp on Bush's failed policies and Santorum's connection to them. He doesn't really offer solutions, his answer to every question is to drone on and on about what he thinks the majority of voters think and want to hear without committing to strong beliefs of his own.

Casey is a typical Democrat with no vision, reading from the talking points handed out by Howard Dean. Raising taxes, class warfare, handing out entitlements, amnesty for illegals, appeasing foreign enemies and attacking your opponent for daring to be certain of what is right and saying so. Because Casey was pro-life I figured he was a more conservative Democrat..a better Democrat..but afterall, my Conserative friends were Right..a Democrat is a Democrat..they are all the same.

Sen. Rick Santorum performed better in the debate than Bob Casey and, more importantly throughout his years of public service to PA and this Country..he deserves to Win; he IS the best man.

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