Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley Fallout:Dirty Tricks

As the details of this conveniently timed scandal evolves it is now known that a few Media outlets held these e-mails for over a year but didn't consider them news worthy or publish them.

In July 06, a newly minted blog, StopSexPredators.com, published the Foley e-mails along with sexy accusations. Suspecious comments pointing readers to the scurrilous blog and referencing Foley appeared on The Daily Kos blog, the same liberal blog that sabotaged Sen.JoeLieberman's Web site and attempted to replace him with anti-war candidate, Ned Lamont. Since Friday the more sexually explicit "copies" of Instant Text Messages surfaced and were made public and D-engineered feeding frenzy took off.

So far it's clear, that Foley's untimely outing IS a diabolically planned dirty tricks campaign initiated by agenda-less Democrats to defame Republicans nationally in order to bolster their chances to win close midterm elections and gain the majority over R-discredited bodies.

Mark Foley is gone and of little interest to Democrats...they are after bigger fish; the Speaker, all Republican leadership and any Republican the worms can hook. Make no mistake, dire damage has been done; but take heart, the RNC will get to the bottom of this trawl job and surely will snare the bottom feeders responsible..Democrats all.

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