Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 The Last Week

X-Dictator Saddam Hussein is dead. Saddam was tried, convicted of crimes against humanity and met his fate at the end of a rope at sunrise on Dec.30, 2006

Predictions of violent demonstrations were apparently over hyped..Shiites celebrated in the streets of Sadr City. Kurds remembered the massacre that cost them thousands of men, women and children. Even the Sunnis, except for the die-hard Saddamists, were subdued when they heard the news (and saw hangman's tape). All through Iraq victims of Saddam's 35 years of oppression and brutality were relieved that the "butcher of Baghdad" will never return and would be no more.

Saddam's demise is an end of an era but not the end of Iraq's nightmare. Insurgents will still kill civilians over tribal revenge and power...Baghdad and Anbar Provice are hellish...the Unity Government seems unable to keep Iraqis safe from foreign instigators, Iran and Al Qaeda, who fuel the lethal insurgency with Jihadi reinforcements and mass-murder-gear.

President Bush is mulling over a new "surge" strategy which reportedly will send as many as 50,000 more troops into Iraq with the "defined mission" to focus on stability and security in the troubled areas of Baghdad and Anbar Province and perhaps, border control. IF security is achieved, advisors and trainers will prepare the Iraq Military to eventually fight and hold the Government and Iraq's sovereignty on their own. He plans to address the Nation and possibly gain a skeptical public's support on Jan. 10th, 2007.

All Democrats and many Republicans have little hope that this approach will lead to victory. However, the definition of "Victory" out of necessity has been revised..PROGRESS IS possible with this targeted offensive..staying the course has achieved nothing but escalated violence and arrogant insurgents positive that they'll drive out US forces weakened by the loss of domestic political and popular support.

X-President Gerald Ford died this week at 92. There's plenty of biographical information 24/7 and the State Funeral is underway, RIP.

The President and Congress are out of town on Holiday and news was slow..enter Bob Woodward (State of Denial) who took the sad opportunity to release a taped interview with Ford who stated his opposition to the Iraq War. Woodward was sworn to secrecy until after Ford's death; soooo Woodward didn't waste a nanosecond to capitalize and share the spotlight with a dead President, re: the only memorable and controversial event in Gerry Ford's accidental Presidency..Nixon's pardon. Woodward linked the "nightmare" of Watergate and Nixon's resignation to the unpopular Iraq War, naturally taking a last shot at GW BUSH before the New Year.

X-Senator John Edwards formalized his run for President by shoveling dirt in New Orleans with what he called "the poor." The mediocre xambulance chaser, xSenator and x04 losing candidate, plans to recycle his "Two Americas" strategy (class warfare?) for the '08 Democratic nomination. Rumor has it that the Clinton Camp pressured Edwards to run so that Hillary, in contrast to Edwards and Obama, would have the most "gravitas" i.e., related experience, which would predestine D-nomination for Mrs. Clinton.

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