Monday, September 17, 2007

The Best of Sunday Talk

The Hero and The Zero

Sen. John McCain and Sen. John Kerry debated the Iraq War on Meet the Press. Tim Russert questioned McCain and Kerry with expected results...Russert tried to interrupt but McCain pulled a Cheney, telling Russert to let him finish a thought...and he did. He basically supports Petraeus' plan, rejected surrender, and regrets that the change in strategy was four years in coming. Early on he joined the choir asking for more troops and agressive military action. The "light footprint strategy" was never his call. McCain was a constant critic of Rumsfeld, Gen. Casey and the PR nightmare at AbuGhraib.

However, Tim Russert didn't ask the Presidential candidate about his successful run-in with the Administration over Torture. If the many policy differences McCain has had with the Bush Administration were aired again, no doubt he'd be positioned to ignite the brigades of "middle men" who followed him like lemmings in 2000; and, his come-back would be a done deal. Soooo, I'm left wondering will the Media men support Hillary, someone they obviously don't like? Or are they waiting to see if McCain looks promising for '08 before they jump on the Straight Talk Express? Oooops, that's the "No Surrender" this time around?

The Zero, Kerry, just doesn't know how to relate to every day people..Except for a bigger vocabulary, he sounds the same way he did back in the 70s when he was talking to Congress and dissing the soldiers that fought in Viet Nam. Like most of the Democrats he sees withdrawal as a strategy and defeat as acceptable. In a nutshell, diplomacy is the only correct approach to stabilizing the Middle East.

After drawing down the bulk of combat troops, he suggested small numbers of troops stay to chase Al Qaeda all around Iraq. He doesn't seem to worry about the fate of those vulnerable troops, the long suffering Iraqis, the Arabs in region vis a vis Iran or the possible disruption of OIL to the World's economies. Like most Democrats he just wants to quit and be done with it.

Too bad (for them that is) the Democrats didn't know in 2004 that their candidate didn't have the guts to fight hard and WIN at anything..afterall, what did they expect from a WindSurfer?

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