Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clinton Speaks

Intentional Obfuscation

Is Hillary Clinton the most tight lipped campaigner you ever heard?...Through tough questioning on all the Sunday talk shows, she delivered her maticulously prepared talking points without a hitch.

Why did the presumptive front-runner stick her neck out? To candy coat her orginal vote for the Iraq War; to soften her recent slap at the Petraeus testimony; to mitigate her calculated decision NOT to vote to condemn the "MoveOn Betrayus Ad"; and, to shield her Health Care Plan (that was revealed this week) from the expected blasts from one of her famous propaganda inventions, the Right Wing Conspiracy.

All in all she handled herself like a pro...never diverted from her chosen path The message came through loud and clear no matter what the questioner asked: She takes responsibility for her Iraq vote, then..but avoids saying it was a mistake. Yes, she would change it,now (not to upset the MoveOn PAC). Answer---->> Petraeus, although formidable, is carrying water for the CIC. The troops are doing a wonderful job but there's no *military solution for Iraq;* therefore, we need a *change of direction* from Bush's stay the course losing strategy, i.e, ----->>exit stage Left.

On Hillary Care '08...She chirped:"I learned a lot; I have the scars to prove it". This time she's giving the Insurance Companies and their lobbyists a gift (campaign donations included). The plan seems more moderate, but it's an incremental step towards Government Funded Health Insurance. Hillary never thinks she's wrong...once President she'll educate her subjects on the benefits of socialized health care, then we'll all know better.

Big finale: "When I am President I will end this War and bring the troops home; and, work hard to make sure every American has health insurance." She left out the part about raising taxes on the rich, the middle class, the poor(cigarettes), Big Business (oilmen); regulations on EVERYONE...She'll run "the village" into the ground...Beware of Hillary, her fiscal M.O. was not praised in Alan Greenspan's book as was former President Bill Clinton's (The best "Republican" President?).

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