Sunday, September 23, 2007

Greenspan Speaks

Intentional Obfuscation

Alan Greenspan is selling a book: The Age of Turbulance:Adventures in a New World, he too was invited to do the Sunday circuit. He practiced the art of self-promotion by capitalizing on a misunderstanding of a remark in his book: "...Iraq is about OIL...."

Since the release of his book, the buzz about Greenspan's disagreement with Bush was all the rave. What a disappointment it must've been to the *bash-Bush* crowd when the word-meister clarified what he meant. Hold the "irrational exuberance," he can't talk his signature mumbo-jumbo and expect to recover the $8 million in advance plus sell a enough books to clear a net profit?

Responding to questions, Greenspan talked simple English. He agreed that Saddam was a threat and had to be removed. But he wasn't worried about WMDs per se, his concern was that Saddam would try to dominate the ME in order to control the oil supply. If that happened, Saddam would see to it that the Oil needy Countries of the World would fall into an economic depression, retarding the progress of Globalization which is the greatest benefit to the enrichment of mankind...ever.

He also regretted that politicians can't admit the obvious truth about Iraq without suffering political ruin. Let's face it, but for OIL, would we have engaged in costly nation building in Iraq? Perhaps, if Saddam involved himself with international terrorists or challenged our military policies in the region regarding the War on Terror...then he'd be fair game. However, one thing about Saddam and every narcissistic dictator of modern times, Number One has to survive. Afterall, no suicide belt or bullet to the head for Saddam or Osama; all the torture and dying is suffered by the people they rule.

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