Thursday, February 21, 2008

New York Times Smears McCain

Just as McCain locked up the Republican Nomination in Wisconsin and Washington, the New York Times revived a tired old Drudge story from December and placed the stinker on the FIRST PAGE. All day juicy allegations of legislative favors for sex occupied Cable TV and the Blogosphere non-stop.

The Times published an anonymous smear by two "former associates" of dubious origin who think, the Senator when he was chairman of the Commerce Committee, was seeing too much of a cutie lobbyist, Vicki Iseman. His close advisers felt that the relationship might conjure the appearance of impropriety; soooo, in order to save McCain from himself, John Weaver, McCain's former campaign strategist, sat Ms.Iseman down and asked her to back off.

At a press conference today at 9 AM, McCain and his wife Cindy denied it all and injected the appropriate sound bites into the Media feeding frenzy. His lawyer Bob Bennet, his current top strategists, Conservative talk show hosts; particularly Rush and Sean Hannity and alumni from the busride in 2000, now TV personalities, defended their man McCain. Afterall, the swooners were with him almost every minute, if a pretty blonde lobbyist was hanging around flaunting her favors, wouldn't one of the reporters have noticed it?

Thanks to another article that came out today by the New Republic, the attack has morphed into an analysis of the journalistic ethics of the New York Times. The New Republic discusses the turmoil within the NYT over releasing the story. Even though this story is generally discounted, if any of it is proven true or if McCain's denials are false, it taints the reputation of the ear mark hawk beyond repair. "The Sheriff" who prides himself on rejecting the powerful influence of lobbyists on the governing body will be tagged as a hypocrite and his hopes to Win the WH for the GOP will be destroyed.

(On the other hand)
His battle with the NYT has forced every Conservative radio talker to defend McCain against the liberal paper of record; "the enemy of my enemy is my friend?" Being smeared by the NYT is a badge of honor among Conservatives.

Now that the "media darling" has been victimized by the Liberal rag, every Conservative who's been savaging McCain up to now is circling the wagons, yelling over the air waves to anyone who'll listen::"WE told you so."

(Time's on R-side)
Rallying the base for McCain seemed like mission impossible; but the NYT has done what no moderate voice could do...United the RW to rescue McCain and rally them to fight loud and hard against a "common enemy."

(Oldies but goodies)
Well it's always a good day for the GOP when all the air is sucked out of the 24/7 news cycle by a fairy tale about a 72 year old Republican having an affair with a younger woman. Sheeesh...You can't make this stuff up?:)<

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