Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Crossing the Potomic

McCain's Triple Play
For a nano-second in Virginia the rural districts reported first and Huckabee seemed to be moving ahead; then the rest of the state began reporting the voting results, and it became clear that McCain had carried VA by a 10pt margin. Exit polls showed every demographic voted for him except the out-in-the-sticks evangelicals who stuck by the Huckster. 51/41

In Maryland McCain took an early lead and stayed out front finishing the contest with a big advantage over Huckabee. 56/28

Washington DC, although light on Republicans gave McCain a decisive victory over the Huck. 67/17

Fox news was drooling to report a loss for McCain among Conservatives, but their exit polling was more disappointing for them than Romney's departure from the race.

McCain won among most Conservatives..remember this is the east coast and Conservatives are not as extreme as in other parts of the Country. Moderate Republicans and Independents were McCaniacs. He scored big on character, the economy, National Security and his ability to be Commander in Chief. 70+% of all voters, chose him as the best Republican to defeat either Obama or Clinton in November. So far, 821 Delegates

Rush to Pivot
Rush Limbaugh has changed his tune, probably to prevent the exodus of listeners from his "anybody but McCain" talk show. Today he posited that he's helping McCain with his sand bagging tirades. If he endorsed McCain, the moderates and Independents, who are McCain's strong suit in the general, wouldn't go to McCain but choose Obama because they hate Limbaugh so much.

That ofcourse presumes that McCain supporters listen to the blowhard or have even heard of him. Oh well, who would expect Rush to be modest? He is however, practical and self-serving; far be it for him to lose listeners because he stands by hard core Conservative principles or those of his ditto head flockees. Afterall, it's all about giving a huge audience what they want, and right now, that's beating the Democrats in November, not knocking-off the only Republican in an excellent position to do so.

Dems:Obama Trounced Clinton

By the #s
Virginia: Obama 64%...Clinton 36%
DC: Obama 75%...Clinton 24%
Md.: Obama 61%...Clinton 36%

It was expected that Obama would do well in all three Primaries, but he didn't just edge out Hillary Clinton, he cut into her reliable base of support; namely, older men and women and people earning less than $50 thousand a year. This 8 State winning streak made him the clear front runner and drove Hillary Clinton to Texas before the final results were announced.

Obama gave a stirring victory speech among an audience of thousands...he used the occasion to fire the first salvo against the Republican frontrunner, John McCain...he said: McCain was more of the same failed Bush policies.

McCain also jumped ahead to the general election and addressed both Democrats: "They will paint a picture of the world in which America's mistakes are a greater threat to our security than the malevolent intentions of an enemy that despises us and our ideals."

Don't Count her Out
The Clinton campaign is hoping for wins in Ohio and Texas on March 4th and then Pennsylvania; but already signs are worrisome for Hillary. Obama's well organized team is revving up for a battle royale. Hillary has challenged Barack to a debate a week, he's accepted two. We can expect Clinton to pile-on the wonkish details she's famous for; and/or play the victim, shed a few tears and hope for sympathy from women already sorry that she's been beaten so badly by the new kid on the block.

Through the Looking Glass
The Clintons' strangle hold over the Democratic Party is losing it's grip. Obama's message of hope and unity has made Democrats wonder how it's come to this...a choice between a powerful unscroupulous couple whose unseemly behavior they've been forced to accept and defend; and a clean cut idealist that holds up a mirror and says: Take a good look...YOU and your Party can do better than this..YOU deserve honesty and integrity from the people you choose to govern you.

Besides the choice of Primary winner, the Democratic Party has several serious issues to deal with regarding this Primary; i.e., seating Florida and Michigan delegates at the Convention and the specter of super delegates in a smoke filled room nullifying the wishes of the electorate to satisfy Party big shots, bought and paid for by the Clinton Machine.

This dilemma must be worked out to the satisfaction of Democratic voters or there could be hell to pay...the Democratic Party may never be the same. Win or Lose, thank Barack Obama for the face-lift and a breath of fresh air.

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