Thursday, September 07, 2006

ABC: The Path to 9/ll...Clinton Balks

Clinton went ballistic when he heard that ABC's 8 hour miniseries which airs this Sun.& Mon.nights, about what led up to the 9/ll attacks, underestimates the intensity of his pursuit of Osama binLaden. He and his security lackeys, Socks Berger & the menace Albright are depicted as uncooperative with the CIA agents in Afghanistan because the Administration was distracted by the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Bubba is demanding ABC pull the drama if they don't cut the misleading far, ABC & Disney, to their credit has not only declined to do so, but issued a statement standing by the series which was thoroughly reviewed by paid advisor, Tom Kean the chairman of the 9/ll Commission.

The incident most revealing of Clinton's lackadaisical attitude about nabbing binLaden, is the one where CIA agents had OBL in their sights but needed the go-ahead from Clinton..they called him, got Sandy Berger who, after hemming and hawing, told them, "I don't have the authority." and hung up on them. The agents were with Masud, the Northern Alliance leader that was assassinated 3 days before 9/ll. Frustrated, he says: "Are there any men in Washington or are they all cowards?" I read that Clinton was golfing and didn't want to be disturbed...but ofcourse, Clinton & Berger both deny that anything like that ever happened. Who ya gonna believe?

All this publicity is good for ratings..for once I'll tune into ABC expecting to see an accurate, unfavorable depiction of the Clinton failures (instead of the usual Lefty cover-up) that led to the carnage that horrible day..September 11, 2001. Michael Mooreons et al..don't miss this's long overdue.

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