Friday, September 01, 2006

D.O.A.P. Kills Bush

In Death of a President, a movie documentary bankrolled by British TV station Channel 4, our sitting President Bush gets gunned down and killed during an anti-war demonstration in Chicago.

Just about everyone in US politics either makes No Comment or trashes the film as disgusting, deplorable and in extremely bad taste. But the left wing glitteratti praise the mockumentary as "thought provoking, powerful and justified under Freedom of Speech. Furthermore, the ignorati claim although "it's a disturbing piece of drama, it is neither gratuitous in the way it portrays the assassination nor simplistic in the way it presents the consequences."

Simplistc? The film makers use a real head shot of Bush and pin it on some actor and fire away, shooting him in the stomach while surrounded by body guards and paparazzi's flash bulbs. The scene is so real it reminds viewers of the attempt on Reagan's life...only this time, Bush is dead, killed by a poor misunderstood Syrian man.

Consequences? How many left wing nut jobs or Islamic radicals would like to kill Bush? Few will see this Movie, but the ones that do will be extremely susceptible to attempting a "copy cat" murder or a trip to martyrdom, adoring virgins and infamy. Terrorists don't go to the movies? Muslim citizens in Western democracies do...this movie makes a dangerous world more so for GW Bush. There outta be a law?

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