Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mushroom Clouds over the ME

The solution to Iran's "big lie" may come from those who have the most to lose from a loose nuke in Iran...the Arab States.

All the Arab leaders know better than the UN/Euro-diploes that the big man in Iran, Ahmadinejad, is finagling to become the most powerful Islamic ruler in the Persian Gulf by using Hezbollah to pressure the States who won't submit to fundamental Shiite domination. Naive Westerners are a second thought at this point...his on again, off again talk about talks will allow him plenty of time to squeeze more concessions from the gullible Western Democracies.

Notice that the Arabs were not supportive of Hezbollah's adventure in Lebanon. Qatar is sending troops to help protect the Israeli border and the weakened Government of Lebanon from Iran, Hezbollah & Syria's power grab . The Gulf States have voiced their concerns about nuclear fallout in their region. They were united in sending this message to Iran..."If you shoot your mouth off and get're on your own." It will be extraordinary if they ally themselves with the USA and Israel and deprive Iran of their "mushroom cloud" in order to preserve the pecking order in the region and ultimately safeguard the status quo in the Middle East without a shot being fired.

Important addition:

Another clue to Arab support for Bush and the Republican warriors is the full scale pumping of oil in Saudi Arabia. The inventories are maxed out, prices are dropping like a stone..and still they flood the market with surplus crude. Why? Because they want the Republicans to get credit for lower gas prices at the pump which will improve the voters opinion of "how things are going" before Election Day.

It's the economy, stupid?..Worked for Clinton & it's working Right now for us. The Arabs may not be able to voice out loud that they need GW Bush's strong, aggressive offensive in the ME to save their bloody butts, but they sure can pump that oil and make sure the Democratic Party can't point to high oil prices for the poor middle class. Democrats have nothing Left to run..Arabs are making sure D-USA will not be leaving the ME high and dry anytime soon.

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