Wednesday, September 27, 2006

'06 Campaign: SNAP SHOTS

NIE Leak

A paragraph of April's (classified) National Intelligence Estimate was leaked to three newspapers committed to sabotaging the War on Terror, President Bush and Republican's hold on majorities. In rebuttal Bush declassified more of the Report (redacted) in order to refute Democratic spin that claimed that this report PROVES that "the invasion of Iraq created more terrorists making Americans less safe"...therefore it follows that Bush's onslaught of pep talks have been all lies?

After a flood of facts hit the airwaves, it's obvious that many "Key Judgements" were selectively omitted enabling the preposterous barrage of Democratic rants blaming the US invasion of Iraq for causing the growth in the Jihadist movement. Their contention is neither realistic or logical. Rather it's further proof that if Democrats were in control of providing for the common defense they'd fear upsetting the enemy by aggressively confronting terrorists everywhere they spawn. Jihadis would be free to run all over the USA at home and abroad.

Hopefully this outrageous propaganda will backfire on Democrats who apply little importance to the fact that 9/ll and the multiple attacks of the 90s happened BEFORE the invasion of Iraq. If Iraq wasn't today's "cause celebre" for inspiring recruits, it might be a dirty bomb massacre in London or a spectacular body count at LAX? Without doubt, a perceived victory in Iraq by the forces of terror would surely be a PR coup and recruitment tool for Islamic militants throughout the ME, Europe and the planet. According to the NIE report, their failure in Iraq would accomplish just the opposite, "...fewer fighters will be inspired to carry on the fight." Suggesting that pulling US troops out of Iraq prematurely would be a very bad thing to do indeed. For obvious reasons, leakers left that part out.

Bubba blows on Fox

Bill Clinton shook his crooked finger at Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday reminding us all of his ugliest characteristic..he's undisciplined when cornered; he lies and blames every one else in order to protect his miserable Legacy.

This vein popping tantrum was sparked by an inquiry into his failure to take advantage of the many opportunities to kill Bin Laden during his 8 years in the WH. After his recent reaction to ABC's docudrama "The Path to 9/ll" which casts Bubba's administration as irresponsible cowards, it's not surprising that Bill would be defensive..but Wallace and Clinton's handlers didn't expect a "Full Monty." Fox and friends got a lot more than they asked for.>>s

As usual Clinton passed blame to the FBI, CIA, the Pentagon and the Neo-Con Conspirators who dogged HIM relentlessly but according to him allowed binLaden to go free. Now we all know that Republican's and all the other "fall guys" urged Clinton to get binLaden sooner rather than later. It was Clinton and his crack Security team that insisted on absolute legal proof for indictment in a Court of Law rather than simply pulling the trigger..Bang, you're dead.

In the final analysis, Clinton was left to say of Bin Laden, "I got closer to killing him than anyone has gotten since." Yeah right Bubba; Close, but no cigar.

Who is George Allen?

It's Polisci 101 that anyone who aspires to be their Party's nominee for President MUST have national name recognition. Recently George Allen of VA, the Conservatives' hopeful for '08, is running for re-election to the Senate against Democrat..James Webb. Allen's made several blunders in reacting to a negative smear campaign.

The smears are to be expected when Democrats are sooo desparate to take the majority in the Senate; AND, should be rejected by Virginia voters who are familar with the Allen family and his "illustrious" career in public service, i.e., son of a famous and beloved football coach, Governor & Senator. However, even if he wins this tightening Senate race in VA, his reputation has been damaged among the Conservative establishment and WORSE..his inadequate performance in this race has defined George Allen for the national electorate, most of whom have barely heard of the man. Unfortunately he's failed to DEFINE himself as Presidential material before the Democrats did it first. Planting the seeds of unforgettable racism because of "macaca," the "n" word and his admiration for the confederate flag has taken a toll that can't be overcome.

Besides the racism rap, the new charge that Allen has hidden his Jewish ancestory and his lame rebuttal of blaming his 82 year old Mother for keeping the secret all these years, smells of an inexplicable cover-up. But why? All he had to do when asked the question is say: "Yes, so what?" But noooo, he dragged his mother into it prompting millions of '08 voters to wonder, WHO Really is George Allen?

Many Conservative supporters are thinking twice about George Allen's ability to succeed under the magnified scrutiny expected in a Presidential campaign...Positively, the well defined maverick John McCain and his supporters must be drooling at the roast of the Great White dope.

Pope Slams Islam

Muslim's resorted to mob violence following remarks made by Pope Benedict insinuating that they spread their faith "by the sword." It's no surprise Muslims ran wild in the streets throughout the ME...killing a nun, burning churches and calling for the Pope & Bush's execution, as well as to take over the World. Too bad the irony escaped them.

After trying FOUR times to make amends with the mindless lot..Foreign ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference representing 56 Muslim nations, pressed Pope Benedict to apologize and redress his comments once again. Clearly rational discourse is too demanding for those whose education is grossly limited and are unable to open their minds to reason.