Wednesday, December 13, 2006

IRAN...Root of Terror

President Bush was right to include Iran in the "Axis of Evil." WRONG not to recognize that Iran was the real menace to the free world and NOT Saddam's Iraq. As a matter of fact, the demise of Saddam Hussein unleashed the long time amibitions of Tehran(which Saddam's militancy restrained) to dominate the Arab world and more ominously, the destruction of all US interests and budding democracies in the Middle East.

The "culture of martyrdom" including the terror tactics of suicide bombers which are utilized by Sunni and Shiite fanatics, originated as the brain child of Iranian clerics who authorized the take over of our embassy in Tehran in 1979 and created the Iranian proxy, Hezbollah, that blew up 241 US Marines in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983.

Today in Iran the government controlled Media, TV and print, daily spew anti-American and anti-Semitic propaganda. The USA is the Great Satan and the Holocaust is a myth devised to justify the existence of the State of Israel in the Middle East.

Iran is behind much of the virulent insurgency in Iraq, and therefore, is responsible for turning thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians into bloody pieces of flesh. They supply Shiite militias, especially al Sadr, with IEDs, grenade launchers, truck and car bombs, and other sophisticated explosives and weaponry which are used to 'ethnically cleanse' Sunnis from mixed communities; but also as the cause of death and horrible injuries to US servicemen.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is emboldened by Iran's progress in Iraq and Lebanon. Now imagine how much more effective and threatening Iran would be to the Arabs in the ME, Israel, Western Democracies and USA...IF he had the BOMB?...nobody anywhere will be safe with an unhinged fanatic in possession of a Nuke.

Furthermore, the recommendation of the Iraq Study Group, that we talk to Iran and get THEIR help to stabilize Iraq bodes such naivete' of reality that I fear that the only wake up call about the odious threat of a Nuclear Iran will be the proverbial "mushroom cloud"...but ofcourse, then it will be too late?

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