Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Year...New War

Regardless of all the hand wringing by defeatists, it appears that President Bush will surge MORE troops into Iraq early next year...a Hail Mary Pass for sure, in the hope to eke out a win in the 4th quarter of a game that most have already pronounced lost.

The one caveat by brave souls who support this risky maneuver is that there be a *clear objective* that frees the combat troops from political restraint. Ending the horrible violence in Baghdad will be the first part of the "surge;" then holding the Capitol City so the Unity Government can do its thing. I assume that al Sadr's militias will finally be confronted, many killed and thousands arrested..and HELD without release by the weak, compromised Maliki government.

Then Anbar Province, which harbors Al Qaeda and Sunni insurgents will be next on the target list. Again, clear, take control and HOLD it. As if that wasn't enough to do, US troops must prevent the influx of foreign fighters by guarding the borders and stopping reinforcements, weapons and explosives pouring in from Iran and Syria from refueling the insurgency.

President Bush will make this dramatic announcement to nation the first week in January. "Operation Victory" is being discussed in DC; its chief architect is retired Army Gen. Jack Keane. It could signal a commitment of up to 50,000 more troops to secure Baghdad...then assuming it's successful in about six months, it will be followed by a similar assault on Anbar Province.

Will it work? Not a chance if the anti-war defeatists monopolize the TV, Print and prime time Public Discussion; don't see the battle as a heroic effort to save the Iraqi people and stop Iran's march to dominate and destabilize the entire ME, but rather, the choir recoils in horror, cries War Crimes!!...as 190 thousand US troops ACT decisively, brutally, with Zero Tolerance to WIN this bloody WAR in lieu of leaving the perfunctory dainty footprint and tap dancing their way to a delicate "graceful exit"...stage Left ofcourse.

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