Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pressure Points

The Iraq Study Group

After much ado and anticipation of the Baker/Hamilton review of the Iraq War, it is now clear that hopes for a new credible solution were vastly over hyped by Democrats and the Media.

Right out of the gate, hateful partisans anxious to demean Bush were spewing psycho-babble, calling him delusional, unrealistic, stubborn and in denial because the CIC wouldn't swallow the whole unimpressive diatribe as the silver bullet that solved all the problems in Iraq. The catch phrase to describe the Study Groups' conclusions was spun to label Bush's war policy as an unredeemable failure; "grave and deteriorating"...chock full of ways to get out..not ONE suggestion of how to Win.

On the front page of the very politically incorrect New York Post, Baker and Hamilton were in chimp suits; in BIG print the aging statesmen were called "Surrender Monkeys." Headline: Iraq panel urges U.S. to give up.

Bush is determined to make serious strategy changes. He'll reserve his revised course of action until after discussing the possibilities with the Military commanders acquainted with combat in Iraq. Their suggestions should have prominence over the two week wonders who have little hope of turning things around and coming out of Iraq with a better reputation for resolve and resilience than we did after abandoning our allies in South Vietnam and losing that War.

Afterall, we can't risk a failed state in the Middle East. Iran and Al Qaeda will move in for the kill and use that Country as leverage against the Arab States and bases to launch fatal attacks against Western Democracies and the USA. The consequences of failure are indeed dire for the entire World; that's one thing the Study Groupies got right.

Better minds than the ISG, men in uniform that know the stakes and will accept the sacrifices necessary to defeat the thugs that would enslave the Iraqis, the region, and condemn the USA to Islamic intolerance and terror...will WIN the day for the CIC and America's good name in the World.

All politicians have to do..is get out of the way.

D-Most Catastrophic Congressional Majority in History...

Incoming Democratic leaders and followers are giving the nonsensical American voters a glimpse of what's in store for the next two years...a rocky horror show for sure.

Starting with the purge of competent Republicans in the House enmass, and in the Senate-a few; power laden Democrats forced John Bolten from the UN, not for lack of brilliantly performing and championing American interests in the anti-American body but for purely partisan revenge. Same with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. President Bush, after Republicans got thumped in the Midterms, anti-climatically accepted his resignation the day AFTER the Republican Party lost the majority in both Houses of Congress.

Needless to say, this untimely and inexplicable announcement, if it should have been made at all, could have been done earlier when Rummy's sacrifice might've prevented the sad sweep by the Dems.

Most pols were dumbfounded by the Kerry-like fumble from the WH. The week of the election Bush declared: Rummy will be with me to the end. (Why bring it up?) Then...kabosh, <<----for/agin----->> Rove atleast should've felt the winds of change blowing from sea to shining to sea and used this key replacement for political advantage?

The next Circus attraction was, Nancy, with the nip & tucked eyes, Pelosi's attempt to install her felonious friends as Intelligence Committee Chairman and as her left-hand man, second in command, Majority Leader. Thankfully, ethically challenged John Murtha and Alcee Hastings went down in flames.

After promising the "most ethical Congress" Pelosi was caught trying to finagle around her promise. Democrats were forced to highlight the failings of their Speaker in waiting's choices. John (redeploy the troops to Okinawa) Murtha's brush with a bribery scandal was flashed across the blogospher and (reluctantly) on the front pages of every Newspaper in the Country. A grainy black and white FBI video, showing Murtha hedging his bets with undercover agents was #1 on Utube.

Alcee Hastings was Impeached by D-Senate and removed from the federal bench, but shockingly, SHE wanted to give him access to the nation's classified secrets as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee.

Did she think no one would notice? Geeeze...democrats won because they tagged Republicans with the "culture of corruption" rap and promised "change?"..doesn't that mean "improvement?

Yeah right..Dems will be honest holy rollers?...what a crock! If only voters were on to the scam artists BEFORE they gave these scoundrels the Majority? Perhaps individual voters didn't calculate the odds or the likely-hood of a significant spanking of Republicans..a voter tantrum? Maybe they're just as surprised as Republicans that soooo many voters chose a barrel of monkeys to lead this Country in such serious and dangerous times? OR could it be..misguided Americans really don't have a clue? Sheeesh..It's beyond me.

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