Monday, October 29, 2007

NY:Licenses Denied

Spitzer in Reverse...
The Governor has backed down on his unilateral plan to authorize one million illegal aliens to qualify for State Drivers Licenses by this December. After a visit from Secy. Chernoff of the Homeland Security Dept., prompted (I'm sure) by Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly's alarm over the prospect of terrorists getting valid IDs to go who knows where...Spitzer decided to comply with the Feds' Real ID rules.

Also part of this demolition derby is the intense pressure he received from the Clintonistas who have been pursued by reporters looking for a definitive comment from the front-running Senator from NY regarding illegal immigration, not only in NYS but for the entire Country. Spitzer, crashed head on into the Clinton machine and was rear ended by Democrats fearful for their own seats, delayed any action until after the Presidential Election; "indefinitely" was how he put it.

Lipstick on a pig...
The new plan creates three drivers licenses:

Lowest level...for illegals, marked "Not for US Government purposes."
Mid-level...complies with federal Real ID rules
Highest level..available to US citizens ONLY; contains microchip w/ID info.

Slamming Flipster
Opponents of drivers licenses for illegals are still against this oinker; and the Immigration activists are picketing Spitzer for folding like a cheap suit on his campaign promise. Does Clinton care if Spitzer crashes and burns? Not even a little; as long as the road is cleared of pesky inquiries about immigration, illegal or otherwise, it's happy trails for Madam President.

Road Ragers
Michael Chertoff (HLSD): "I do not endorse and I do not think it's a good idea to give undocumented workers licenses or ID of any kind."

Frank Merola (County Clerk): "He may be putting a different mask on it for Holloween, but the bottom line is that state law does not allow for illegal aliens to get driver's licenses and the law is going to stand up for the people." Merola will continue with his law suit to stop the state from issuing such IDs.

Chung-Wha Hong (NY Immigration Coalition):"He has crossed the line to the other side letting his good name be used to promote an anti-immigrant, junk security measure in the Real ID.

A poll today of Democrats and Republicans found Hillary Clinton to be the scariest mask for Trick or Treaters. To me, the most frightening fact about this poll is that no other candidate on either side even came close. Love her or hate her, she always winds up on top. 37% in line, Rudy at 14%.

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