Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Food Fights!!

(Soup to Nuts)
Cooking up a shallow controversy to fill the 24/7 Cable News cycle and fuel a competitive ratings boost is what occupies TV and cyber-spaced-out pundits these days. Nothing too complex...just take a few words out of context and distort their meaning to instigate an emotion packed yelling match for an audience of wing nuts. Important issues, like the Iraq War, terrorism, our security, immigration and so many more...require a modicum of intelligence and a longer attention span than a gnat; soooo, hard, heavy news is marginalized, exchanged for the most recent *gotcha* dramatization.

(Irish Stew)
Bill O'Reilly went to dinner in Harlem with Al Sharpton. Talk about an odd couple? They ate at Sylvias a family run restaurant whose customers are mostly black. Now you think because O'Reilly was with Sharpton he'd be safe from Media language contortionists, but no good deed goes unpunished if you're a Republican. Bill O'Reilly spoke about his pleasant meal at Sylvia's...I'll paraphrase; It was just like going to an Italian one calling the waitress a nappy headed ho or asking for mother efing ice tea...they were all having fun, there wasn't any craziness at all. For that he was called a racist and pilloried by clueless FOX bashers.

(Where's the beef?)
The radio commentator Liberals love to hate, Rush Limbaugh, found himself being accused of demeaning soldiers because he used the term "phoney soldiers" while talking on the phone about Jesse Macbeth who lied about his military record and made false charges about soldiers serving in Iraq. Rush's words were misinterpreted by Media, a Progressive web site, and picked up by every Democrat still smarting from the back-fire from MoveOns "Betrayus Ad." Rush is used to being smeared and is playing it for all it's worth.

The Left Wing Democrats in Congress are feigning outrage over Rush's remarks, demanding his radio station silence him. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) said:Limbaugh must be back on drugs...Harry Reid who said "the war is lost" asked Senators to condemn Rush for speaking against soldiers serving in Iraq. Do we pay them for this stuff? It's so obvious that they're using this mockery to distract from their own failure to defeat Bush and force an end to the War in Iraq.

This attack on Conservative Talk Radio is from the same characters who politicize US efforts in Iraq and tried to preempt the positive effect of the Petraeus' report by discrediting the General's independence from the WH and overall credibility...they called the commander of our forces in Iraq, the General they unanimously appointed to implement a successful counter-insurgency strategy...a liar. Democrats feel the sting from Talk Radio...they would like nothing more than to see all Conservative radio hosts driven off the air.

Ann Coulter's new book, "If Liberals Had Brains, they'd be Republicans" proves once again that Conservatives can not be silenced by hysterical Liberals. Taking a good humored swipe at D-feminists, Coulter makes the rounds of Cable News channels promoting another book that will inevitably lead to the best seller lists. Her teaser sound-bite for this book suggests that Conservatives would never have to worry about a Democrat becoming President if women were denied the vote. On cue, the conniption begins. Coulter is laughing all the way to the bank. HA!!

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